Writing Portfolio Guide from Clippings.me

As the virtual home of thousands of
journalists from around the world clippings.me allows you to build
a writing portfolio to be proud of. It takes just seconds to sign up for an account
and when you do you’ll find everything you need for a portfolio that fits your
style, complete with a custom design, a downloadable resume, a profile picture
and social media links. You can add your written work as both
links and PDF files, so you never need to worry about errors because your online
articles have moved. And. if you’re a multimedia journalist
you’ll find it easy to embed Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, AudioBoo and
tons of other formats, right from your home page. Arrange
everything nicely and you’re good to go, with a portfolio that looks as great
on mobile as it does on the desktop. After you’re done, you can share your
work with the world in a single click, before seeing how many people visit
and where they come from. For the ultimate professional feel just
hook up your portfolio to a custom domain and send your audience to an
address that even easier to remember. Sign up today at www.clippings.me!

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