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Hey everyone, my name’s Sara Crawford. I am an author, playwright, musician, poet book nerd, and fangirl. Welcome to my YouTube channel (music) on this channel you will find writing videos I do a writing tip video every Thursday “so those are three ways that you can show instead of tell” “so this is kind of like the first question where you list everything you liked about the book” “I;m going to get into more specific issues with editing like plot and characters that kind of thing.” I have a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and a bachelor’s degree in English and
I have a lot of publication experience and a literary agent. I work as a
freelance writer, editor, and marketer and so I just wanted to share some my tips – I also do more personal kind of vlog videos about my own journey as a writer and an artist “I set the book in my hometown of Marietta, Georgia so when I was, you know, walking around town, I very much felt like I was in the book.” I also really like to talk
about books so you are likely to see book talks, book hauls, book tags, monthly wrap ups, things like that “okay so in April, I picked up THE WALLS AROUND US by Nova Ren Suma” “Let’s be serious here. I mean, it’s a book. I
think anybody can read anything they like, you know, and I’m not going to shame anyone who wants to read FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Go for it!” “And the last book on my top 5 so far that I’ve read this year is JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte” I also love talking about music. There are a few TV shows that I am obsessed with. “Today, I really need to talk to someone about GAME OF THRONES.” And on the very rare occasion, I might do a cover song or one of my own songs.” (singing) “but the traffic light turns green, you accelerate past me and I leave the letters unsent” but most of my videos are about writing or about books so if you’re interested in any of that
stuff I hope you will click the subscribe button and until next time, thanks for watching! (music) (music)

2 thoughts on “YouTube Channel Trailer #withcaptions

  1. I finally made a trailer for my YouTube channel! #withcaptions #writing #booktube #music  

  2. Great trailer, Sara! If I wasn't already subscribed to you, I would sub to this channel because of your writing tip teasers alone 🙂

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