Writing a Formal Business Proposal : Formal Business Proposal Letter of Transmittal Parts

Now let’s talk briefly about what’s going
to go in this letter of transmittal. Just like other letters, other business letters,
you’re going to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Or the introduction, middle and
conclusion. And your beginning is going to be talking about your main idea. That’s what
your introduction’s going to be. You’re going to be giving the main points, the scope of
the report. That’s what you’re going to talk about in your introduction. In the middle
section, or the body of the letter, you can highlight main points. In your introduction,
you’ve given a basic overview of the scope of the report. Now if there are some very
specific things that you want to bring attention to, you definitely want to mention those in
the body portion of your letter. And then the conclusion is when you’re going to acknowledge
anyone that helped you write this report or research the information as well as, and this
is important, giving thanks for the opportunity to prepare the report. Whoever hired you to
do this report, or whoever you’re trying to get work from, whoever you’re submitting this
report to, you want to thank them for the opportunity. So that’s the way you’re going
to break down the body of your letter of transmittal.

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