YA Writer Plays The Sims 4 With YA Characters – Ep 2

Peeta! look at Peeta’s swimsuit oh my god Peeta is his own man welcome to the YA Sims edition of The
Selection aka the Bachelorette what I’m doing here is I’m doing YA
writer that’s me plays the sims 4 with YA characters
that’s young adult characters so in the first episode which you haven’t seen it
go see it, I introduced the challenge this is a challenge for the sims 4 where
you create a Bachelorette and you put them in a house with some eligible
bachelors and basically just watch the drama unravel as if it were reality
television gold which hopefully it will be if you want to know more details
about the challenge check the link in my description below you can read all about
everything like the full date itinerary that’s when I’m gonna be following and
yeah our Bachelorette is Starr from The Hate U Give and we’re gonna just
open up last episode we did create a sim this episode we’re jumping right in
we’re gonna have the introduction we’re gonna have group dates we’re gonna have
single dates and we’re gonna have a rose ceremony so let’s just get going so
welcome to The Bachelorette bachelor house or just Bachelorette house cause
Starr is just the Bachelorette so welcome to the bachelor house here we have Starr
and I’m gonna give you a tour of the house just real quick it’s a yacht the
Sims are in a yacht it’s super cool I’m really pleased about
it I’m gonna put a link below I got it off just like the sims community page
I’ll put a link below to where I got it from but it’s awesome
this is the most to me epic Bachelorette house it’s a whole friggin yacht so
let’s just go a little bit closer okay so the first level so this is gonna be
Starr’s room and this is Essun’s room they have their own bathroom and like TV room
and like study I don’t know what Essun would be studying I don’t know but Starr’s
got room to study if she wants uh this is like the dining and lounge area like
this is the common space for everybody there’s like a bar not for the teens cause
they’re teens but for Essun to drown her sorrows if she’s really annoyed with the
rest of them and then this is the I don’t know there’s probably a boat name
for this I don’t know what it is but anyway so this is all the boys rooms how
many of them are there there’s four boys I said five earlier four boys uh so
these are their rooms they each have their own bathroom which is very
luxurious um actually it’s more luxurious because Starr and Essun are
saving sharing a bathroom I don’t know how that happened there wasn’t a bedroom
for Essun so I had to make one and so that’s how that happened um they have
like a little fitness / activities area they have jet boats over here that they
can take out and they’ve got little lounge areas so over here they’ve got
this outdoor area that’s pretty cool they got some lounge area here and this
I think is where I’m gonna hold the rose ceremony I’m gonna jazz it up a bit more
I just bought the romantic outdoor stuff pack so I think I could probably put
some like pretty romantic shit over there and
like be really cool for the rose ceremony I’ll have it ready for the rose
ceremony which is taking place in this video today hopefully anyway that’s the
introduction of the house so here’s Starr this is the first night and the first
night like they always come out of the limo and like really nice dresses and
get drunk and make fools of themselves in this teen version since I
assume teens can’t drink in the Sims ah they will not be doing that but they
should be in some nice formal wear so I’m gonna make everybody change Jacob
that would have been a great time to introduce yourself okay oh what’s
happening oh she’s gonna watch a funny video with Cardan so there he goes
Cardan is just he’s really that guy he is the one that makes things happen so
they’re gonna have an interaction area okay so you’re talking to Cardan why do they play that music did
something more special happen hey Cardan so grumpy are you just gonna stand there
and watch this movie I don’t know what the hell Jacob is doing
Cardon is I guess he’s gonna nobody is sitting in this situation they all just
want to stand around each other I’m honestly like I’m very interested that
she went straight for Cardan I’m allowed to do friendly interactions and honestly
I’m bored of waiting for them to go introduce themselves so I’m just gonna
give each guy a time like a task to introduce himself to Starr and kind of
see how it goes I’m keeping interactions friendly oh I
guess he doesn’t need to introduce himself because they live together okay
well whatever so I’m gonna do a get to know action with each of them because
that seems like how it should go because Cardan was the first one she
went to I guess he should be able to do his get to know action first
so get to know so she’s just waiting for Cardan he’s taken his sweet time classic
Cardan okay okay I guess he has charisma skills from getting to know
her so I think I’m gonna give each of them like max an hour I don’t know or
should I just let it naturally end this is the hard thing
Cardan is bored because he’s a snob and most things bore him
i guess um who’s this I should probably know Jacob I thought
it was Jacob so Jacob has come in to play video games while they’re having
this interaction are they still getting to know each
other cause this is horrific hey well Cardan has had his requisite
time and I feel like the other boys are lingering around like you know when they
come in and they’re like sorry can I just borrow him for a minute
can I just borrow her for a minute, I feel like that’s what Elias and Jacob are doing or they just really want to play the
video games anyway it’s your time to do your get to know Elias
here you go that’s your time together to get to know Starr. Cardan get out of this
conversation leave! this is painful painful oh
look at her her face is saying I am in pain with this
interaction, she just keeps turning away Elias my boy okay so though he’s doing better
Oh doing a bit better he seems to be done with this now I can’t even
friggin see Elias this is the stupidest conversation, why are you talking about the bed Elias they seem to be getting along
she always has like a look on her face but she’s kind of scared just a little bit scared just the tiniest bit afraid
sure yes her bed is the talking spot cut off and then Peeta will get his time and
then I don’t know we’ll find something fun in the yard to do to distract
and like making this a little bit more interesting company boy okay
what’s going on you’re not having fun this isn’t fun for you, having
these horrible awkward conversations with all these dudes isn’t fun for you
that’s shocking huh okay so I think we’re gonna find a
group activity. fire briefly went out Starr was bored and tried to run away
Cardan has to use the bathroom but he will not leave to use the bathroom for
whatever reason and that’s basically you caught up on what’s happening maybe
Jacob can change the fire that’d be kind of fun okay well Jacob ran away
somewhere it was an enjoyable activity nobody seems to think so
Oh oh no okay okay it’s alright Starr likes the fire Starr is inspired by the
fire that makes me feel better Cardan and Essun are the only other people
feeling inspired by the fire Peeta oh no he’s energized by the fire there’s
some interest Starr why don’t you uh maybe she can
dance maybe finally thanks Jacob thanks for finally changing the fire color
she’s gonna dance a bit she’s alright at it it’s her first time
giving it a shot Elias is cooking for some reason she’s dancing she’s vibing
well Peeta and Jacob you’re the only guys here so is either of you gonna
make a move on this or like no? Peeta has a fitness skill suddenly for no real
reason anybody gonna join her dancing she’s just gonna dance by herself
apparently. It’s day two, in typical Liselle fashion I forgot that since they’re teens
obviously they have to go to school um so then they came to school literally
everybody but Cardan was like three hours late for school but then somehow
only Starr did poorly in school and everybody else was satisfactory I don’t
really understand how that happens anyway all of them are super dirty
except for Elias somehow so I’m just making them all take baths and then I’m
gonna take care of their needs like their hunger and stuff and then we
can get this group date on the road I’m not sure where I’m gonna take them yet
here we are at the beach to do this special ceremony thing whatever it is
this is the party um so Starr is the host so she’s the one hosting this party and
this is our first group date everybody except for house mama Essun everyone is here she’s
doing whatever she likes yes we’re also Starr is in a flirty mood which is great
she seems to have chosen to interact with Elias, Jacob is playing the guitar for no reason he’s extremely bad at it I do want Starr to be in a different
outfit kind of like this isn’t actually her proper outfit go that’s our girl
for whatever reason Starr changed into a bathing suit walked over here why I
don’t know Starr is a free spirit this is what she wants to do I guess there’s a
difference – I think it’s quite possibly like the most roundabout way for her to get to where okay star came all the
way over here to get to know Elias so that’s what’s happening this is she wanted to
talk and these other colorful people who were not invited to our party but are at
our party so that’s its own thing we’re the second day is almost over
oh gosh there she goes Starr’s kind of just doing her own thing I think I can cancel this interaction
because it’s not with any of the guys actually I hate hookah I don’t know why
I’ve never done it I think I just like there’s certain times where I’m like
okay all right I think I don’t like smoking in general once when
I was single a guy I had met online and he said Oh what do you want to do and his
suggestion was that we go for shisha and I blocked him and I never talked to him
again I didn’t have the patience I was like I’m not I’m not
what that’s where you’re gonna take me for a first date I other people have
said they were like that’s it all right for a date but I wasn’t having it I just
don’t know that’s my thing hmm uh everybody’s mad at Elias right like
they’re having an all right little oh gosh oh star it’s okay I like how Peeta is
just kneeling on the outside like he’s just he’s not quite involved he’s just
hanging out there yeah it’s just Starr Peeta Jacob Elias and Cardan doing some
bubble shisha in the sims 4 this is what I’ve created this is their group date if you
have any ideas for a group date feel free to suggest it in the comments and I’ll
set up I’ll make it happen for their next group date
oh my god I guess he’s dazed from the whole where is he
Elias where are you okay there he is he’s a little bit dazed from the bubble
shisha so we’re back this was a different day because it honestly took
me so long to film that first day that I had to stop and like this is the next
day to film the next two days left for before the rose ceremony for this
segment video so jump in right back in where did we leave off? that party where they
smoke shisha uh and Elias was really feeling it and now we’re back with the
sims something I learned I didn’t know this about the bachelorette challeng so you are
allowed to do romantic actions for the main sim or like any other actions for
them that’s targeted to a person if it shows up in their whims so like now you
can see that Starr says that she wants to be funny with Peeta so I can pin that and
so I can do that even though it’s a targeted action because it’s part of her
whims the guy’s whims doesn’t matter who cares about them
but her whims I can follow through on Cardan is the randomly selected bachelor
that’s gonna get his special one-on-one date with Starr the others we’re just
gonna come back and we’ll have some like special interaction time with each of
them so I’ll just like go over and tell her to chat with them and like see who
does best well taking a quick break Peeta finds some money just sitting on a
sink in the bathroom should he slide it in his locker for safekeeping or just
turn it in to the principal right away Peeta is such a good boy
so I know he would turn it in blah blah blah
Peeta’s teacher gave him good citizenship
oh my gosh everybody’s got something Cardan’s latest classroom assignment is a group
project his class mates are all pretty smart should he try to contribute as
much as they do or something Cardan would definitely just let them do
that work let them do it that’s who Cardan is the other kids agreed they
should step in when the time comes from grades to you can tell it Cardan hasn’t
been putting in his weight in the rest of your group whatever
Cardan doesn’t care he doesn’t care I’m sure so it’s okay I’ll start with an
activity they can go with it however they like and it if it’s not really working
out we’ll see we’ll see how this turns out I just don’t want any
more Starr just standing and staring at each other I can’t I cannot take it
so there we go if Cardan doesn’t join hr this time that he’s just never going to
join in and he’s blowing his own babe okay I just didn’t do the right
interaction okay so they’re building a sandcastle together I don’t know maybe
they’ll organically chat maybe they won’t say anything maybe they’re just
silent maybe Cardan is still pissed let’s check
no he’s actually pretty happy he’s still low-key mad from school and from getting
a lower grade like he’s mostly okay he ate some food and you got to slack off at
school which seems to make him happy he and Starr have made this something I feel like I’m gonna make them take a selfie though, she can take a selfie with everybody for the rose ceremony anything
so that I could like people who are rejected yeah I think that would be
hysterical to have like this one wall of rejection well go to the bathroom if you
want to go to the bathroom because Cardan is evil he’s like breaking
down good work Cardan hey Starr has her food
so now she’s not gonna starve it out she can be happy she wants to tell jokes oh
that’s cool I can like have her tell a joke, Cardan just walked off
Cardan is legit the worst he’s squandered his day he’s talking to some
other woman he’s just so I think it’s probably
appropriate that she tell the jokes to Cardan so Cardan has too many people she’s coming over here so any minute now
there we go fixed so she told her joke I guess Cardan laughed so I’m honestly just gonna have them go
home Cardan you blew it you blew this date you had time to get her know her
better and you blew it you suck he blew this date. It’s day four, this is day
of the first rose ceremony um the rule say to do it at 3 p.m. um Essun is very mad I woke her up to make her make
breakfast for everyone because she’s the house mother she’s hot-headed so she’s
real mad about it anyway the Rose ceremony’s just supposed to take place at 3 p.m.
but they’re all gonna be at school and I honestly think it’s like more fun and
romantic if the rose ceremony rose ceremony takes
place at night so I’m gonna do it at 6 p.m. so that’ll give them time to get to
school and come back and let change so this morning and also a little bit of
the time out her school gives us some time give some their last their last
chance this is the last chance to interact with Starr and to gain those
points and then I’m going to check and figure out who has the least amount of sorry I’m gonna check and
see who has the least amount of compatibility to start and they will be
kicked out we’re gonna do a dramatic rose ceremony Starr’s going to give out a
rose one by one and that’s coming up today so none of them are doing their
homework ever so I think that’s why they’re consistently doing poorly in school
uh ok Starr wants to be funny to Peeta so let’s see if they’re all out on the dock
cause that would make things easier okay Starr you can be funny with Peeta and
then you gotta shower tell a funny story card, he looks so miserable oh that went so badly because Peeta’s so mad cause he’s dirty okay sorry Starr I’m sorry that didn’t work
out for you just go take a bath shower also notice that Starr and Peeta are the only ones left at this table just chit chatting with each other. and welcome to the
first why a selection rose ceremony so here we go they’re just coming over now
there’s Essun our house mother she’s making her way in there Starr avoiding the thing that
I created specifically for her to walk under but whatever there’s our guys
we’re just we’re waiting for Cardan and who else we got
we’re waiting for Cardan and Elias show up they’re taking a real long time so
here we are our first rose ceremony and here is Starr our beautiful Bachelorette
about to hand out the roses we’re ready to begin the rose ceremony so I’m gonna
spin this around okay so this first rose from Starr this first rose goes to a guy
that you know he and Starr made a connection the first
day the first day they made that first connection he was who she went to right
off the bat surprisingly he didn’t seem very
interested but they had some great one-on-one time together and that really
grew Starr’s interest in him and so this first Rose see who she goes to who’s it
gonna be first Rose goes to Cardan yeah I was honestly surprised he
took the rose look at that sorry Jacob is so in the way sorry, his camera angle is Jacob was so just
like standing right in the way, Goddanggit Cardan is very happy about having
received his Rose we’re not chatting with Cardan anymore that it, he
had his time Kenneth’s going in our Elias, Elias’s face, he’s so mad he’s just like I
don’t want to be here I can’t believe she gave the first rose to Cardan that
guy is a dick how dare she I’m disgusted anyway so the sims 4 I
just learned only allows you to give out one rose every three hours so here’s
what I’m gonna do the first guy that’s called who will have the highest
interaction with her he will get the offer Rose interaction the next like
interaction that has like a fancy romance thing on it is kiss hands I
think that’s gonna be really gross to make Starr kiss everybody’s hands so
she’s gonna do something else she’s gonna compliment their appearance or
maybe she’ll just do she’ll just do a simple flirt and I think that’s like
gonna be equivalent to be offering the Rose pretty much so let’s get going
this next rose is for the next special guy they had a bit of a slow start to
get to know each other it wasn’t right off the bat but she went to Cardan but
somehow he really got into her heart and she started to think about him more and
her whims became to be interested in him so let’s see who’s getting the next rose
it’s Peeta she has the kiss hands interaction I think kiss hands interaction is gross Elias is just so over everybody
getting these anyway the next guy up this is the final rose or flirt because
there’s no rose so this final guy it’s really it’s a tie
up between the two you know I’m not saying that’s a result I’m just saying
she hasn’t really been connecting with Jacob and she hasn’t really been
connecting with Elias she spent a lot of time talking to Cardan and Peeta so I
think between these two guys it’s it was very very close but I think in the end
it just came down to the guy that had the warmer heart that she really
connected to on like a values level stronger he’s not the most refined man
but he has really impressed her with his love so this final flirt slash Rose goes
to….oh shit I didn’t have Stare selected and I made Elias and Jacob
flirt with each other they were into it but that’s not it Starr just like stood
there too she was like yeah yeah cool oh my gosh, let’s just, don’t get distracted, this had like gone poorly, this has really backfired on me Jacob and Starr have shared a flirt, it seems to have gone better than Jacob and Elias’s flirt so that’s great
that means that Elias is our eliminated Bachelor this week he
will be excluded from the island he will be kicked off the island
he will be kicked out of the yacht Elias will have to just crawl home and hope
that Lila Lila it’s not her name Leia Leia laiá Laia he’ll have to crawl home
and have Laia comfort him or Helene again I only read the first book I don’t
really know where those relationships went but I think he’s a Laia guy so
he’ll just have to crawl home to her and that’s goodbye to Elias forever goodbye
that was the end of this first episode a lot happened we went on our first we had
our introduction night went on our first group date did our first randomized solo
date and our first rose ceremony which I could only give out one rose because
of this game uh but anyway I hope you guys liked watching that if you did
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other week so not next week but the week after that is when you’ll see the next
episode and thank you so much for watching bye you

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