Writing Tools in Word Online

Microsoft has been some pretty incredible features to Office 365. Right now I’m in Word Online and in the top-right, there’s a dictate button. This is handy when you have a microphone on your … computer and maybe you’re a slow typer or you just want to … get your ideas down before they pop out of your head … which happens to me a lot so you can click the Dictate … button and simply dictate what you would like to write … and it will type it out for you. Another helpful tool is Immserive Reader. You’ll find it under the View menu and then Immersive Reader. With this tool, you could go to the bottom, adjust the settings for the voice speed and voice … selection, hit play and it will read your … writing back to you. Very helpful for proofreading. You can also go up to text preferences, increase the text size, spacing, and even the colors. You could go into reading preferences, adjust Line Focus, turn on picture dictionary, translate it into multiple languages, but recently they added another tool to assist with your writing. Under the home menu, there’s now a button on the … far right called Ideas. It’s in preview mode , but when you click it, it gives you suggestions of how to refine your writing . For example, formality. In this case, it’s pointing out the contractions. If this was formal writing, I might want to change that … and I could simply click the button and it would fix it in my writing. It also checks for clarity. Sometimes it gives you a suggestion you can click on, other times it just gives you the prompt.. Vocabulary and it gives me suggestions. Instead of write an article, I could say author an article … simply by clicking it and it changes everything for me. I hope you’ll check out this tool to help yourself improve your writing.

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