Writing Opportunities That You May Not Be Aware Of

Hi. I’m here to tell you about all the different
writing opportunities that are out there. There’s so many ways to make money writing,
but just remember that you only need one specialty, one writing specialty to make a comfortable
living. So let me just jump right into some of the
different industries. My favorite and most romantic is travel writing. I mean, who wouldn’t
want to get paid to go to Italy and write reviews on the cool stuff there? Although,
one of the more intriguing stories I’ve read was a couple of teachers, where on their summer
off they got paid to do nothing but visit dude ranches in Montana and Wyoming. Free
for them, in fact, they got paid to do it. Nice gig. There. Now, the big money is in learning direct response
copywriting. That’s a $2.3 trillion a year industry. There are definitely some methods
and techniques to learn there, and newcomers are successful there every year, but that’s
where the big money is. Now, other writing opportunities for people
of all skill levels and where the most opportunity is, is writing for the internet. I mean, some
of the things that need writers are people that write sales and landing pages or homepage
specialists. That can be some big money because it takes some understanding and get to be
able to see the big picture and be good with words as well. Now, there’s all that online
content to write. Every word on the internet was written, and somebody wrote it. Most people
got paid to do so. You could be one of them. Blog posts, some people get paid to write
blog posts. Companies certainly need that. They have a blog, and some small, some large,
will pay for those blog posts, or they have the dedicated blog poster, which goes right
along with their cousin of social media writer. If tweeting and Facebook posting and all that
kind of thing comes natural to you, that might be your niche. That’s where you get paid. Most of you are aware that you can get paid
for writing articles, but perhaps you’re tired of getting paid only two cents a word for
your article. Consider writing online. There’s more opportunities there. You might even decide
to write all those articles for yourself and build your own website. There’s places that’ll
teach you how to do that. Another place would be e newsletters. For
example, I go to a yoga studio, and this month I got a yoga newsletter. In there was an article
written on the tremendous benefits for sweating your butt off in hot yoga, which is what I
do, and I was fascinated by the article. Somebody got paid to write that article and that e
newsletter. Whoever puts that out got paid to put it out. If you put an e newsletter
out, that can be a steady gig. There are big companies that need it, but I would suggest
if you’re starting out start locally, your local chiropractor, your local yoga studio.
You get the idea. Something else that’s an up and coming niche,
there’s a whole lot of videos, a big deal. YouTube marketing, which is what I’m doing
right now, and the niche there is video script writing. Companies will pay for people to
do that. If you’re conversational and persuasive or personable, you could do video script writing. Now, another niche would be… do you get
catalogs in the mail? So, a good question, but somebody writes those product descriptions.
Somebody good with just a few words to get people to want that product in their life
or to help them select which is the right product to invite into their life, those writers
get paid well. It’s kind of an unknown niche. A bigger niche, nowhere near as glamorous,
but where the biggest opportunity is, and it doesn’t really take that much writing skill,
you just need to know the formats and what company’s looking for are writing company
information, their literature, their brochures, their case studies, their white papers. You
just need a couple of clients. Two or three clients and you can make a comfortable living.
The demands are not that high. Another thing you could write would be buyer’s
guides. Another up and coming thing would be a lead generation page. For example, mortgage
brokers, they pay $30-50 per lead. Well, if you send them somebody that becomes a customer,
it’s worth thousands of dollars to them. In the meantime, if you fine tune how to write
lead generation pages, you’re making some nice recurring income for a one time effort. So, there’s more writing opportunities out
there. Hopefully I’ve caught some interest and one of them, spoke to you to look for
more information. Remember that you only need one to specialize in to make a comfortable
living. Below this video, you’ll see my recommendations
matched to your current writing style or your current writing skills. Match up with a money
making writing opportunity right there. So look below and select your particular situation,
and go for more details, and take action.

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