Writing: Analyzing Media

>>TEACHER: We’ve been looking at some ads
and we’ve looked at five types of categories you can put advertisement towards women.
>>TEACHER: I’m teaching an apprenticeship to young girls
on media literacy, and the focus is showing them
the images of women in advertisement.>>McCLAINE: Melissa, do you want to read your
piece?>>MELISSA: Yeah, sure.
“How I feel about clowning. “I know in the past, women didn’t have equal
rights “and were put to work with no salary or reward.
“Now we would think that women and men “are portrayed about the same.
“Well, you’re wrong. “Women are still portrayed unfairly
“because in a Baby Phat ad, there’s a lady buck naked who is modeling
sneakers.”>>McCLAINE: Our objectives are to show them
what advertisement looks like, what forms of media are out there
and what they do to portray women.>>GIRL: And this one is a sneaker ad, and
it shows a woman who hardly has any clothes on and another
one. Why does it have to be like that in this big
ad? She’s not even… they’re not even wearing
sneakers.>>McCLAINE: We try to incorporate writing
into all of our sessions. We have a module focused solely on writing
and girls exploring who they are through writing.>>GIRL: “In another ad, a girl’s dressed in
a bathing suit. “Then her outer dress is made of caps of Budweiser
drinks. “I think people in the economy think of women
“less than what they really are. I wish that men could switch and see how women
feel.”>>McCLAINE: And then we try
to translate that in order to increase academic skills.
>>McCLAINE: Do you guys think that’s a good way to go in terms of our ad?
>>McCLAINE: Girls have said that they now like writing.
It’s increased by huge amounts. They say that it doesn’t scare them anymore.
>>GIRL: “They look unhappy, mad, angry “and like they did not like what they were
doing. “I think they felt like that
because they are frustrated and sad and confused.” How do you think the women in our ad should
be portrayed?>>MELISSA: I think that, like, women should
be showed just as… just as well as men,
because, like, sometimes the men don’t have shirts on
but they have clothes on.>>McCLAINE: We asked them to write in detail,
so we do test the girls’ level of academics as well as writing.
>>McCLAINE: …product that these ads are for.
We’re just making you guys become aware of some of the images that women are portrayed
in, and also some of the techniques that the marketers
use to sell to teens and other adults.

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