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(music) Hey everyone – it’s Sara – some of you may have noticed but I have decided to move my writing
videos to Thursdays instead of Wednesdays so that I can do Top Five
Wednesday if I want to. So from now on, you can look
for my writing tip videos on Thursdays. In the month of May I’m
going to be talking about writing as a business and today specifically
I’m going to be talking about how to make money as a write. Now these
are not are necessarily making money on your writing but these are all ways to
make money in a writing-related way. The first one might seem kind of obvious but it is
publishing books this is obviously where a lot of writers
make the majority of their money you may think of this as these huge bestsellers like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling but the reality is that
there are far more writers who are still making a living at
writing but they’re probably but we call “mid-list” authors meaning that they don’t sell quite as much as the best sellers but
they sell enough to make a living. Then of course
there is independent publishing and self-
publishing obviously there’s a lot of competition
in these areas but it is possible to make a living self-publishing your books or
independently polishing your books you’re going to have to do a lot of
marketing whether you’re traditionally published or self-published most likely. Even if
you are traditionally published most big publishers expect the author to do at least some marketing especially if
you’re a debut author or you don’t know have the name recognition but publishing
books is a good way to make money as a writer the next thing you can do is freelance
writing. Now this is either writing for magazines, newspapers websites. Some websites want to hire freelance bloggers this can be a little bit more difficult
to get into it helps if you have a background in
writing with experience or education or sometimes it helps if you have
connections but not always – I mean it really depends
on which publication you want to write
for so if there’s a magazine or newspaper that you really want to write
for I would just look into=if they take submissions from freelance
writers and what the process is there – just do a
little bit of research to find out some publications that you
might want to write for or if you have an idea for a story you might want to do some research to
find newspapers or magazines that you could
pitch that story too the third thing that you can to your is
web content this is a pretty broad category but everyone needs a website in every
industry now and a lot of people don’t want to
necessarily write their own content for their websites now this is not always the most
interesting thing because you can end up writing about you know, lawn maintenance or refrigerators
or all kinds of random stuff which might be
interesting to you but it might not. But the point is that it pays the bills now there are a lot a websites where
people go to get this content like Textbroker and Elance is a big one. Thumbtack is another big one where people just
go to hire freelancers in general. They do that on Elance as well. Some companies will even hire a person to regularly write blogs for them or write web content for them some marketing companies that will hire
someone to write web content for a lot different people that they do
marketing for I’ve worked in positions like that
before there are a lot of different ways to get into this I did a blog recently about some of these websites that do hire writers to write web content for them and I will link to that down
below if you’re interested the next thing you can do is blogging. Blogs can make money there are people who make a living
entirely of off their blog. There are also YouTubers who make a living doing YouTube which is kind of the same thing –
it’s like a video blog essentially – this is the kind of thing
where I don’t think you should just quit your day job to be a
professional blogger you might want to just start a blog or star
YouTube channel vlogging or making videos about
something that you’re passionate about and if you start making money with it
then that’s great you can kind of build up your following and make money that way sometimes your blog can lead to making money some other way – if you’re
selling your services on your blog – for example
I have a writing blog – I do get a lot of editing clients who come to me through
the blog which brings me to the next thing you
can do to make money as a writer and that is editing now this is good for people who
have English degrees or in my case and Master of Fine Arts in creative writing or if you are already have a lot of
experience publishing your own books – a lot of
this is on a freelance basis for instance, self-published authors hire me a lot to you to edit their
manuscripts and sometimes I do developmental
editing as well an author might come to me with a
manuscript that’s not quite working and I will read it and give them feedback
based on everything I studied in the art of creative writing and give them some suggestions about ways they might be able to improve the manuscript. There are also editors for magazines and publications. With all of the web content out there – some companies if they’re
dealing with a lot of web content they might hire an editor to overlook everything that the writers are giving
them. The sixth way that you can make money as a writer is
by teaching now this often requires an English
degree or a Master’s degree sometimes but not
always there are some classes for example in
continuing education type facilities or community centers or places like that that offer writing classes and if you have any experience with
writing you might be able to teach something
like that. There’s also writing coaching that people do on a more one on one level I do some of that and there’s also running your own course online that’s something that I would like to do
eventually and then there’s also teaching at a high school level
or college level but that often requires more education getting an education degree specifically sometimes – as a word of caution I would say that I don’t think you should necessarily go
into teaching if you don’t have some passion for teaching people and helping people
in that way and the last thing that you can is to acquire a writing-related job this sounds pretty vague I know but there are a lot of different companies that hire people like technical writers, copywriters a lot of people in advertising and
marketing need people to write – there are ghostwriters you can look into doing something like
that – you can’t do most of these things on a freelance
level as well but if you’re looking for more stability this might be the way to go –
some of these things like technical writing require a lot of
experience or education specific to that field – if
you’re interested in one of these positions, I would just do some research you can learn a lot of stuff by just
going on Google and doing a simple search – “what
do you need to become a technical writer?” “how do I become a ghostwriter?” so a lot of
people ask me how I make money I have published some of my own works – I’ve self-published a few things and I’ve independently published a few things
with some really small independent publishers these have mainly been poetry and plays I’m still trying to get my first traditional book publishing deal – I have
a literary agent so I’m not really making a lot of my
money in publishing at this point. I do make
some money from the books that I have published in a
small way but most of the money that I make comes from freelance editing the writing coaching that I do – I do some freelance writing I write a lot of web content for people and I do some marketing but I do that on
a freelance level as well – so those are just a few ways
that you can make money as a writer if you want to make money as a writer I
encourage you to keep going and to not give up – you
might have to get a day job and do something unrelated to pay your
bills and kind of build up your writing on the
side – that’s perfectly fine a lot of people do it that way – I had to
do it that way for years and even now I’m not making
the majority of my money on my actual writing at this point – I’m making
a lot of my money in writing-related services that I sell to other people – basically if you
have the drive and determination you can make money as a writer but it
requires a lot of perseverance and hard work – so those are
the ways that people make money as a writer –
I’m sure there are other ones that I didn’t talk about feel free to mention those down below – if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave those down
below as well I would love to hear from you guys – next
week I will be talking about how to be productive when you’re working from home -something
that I have struggled with in the past so stay tuned for that – make sure you
subscribe to my channel if you would like to see more videos about
writing or books and make sure you subscribe to my
mailing list down below, The Daily Writer, for daily writing inspiration thanks for watching and I will see you
guys next time happy writing (music) done

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