Writing Tips & Careers : Writing Resumes for Technical Jobs

Hi, this is Laura Turner. And today I’m going
to talk with you about writing resumes for technical jobs. If you have a lot of technical
experience in many different areas. You’re going to want to actually make separate headings
in your resume. In order to sort of, get all these skills out there. Make sure you detail,
what skills you have this particular job. That is going to help you get the job. I would
even go so far as to sort of, add an objective to the top of your technical resume. And sort
of, say you know, my objective for this job is to obtain a carpenter job. And then sort
of move all your carpentry experience to the top. O.k., so you’re going to have all of
your stuff on the top that you need. And then sort of, in headings in bold. You’re going
to detail out your other experience. And you know, the dates of those experiences, of those
jobs. And what your duties were and how long you helped them. So your technical resume
is going to only be helped by showing how many other technical skills that you have.
That will you know, sort of, help beef it up for you. And also, outline all the jobs
that you’ve had in the past. And all the skills that you’ve had to use in those jobs. So not
only, do not only list your skills in order. In descending order of importance, till it’s
important. But also list your jobs along with them. Those are just a few pointers for making
a technical resume.

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