Writing Job Ads to Attract Great Healthcare & Medical Candidates

Hi, I’m Api from HealthcareLink. Today I’m here to talk to you about
job ads and how they can work best for you. So are you writing a current GP vacancy job ad? And do you need more clicks and views of these ads? Think about the keywords that the job seeker might enter into Google or platforms. So would it be ‘GP jobs’ or would it be ‘GP jobs in Sydney’? I would think the latter. The job title has got to be brief yet appealing. You have to appeal to the motivating
factors of why these candidates are moving
in the first place. You do this by selecting keywords that appeal to their drive for change. So it could be flexible hours. It could be a beautiful
location or lifestyle. It could be the option or the opportunity to pursue a
special interest. For example if your role was in the beautiful region of the
Byron Bay in far north New South Wales, mention that in the title. Say ‘beautiful coastal location, great for surfing’ and what this would do is it will
appeal to the doctors that are after that
kind of lifestyle and work life balance. This information will target the
right kind of candidate for your practice but also for the region long term. Comment below – what headlines work for you? I’m Api from HealthcareLink.

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