Yoga For Post Traumatic Stress – PTSD | Yoga With Adriene

– Howdy everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I am Adriene and this is Benji
and today we have a special yoga for post traumatic stress. So for this practice I invite
you to bring a little folded towel or blanky to the mat and hop into something comfy
and let’s get started. (gentle music) Okay my darling friends, let’s begin in a nice
comfortable seat. You’re gonna come on to the
ground and I encourage you to use a little blanket or use a
folded towel to lift the hips so you can find
length in your spine. So right away I would like
to invite you to slow down. Even just
getting set up for this. There’s plenty of time. You don’t need to rush. We’re gonna do some affective
movements and affective breaths today that are gonna
get right to the point, calm the nervous system. Kind of get us out of that fight
or flight mode a little bit and yeah, just regulate everything. So a really affective thing
so you don’t need to rush. We don’t need to
try to master this or, you know, hurry.
We can enjoy just a little bit
taking this time for ourselves. So even getting in
this beginning position, just notice if you
were kind of rushed. There was kind of
this anxious energy. If there was,
it’s totally normal. That’s why I’m talking about
this so that we can slowly begin to use this time to just
become more aware of what our system’s doing, how we’re
reacting to things, and see if there is anything,
anything at all, that we might be able to do or
practice in order to make our lives a little easier, a little more present. And when I say easier,
I mean with more ease, right? Less struggle. Less stress. Less anxiety. So hopefully by now
you’re in your spot. If not, again, take your time. But we’re just gonna start
really easy by taking soft easy movement in the spine. So this might be a little
awkward at first but you can think of it as like a blade of
grass just kind of moving in the wind and just
softening a little bit in the face. So just softening
the skin of the face. Just doing your best
to take my invitation, take the cue,
you might not get everything. Maybe not
everything will resonate but that’s totally okay. Just remember this is an
offering for millions of people so what might
resonate with one person might not resonate with the
other and so on and so forth. So just do your best. Take what you need
and start with some soft, easy movement here.
A little sway in the breeze. If you’re feeling comfortable, you’re in to it,
close your eyes. If this is super new, you’re not
even sure if you should be doing this with your time, no worries,
keep your eyes open but everyone start to deepen your breath and think of this
line in the spine as you move
slowly back and forth. Benji, (snaps). Think of this line in the spine
and think of it if you can as this energetic highway or this energetic superhighway. Benji, you’re gonna
settle down now, bro? Okay, thank you. And if you stopped swaying,
don’t stop. Want to keep going. Again, just like a blade of
grass and you can allow your hands to rest gently on
the thighs or the knees. And if you can, we’re just gonna
accentuate this sway a little more by connecting to
the shoulders a little bit. And you might
start to feel stuck in the side body
and that’s okay. We’re stretching
nice and slow today. But there are so many nerve
endings that come together along this, what I’m calling
today energetic superhighway. So rather than starting
off with a structured move, we’re starting with
a soft, easy sway. And as you’re willing, this
image of a blade of grass softly moving
amongst the breeze. As you’re ready,
take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. And on your next inhale, bring the spine
upright into stillness. And use the sound of
my voice to gently guide you through these next few bits. So you can soften your gaze or close your eyes
if it feels right. Tuck the chin
gently into the chest and feel the back
of the neck grow long. On a breath in, any old inhale, lift your sternum,
your chest toward your chin. So again, we’re tucking
the chin to lengthen the back of the neck. Then on an inhale,
any old inhale, we’re lifting the chest,
the sternum, up towards the chin. And continue with
that a couple more beats, dropping the chin,
lifting the chest. As you do this, deepen your breath. Let your lower body be heavy. Spine nice and long. Then as you continue to
gently deepen your breath here, use your mind,
the power of your mind and we know
the mind is powerful. We would not have
selected this video, this practice if we did not know
how powerful our thoughts and our mind is so use those
thoughts and direct your energy to imagine your
lower body becoming really, really, really heavy. And then use your mind’s eye to
draw a line from the base of the spine and from that heavy
grounding point begin to lift, draw energy all the
way up through the spine. So trace a line all the way
up past your belly button, up through the solar plexus. Pass through that
point we’re already lifting, the heart, the chest,
up through that throat. All the way through the sinus
cavities all the way up through the third eye point and finally all the way
up through the crown. Now with your gaze
soft or your eyes closed, take a deep breath
in through the nose. And this time as you exhale blow
it out through the lips as if you were blowing out a candle. That’s it.
Here we go again. Big inhale,
maintain this structure you’ve created in the body. In through the nostrils. And blowing it
out through the lips. And one more just like that. You’re doing great.
Elongating the breaths. Here we go, inhale
in through the nose. Keep the chest lifted, chin
tucked as you blow it out. Awesome work.
Bring the palms together. And you’re gonna press
the palms together actively, sending your
elbows left to right. Then inhale, lift the chin, open your eyes and exhale, drop the chin, look down. Inhale, lift the chin, look out. With the breath, exhale,
chin to chest. Yeah.
Inhale, lift it up. Exhale, chin to chest. Feel that stretch in
the back of the neck. Nice and easy,
one more time, inhale. Exhale, this time pause here. Close your eyes
or soften your gaze. Elbows are actively
reaching left to right. We’re lifting up
through the sternum, lifting up
through the armpit chest, feeling that broad stretch
through the back of the neck. Lower body’s heavy. And then inhale to
lift the chin and exhale, turn to look past
your right shoulder. Inhale to center. Exhale turn to look
past your left shoulder. Arms may be getting tired here,
stick with me. Inhale, look forward. Exhale to the right. Inhale. Exhale, blow it out to the left. With the breath
lift the sternum. Exhale, blow it out. Turn, inhale, and turn. One more time on each side. Good, inhale,
come back to center. Check it out.
Interlace the fingertips, bring the hands all
the way behind the head. Thumbs can go down
to brace the neck here. You’re gonna open
up through the chest. Lift your heart. Elbows reach left to right here. You’re gonna inhale in. Exhale, round everything in. Elbows come in,
chin to chest, navel draws back and we round through the spine. Inhale, open up
with your breath. Nice breath control here,
look up. Lift your chest. Exhale, rounding through.
Nice and slow. Bringing mobility to
the joints, nice and slow. Regulating the breath. Inhale, opening
up through the chest. Stretching through the pecs. Again, you can extend your
thumbs here to brace your neck if you need a
little extra neck support. Exhale, rounding through. Elbows come in. Stretching through
the upper back body, lower body is heavy. Inhale to rise up. Taking any stress or tension out
of the upper back body with this exercise but you
got to bring the breath. Exhale, chin to chest. And one more round, inhale.
Open up. Exhale, chin to chest,
round through. Awesome, release the hands. You’re gonna bring
them to the lower belly. Inhale, sit up nice and tall. Exhale, relax your
shoulders down, down, down. Again, inhale, sit up
nice and tall, find length. And using your exhale to relax the shoulders
down, down, down. Now breathing into the hands. So a little
diaphragmatic breath. So for today don’t think
too much on the technical. Let’s just focus on the
experience and again you can use the sound of my
voice to guide you. So you don’t have to look
at the video unless you really, really need to. So hands are on the belly. Head is aligned over the heart,
heart right over the belly, the center of the pelvis. Tuck your chin again,
lift your chest again. And on your next inhale,
close your eyes, soften your gaze. Exhale, relax the shoulders. When you’re ready you’re gonna start breathing
down into the belly. So if you can, imagine when
you breathe in your breath traveling all the way
down into your belly, your hands expand and as you
exhale you use your hands to hold your belly
and the navel draws in. Inhale,
breathing into the belly. Think of it like a balloon,
expanding as you breathe in. And then as you exhale, slow and
gentle drawing in of the belly. Now keep it going, big inhale. Exhale. Try to breath with my cue, inhale, breathing
into the hands. Good, exhale,
drawing navel in gently. Nice active inhale,
breathe into the belly. And releasing. Inhale,
breathing into the belly. And releasing. Again, image of a balloon. Inhale, hands expand,
belly expands. Exhale, drawing in. Inhale. And exhale. Three more times.
We got this. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. And exhale. Last one, inhale. And exhale, draw the navel in. Now release the hands,
palm face up this time. So a little bit of
a surrender, softening. And you can release the
diaphragmatic breath and just go back to
a normal soft easy breath. Just take a second
to notice how you feel. Keep the shoulders relaxed,
heart lifted. You’re doing great. Great, inhale in. Exhale, go ahead and open
your eyes if they’re closed. Then we’re gonna
slowly shift forward. Come all the way
through to Tabletop Position. At this point you can
use your folded up towel or blanket as
padding for your knees or you can just gently
move it off to the side. You’re gonna come to
all fours, nice and easy. Tabletop Position. Awesome, then we’re gonna slowly
curl the toes under and we’re just gonna send the
hips back towards the heels. Great, then reach
the hands out just a bit, melt your heart down just a bit. And then here we go,
we’re gonna inhale come all the way up to Tabletop. Shoulders over the wrists,
look forward. Exhale, send the hips back. Stretch through
the fascia of the feet. Inhale, come forward. Exhale, send it back. So you’re creating a
bit of sawing effect, right? A saw on a piece of wood and
you can use now Ujjayi breath. Inhale with a little
audible (growls) sound and exhale with
a little audible sound. So if you’re not familiar with
Ujjayi breath just try to create a little soft restriction
in the back of the throat. Maybe like a soft hissing sound. Inhaling as you come forward. Exhaling as you come back. Don’t so much worry
about the shape as much as the synchronizing with your breath, the synchronization of your
breath, with your breath. You get me. Inhaling as you come forward,
exhaling as you come back. Slowing it down. Now start to try to
press into the pinky toe. If you have your pinky toes, try to really press down
into that outer toe. And you may not be able
to but just the awareness, expanding the awareness
and then begin to send the upper
arm bones up and out. So they might be
kind of coming here, a little hunched over
in the upper back body. See if you can draw the
shoulder blades together. Upper arm bones rotating out. Awesome work everyone. So the next time
you’re forward, look forward. And the next
time you send it back, this time lift the knees
and send the hips up and back for Downward Dog. Now keep breathing here as
you pedal out through the feet. Stretching out
through your body. Shaking the head loose. Take one more
deep breath in here. And then slowly look forward and
you’re just gonna walk all the way towards the
front of your mat. Feet are hip width apart. Take a deep breath in here and
then on your exhale roll it all the way up to standing.
Take your time. Nice and slow. Then stand up nice and
tall, take a deep breath in and welcome Benji everybody. Woo-hoo! My number on tool for regulating (laughs) my fight or flight system, my nervous system. Hey buddy. Benji. Hey buddy.
How’s it going? Alright, by now you’re standing. You’re gonna make sure
the feet are hip width apart. You can even bring
them a little wider for this next little diddy. Take a second to really feel
your feet on the ground and you’re gonna bring just
a soft bend to the knees. Then we’re gonna loop the
shoulders forward, up and back. So just create
space in the shoulders. Draw your navel
in just slightly. Just find a slight
connection to your core. So again, soft
bend in the knees. Lots of space in the shoulders and just a little
awareness in your center. And we’re gonna
send the fingertips to one side and then the other. And just create this
soft easy back and forth. Take a second to look at the
video and notice how Benji has found the one folded up blanket
in the whole house to lay on. And here we go,
soft bend in the knees here as you start to pick up the pace. Find your breath. And let your
arms just hang loose. So we call this
knocking on heaven’s door. I’m sure it has other names,
too but we’re finding soft, easiness in the upper body. That same lift in the
chest that you had before. And just notice if you’re
a little bit rigid here and if you are
you are not alone, man. See if you can find ways
in your own mind to soften. To smooth it out. To find a
little bit of a groove. It’s that moment when you’re
on the dance floor and you go, “You know what? “I’m gonna enjoy.” Again, soft bend in the knees
to protect the knee joints. You can start to pick up the
pace here and you should be listening to the
sound of your breath. (clears throat)
Your breath. Notice if the
chest is collapsed here. Keep it lifted. Great, catching a
little air between, maybe. Twisting through the spine. Maybe a couple more where
you try to look behind you. Imagine there’s
a Benji behind you and you’re trying
to look back at Benji. Great, then we’re
gonna slowly slow it down, slow it down, slow it down and
slowly walk the feet together as you slow it down but try to keep it soft
and easy, not rigid. Good, then you’re
gonna reach behind, interlace the fingertips, draw
the knuckles down and away and here we go. We’re gonna find
this current of energy. So there’s going to be a loop. The energy that lifts up is
coming up all the way up through the front side of your body. Try to imagine it.
Again, use your powerful mind. Imagine this upward current
of energy through the front. And then use
this bind in the back, even if it’s hard for you to
find this bind you can imagine drawing the knuckles down,
lengthening tailbone down. Digging into the heels down
and dropping the shoulders down. So you have this loop. This lift through the front and
this grounding through the back of your energy. And then remember the
spine is nice and long here. This energetic highway. So breathe deep.
Neck nice and long. No crunching in the neck. Sternum’s lifting up.
We’re connected to our center. Take one more breath in here. And then exhale. So take a deep breath in and
then on your breath out you’re gonna draw
the chin to the chest, bend your knees generously. Send your hips back in space. Don’t worry, you got this.
Send the hips back. And your fingers go all the way
towards the front of the room. Hold on to your foundation, let
the weight of your head go and kiss or work to kiss your belly
toward the tops of your thighs. There’s a lot going on here. So essentially we’re
in a Chair variation with the arms up and overhead. The head relaxed over. We’re not holding in the neck. For stability we’re
squeezing the legs together. We’re connected to
our core, our center. We’re pressing into all
four corners of the feet. Sit back a little more,
bend your knees. You got this.
You’re here for three, two. Check it out,
on the one you’re gonna release the arms with control. Ooh, let them
come all the way down, straighten through the legs.
Feel that rush. That fresh blood. Then on your next breath in,
inhale, halfway lift. Find length in the neck. Some of you might
be familiar with this. If this is your first time,
you’re just working to create length in the neck,
length in the spine. And then exhale,
come all the way down. Bend your knees. You’re gonna come into a
little crouch position here. If this is not
available to you in your body, then you’ll just come,
stay in your Forward Fold. Sorry, you’ll just
come to a Forward Fold. So you’re here in your
Forward Fold still working, knees bent or you’re coming
into a little crouched position. And whichever
variation you’re in, bow the head down.
Relax the head over. Take one more breath. And then here we go,
starting with the feet, you’re gonna ground
down through the feet. Tuck the chin
and once again, roll it all the way
up to Mountain. Reconnect with your breath here. Take a deep breath in. Long breath out. Inhale in. Empty it out. Nice. Now we’re gonna inhale,
reach for the sky. This time interlace fingertips
up and overhead and on your breath, so any
inhale or any exhale, you’re gonna start to
teeter-totter from side to side. So just sync up
with your breath. Creating space. Drawing the navel in and up. Pressing into all
four corners of the feet. You got it. Back and forth. Hugging into your midline. Then even it out. On your next inhale,
reach for the sky. Exhale, take it all the
way down, Forward Fold. On your next inhale,
again, halfway lift. Find length.
Just look out. Pull the shoulders
away from the ears. Keep the neck nice and long. And then exhale, let it go. Great, feel free to stay
here or here we go again. Coming into
that crouch position, lifting the heels,
rounding through. Bringing a sense of calm to
the nervous system as we gently relax the weight
of the head over. Full body stretch here.
Breathing, breathing, breathing. Great, then here we go. Dropping through the heels,
tucking the chin, slowly rolling up. Finding that energetic loop. So that lift through the
front body as you roll up tall. And that grounding through
the back body as you stand up. Great, take an inhale in here. And an exhale. Beautiful, inhale. And an exhale. Awesome. So now we’re gonna come
to step wide on the mat. So you can move
your little blanky aside. You’re gonna step
as wide as your mat and you’re gonna
bring the feet parallel. Maybe even turn the
toes in just slightly. Hands come to the waistline here
and we’re gonna play again with that energetic loop of lifting
up through the front body and grounding
through the back body. So this is a balance. We’re balancing the
ups and the downs here. That lift and that ground. Lift your sternum, draw
the shoulder blades together. Inhale in. Exhale soft bend in the knees as
you slowly send your hips back and look forward
into an imaginary pond. I just felt some awesome
movement in my hip sockets here. Looking forward. Great, then dig into the heels and slowly we rise
back up and we reset. We find that
energetic loop again. Okay, inhale. Pressing away from the earth. Drawing energy up
through the arches of the feet, through the inseam
and then here we go. Sending the hips back. Draw the elbows back
here too as you look forward. Beautiful. Then pressing
back up nice and slow. Coming into this
superhero posture, take a deep breath in.
Find that loop. So you’re working here. You’re not just
kind of like coming back. You’re welcoming
this connection, this deeper relationship
to your energetic body which is gonna
serve you off the mat. Particularly when things
happen that you feel like they’re out of your control. Responses, memories, reactions, feelings. ‘Kay? So make sure when you
come back to this moment you reset with that loop.
Okay, here we go. Sending hip creases back. Draw the shoulder
blades together, look forward. Imagine you’re
looking into a pond here. Strong feet, strong legs. And then all the way back up. Moving with your breath. There’s no right or
wrong with the breath here. Just keep breathing.
Here we go, looking forward. Sending the heart forward,
hips back. Digging into the
heels to come back up. Alright, from here send the
fingertips down and then on an inhale go ahead
and take up space. Nice and smooth
movement as you inhale. Reach all the way
up towards the sky. Dig into the heels. You should feel your quad
muscles kind of tone here. It’s ’cause you’re working
on your energetic loop as you inhale, reach up. And then exhale,
with the breath, float the fingertips down. That’s it. Inhale, reach all the
way up with your breath. Exhale, float it down. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, float it down. More with the breath.
Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, float it down. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, float it down. This time, fingertips
interlace behind the back, opposite thumb on top. Just the one that
feels kind of funky. Just kind of
checking with the brain, brain and body connection. We’re gonna lift the chest. Lift the heart.
Take a deep breath in. Draw your navel in
for core connection. And then here we go,
all the way down. Big therapeutic posture here. You’re gonna bring the crown
of the head towards the earth, knuckles reach
actively towards the sky. In time you might be able
to work towards the earth. Crown of the head
kissing the earth. Don’t worry about it. Breathe deep. Work on your energetic loop. Breathing into your belly. Balancing opposites here as you press into
the knife edge of your foot and then draw
up through the inner arch. Take one more
breath wherever you are. And then exhale to release
the fingertips with control. Use the hands or fingertips, pressing into the
earth to find length. Inhale in. And then exhale. You’re gonna slowly bring both
heels in towards the center line once and then both toes in
towards the center line once. Again, heels in towards the
center line once and then toes. And then you’re just
gonna keep that going. Heel, toe, heel,
toe, heel, toe all the way back to
feet hip width apart. Then let everything go. Walk the hands underneath
the soles of the feet if you like here.
Just an option. Wiggle the toes, massage the
wrists and breathe deep here. Bend your knees as
generously as you need. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Soften your gaze
or close your eyes. And then slowly release. And we’re gonna come
all the way to a seat. So you can come through
that crouch position if it’s available to you.
Bowing the head. Mind intelligence kind of bowing
into the body intelligence. And then we’ll reach for
our blanket or our towel, if you have one.
If not, that’s okay. And we’re gonna come
to sit on it once again. Okay, you’re doing great. If you’re feeling any stress or
tension creep up, that’s okay. We’re kind of
moving things around. What’s really, really, really
beneficial is regular practice. So returning to this video or
other videos on a regular basis is really gonna
bring some results. So, this is a
great place to start or to re-commit
and you’re doing awesome. You’re gonna come to a nice seat
here and now we’re gonna come in to what we call Baddha
Konasana or Cobbler’s Pose. Soles of the feet come together
and if you’re really tight in the hips it does help to sit up
on that blanky or towel and it also helps if you’re really
tight in the hips to just give yourself some space, man. Like walk your heels out so you have a nice big diamond shape. I didn’t mean that dirty. I mean that like
diamond in the rough but then it came off
a little dirty. Okay. So here we go, so you’re either
here or in time you can work to bring those heels a little bit
closer to your center and then eventually even open
up through the feet and open up through the hips. I have a video,
maybe it’s even the first, no, the second video
ever of just this pose. And you can see
my hips were really, really tight back then. Just slowly but surely
your regular practice will open this up. And this is great. It gives us
hope because if this, we can see this, this type of
shift and change in the body, in the muscular body, the
physical body then we know that it could be possible for us to
also create shift and change in our energetic body,
our neurology, our… You get it. Our other intelligences as
well, not just the physical. Okay, Adriene, here we go. At the very least you’re getting
a great hip stretch, right? Grab your ankles,
loop the shoulders. Once again, same thing, you’re
gonna lift the sternum up and you’re gonna
draw the chin in. So this is a great thing
you can do any time, anywhere. Not necessarily Baddha Konasana
but the lifting the sternum up and dropping the chin in to just
bring more length and awareness to your energetic highway,
to your spine. Changing your posture
will change your breath. And changing your breath will
have an effect on how your feel or the way you are
responding to things. So it is complex
but the practice can be simple and effective. So we’re sitting
up nice and tall. We’re lifting the sternum up. We’re dropping the chin down.
We’re breathing deep. Then in the beginning
of this practice we said imagine lower body
super heavy-like. See if you can find that again. And then we’re gonan draw a line
up from the base of the pelvis all the way up
through the crown. Take a deep breath in. Long breath out to
drop the shoulders down. Then inhale in. Lift the sternum. Exhale, you’re gonna bend the
elbows left to right and you’re gonna peek on into
that small pond once again. So you’re here, you can actually
use the weight of your elbows to kind of just press the legs down
a bit if you need a little more, got to have more stretch,
totally cool just bring your hands to the toes and you can
send your elbows out left to right here and
find more of a stretch. Now bring the
breath back into it. Smooth and calm.
In through the nose. And out through
the nose or mouth. Good, then slowly tuck
the chin into the chest. Roll it up. If you know me then you
know that this is upcoming. What we’re gonna do is one of
my all time favorite yoga poses. So you’re gonna
bring the fingertips, the hands to the
outer edges of your legs. Just feel that yummy
ball and socket kind of, get a little action as
you bring the knees in. And then, I’ll turn to the
side so you can see me but nice and easy from here. Here it comes, you’re
gonna walk the feet out. You’re gonna grab
behind the thighs. You’re gonna inhale in
and you’re gonna exhale, just fold over. Oh. That’s it. Breathe. Soften the skin of the forehead. Press into your feet. Here’s an important cue. As you inhale, think, “I can.” And as you exhale quietly say, “I am safe.” Just once more, inhale. Soften the skin of the forehead. Affirm, “I can.” And exhale, quietly whisper to yourself, “I am safe.” Awesome. Dig into the heels. Let the low body
be heavy once again. Release the arms, tuck
the chin and roll it up. Amazing work. We’re gonna come
on to our backs now, yay! And you can use your folded up
towel or blanket as a little pillow or pill-ah as we
like to say here in Texas. You’re gonna come
all the way to your back. Rest your head on your pill-ah. (chuckles) Benji, come here.
(whistles) You’re gonna bring the
knees up towards the sky, walk the heels up
towards your sits bones. Last active move here
and then we’re gonna chill. So palms come to the earth. We’re gonna snuggle
the shoulder blades underneath your heart space. Press the palms into the earth. Press the heels into
the earth and here we go. Shins forward,
lift your hip points up. Bridge Pose. Lift the hip points up.
Shins forward. Don’t worry about creating
a huge, huge arc here. Just focus on the sensation. You’re gonna snuggle
your shoulder blades underneath your heart space. Squeeze the inner thighs
together in space as if you were squeezing a little
ball or block there. Then here we go,
you’ve heard this cue before, lift your chest to your chin. But now this time
lift your chin to the sky. Just a gentle move.
Chest to the chin. Chin to the sky.
One more breath, you got it. Inhale in. Exhale, lower everything down. Amazing. Soles of the feet come together. Knees nice and wide and
hands come back to the belly. Yay. Tuck the chin slightly. Take a deep inhale
in through the nose and exhale out through
the mouth as you close your eyes
and relax the weight of your body completely into the earth. Breathe into your hands. As you inhale,
the hands gently rise. And as you exhale,
they gently fall. Inhale,
breathing into the hands. Close your eyes as you exhale. Let everything go. One more time, big inhale. And exhale. Now release your arms,
one at a time, gently to your sides. Slowly press the
feet together to draw the knees in towards center. Nice.
You’re gonna send one leg out. Then the other all the way. And then if it feels good, just turn the toes in
and out a couple times. Little windshield wiper. And then allow your body
to come into stillness. We’re not gonna be here too long
so you don’t need to worry about the video time or anything. Just see if you can
finish in stillness. And I know it
can be challenging. But let a wave, a wash of love and mindfulness sweep across your body from the soles of your
feet all the way up through the hips, all the way up through
the shoulders and all the way up through the crown. Soften everything,
relax everything and let your body just
return to a natural rhythm and natural ebb and flow. Great, then just take
one more full beat here of exquisite stillness. Just let everything go. Then listen carefully. Starting just with the toes, so
just isolating the toes you’re gonna wiggle the toes. And now the feet. Just isolating the
feet and the ankles. You’ll start to
move through the feet, the toes, the ankles. Now lift your knees up,
bend your knees. Bring your feet to the earth
and you’re just gonna windshield wiper the legs to one
side and then the other. Isolating just
from the waist down. Back and forth. And then bring the
knees up to center. Just the fingertips. Just moving the fingertips. Everything else is still. And now the
hands and the wrists. The arms. And then when you’re ready, side
body and shoulders as you reach the fingertips all the
way up towards the back. And exhale, hug the
knees in to the chest. Ah, open your eyes, smile a bit. Take a deep breath in
and a long breath out. Turn on to one side.
Fetal position. Feel this sweet
little shape here. And when you’re ready,
slowly press up. Bring the hands to the heart. Take a deep breath in.
Notice how you feel. Long breath out. Thank you for sharing your time
and your energy with me and with all of the beautiful people who
were brave and bold enough to show up on the mat
today and work it out. Again, I highly recommend
you make a commitment to show up on a regular basis. Just do what you
can when you can so that you can
find what feels good. Not just on your yoga mat and in
your yoga practice but off the mat and in
your daily life as well. I love you so much. Let us know how it went down
below in the comments section. Be sure to subscribe
to the YouTube channel if you haven’t already
and I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (gentle music)

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