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Welcome to the Bellevue University Writing
Center. In this short video, I will introduce you
to our services and walk you through the steps to register and schedule an appointment. Consultants in the Writing Center offer professional
feedback as well as assistance with the writing process. Whether that is to develop an idea more effectively,
organize the logic and flow in your essay, or understand a professor’s assignment sheet
more effectively, the Writing Center can help. We also help with more of the traditional
things like word choice, grammar, mechanics and logical progression. While we don’t edit, proofread, or write
your paper for you because that would be a violation of our ethics and the academic aim,
we will help you become a more confident writer. In the Writing Center, we help BU students
become more confident one writer at a time. Currently, we assist BU students with walk-ins
or by appointment, and we offer help to alumni by appointment only. So, how can you make an appointment? First, register in our WCONLINE scheduling
system. Go to the BU homepage and go to the Writing
Center page. Then, use this link to reach the entry point
for our schedule. Click on register for an account and enter
your personal information. Be sure to use your my.bellevue.edu email
address. You may use the password of your own choice. Click ‘REGISTER’ at the bottom of the
screen. When you have registered successfully, you
should be sent back to the entry point so you can login. Now you can make an appointment. You might want to walk in to receive assistance,
and walk-in appointments are available, but it’s best to make an appointment to ensure
that you receive the assistance that you desire. What type of appointment you make depends
upon whether you’re on site or online and the type of feedback that you prefer. Do you live near or want to come to main campus
in Bellevue, Nebraska? Our best recommendation for you is the Face-To-Face
Appointment. In this type of consultation, you will come
to our Writing Center office and meet with a consultant in person at a specific time. You can either bring a printed copy of your
paper with you or print one after you arrive. To schedule a Face-To-Face Appointment, go
to the default schedule that says, “Writing Center” at the top. Scroll down to find a white square at a time
that works for you. Click on that square, enter the necessary
information and save the appointment. The default appointment time is 30 minutes. If you would like an hour-long appointment,
and there is an hour available at that time, you can change the ending time of the appointment
here. If you want to work online, we have two types
of appointments. The Real-Time Appointment allows you to work
with a consultant in an interactive way, through a webcam, audio as well as a chatroom. In this type of session, you will meet with
a consultant in real-time, like a Skype call. You can talk via video or use the chat function
to communicate. For this type of appointment, it can be helpful
to attach your paper in preparation for the real-time meeting. To make this type of appointment, go to the
same Writing Center schedule and look for a consultant that has “SYN” next to her
name on a given day. When filling in your information, be sure
to select ‘Yes’ where it asks if you want to meet online. If you do not, we will assume you are planning
to meet with us face-to-face and in our office. The second type of appointment we have is
the Online Writing Review. This is the perfect appointment for people
who have irregular hours or just for those who prefer nonverbal feedback from the writing
consultant. In order to make an online appointment, you
must access a separate schedule page. Once there, note the helpful instructions
and then scroll down to make an appointment on a day that works for you. When filling out the appointment information,
be sure to let us know what you are most concerned about so the consultant can focus on your
needs or questions. You do not have to be present online at the
time of the appointment. You just have to make sure you have uploaded
a document for us to review by the time your appointment starts (Central Standard Time). When you are ready to upload your document,
you can do so by clicking on this folder icon. If the system refuses to let you upload your
document due to a technical glitch, file type or size (more than one megabyte) email it
to [email protected] Once you have submitted the document for feedback,
the consultant accesses your attached document, provides feedback in the form of comments
in the margins of the paper, and then she reattaches it to the appointment system for
you to access at your leisure. The consultant will not edit your paper with
the Track Changes function. Instead, she will make comments on the side
that you can read and use when you go to further revise your paper. If you need to miss an appointment, it’s
best to cancel the appointment, and you can do so up to one minute ahead of time. One thing that you can do is add your name
to the waiting list, and you can do so for each day that you’re interested in meeting
with a consultant. Do this by clicking on the clock symbol on
the far left of the day you want and fill in the necessary information. If another student cancels his or her appointment
that day, you will be notified of the opening and can login to secure the appointment time
yourself. The waiting list is available each day, so
if you want multiple appointments in a given week, join the waiting list for each day that
you want the appointment. Finally, we have a special walk-in option
available. Some hours are set aside each week when additional
help is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you arrive at our office during that time,
you can wait and speak with a consultant as soon as he or she is available. These hours change from one semester to the
next and do not appear in the schedule system. Please contact us for current walk-in days
and times. Come see us in person in the north end of
the library, the Library Learning Commons or call us on the phone; (402)557-5449. Or you can email us; [email protected] Come see us though, we’re happy to help!

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