WRITER’S BLOCK – Terrible Writing Advice

So we are up early in the morning and are
set to start writing! On our desk rests one’s preferred source of
caffeine. Inspiring music plays in the background to
get our creativity flowing. The thermostat is set just right and we are
nice and toasty warm. All is well. There is nothing left to do except sit down,
open the word processor of choice, and stare blankly at the screen in utter frustration! As it turns out, the greatest foe of most
writers is not cliches, purple prose, Mary Sues, rejection letters, obscurity, poor reviews,
or even the dreaded love triangle! It’s writer’s block. But that’s okay! There is a host of different things we can
do to get our creativity back on track! But first, let’s try to sidestep the biggest
pitfall one can make while trying to overcome writer’s block. And that’s sitting down and forcing yourself
to write! That never works. Writing is all about being inspired and letting
your genius just flow onto the page with grace and elegance. Writing is not about repeatability scrapping
huge swaths of your story, over and over again, gradually improving the quality of writing
through grueling trail and error. Writing is super easy and not difficult at
all. And if you are struggling then it simply means
you need inspiration. And what better way to get inspired than to
watch a movie! The current crop of Hollywood movies are well
known for their sophisticated and clever writing and not relying on special effects as a crutch
to distract the audience. What a great source of inspiration! But why stop there? Let’s double the inspiration by finishing
that television series queued up on a streaming service. Passively binge watching TV will really improve
and engage our creative thought processes and not lure us into a zombie like stupor. After finishing that series we will finally
be ready to write… on a fan forum about how the season finale totally sucked and I
can’t believe the writers screwed up that bad! See! That finally got our blood flowing even it
if is only to express fan rage. But that’s okay, because we are finally ready
to sit down and write… After playing that new video game that just
came out! It’s okay to take time out to play a video
game. That TV show and movie we just saw gave us
plenty of inspiration and we will definitely start writing once we beat the one frustrating
level I can’t seem to get past! Hmm. I’m getting kind of hungry. Let’s take a break from playing this video
game… um I mean writing and get a snack. Mmm… That was a good snack, but I guess I need
to wash the dishes now. Come to think of it, I could stand to vacuum
the floors and pick up some of the clutter. These menial chores are very effective at
easing a writer’s guilt at not writing. But after those chores it’s time to get back
to work and focus. Rather than spending time playing video games,
let’s instead sit down and concentrate on watching someone else play video games! Watching a let’s play on YouTube can’t hurt
and It’s only for a moment. Oh hey! There is another funny internet video! Better share that on social media! Don’t worry. This will only take a few seconds. After all, sharing these cute cat pictures
is a valuable use of time and I am sure it will help with writing… somehow? Oh look! Someone posted an interesting article! Let’s click on that! Informative internet articles can be read
guilt free since we can just count it as ‘research’. Don’t forget to read the comments. Wait a moment! What’s that? Why that user left a comment expressing an
incorrect opinion. Writing our story can wait. Instead, we must correct this random stranger
on the internet. Alright, alright. It’s time to get serious now. It’s getting late and the night brings with
it the muse. This is our last chance to do something productive…
like checking our email! Nope. Just spam. Well that puts me in a bad mood. This lack of progress can build up frustration. Pushing aside this frustration and just writing
isn’t an option! There is only one thing to do! Wallow in self loathing. Hating yourself and throwing a pity party
is a great use of time. Once we have our fill of brooding we will
still be stuck. It is obvious that our inhibitions and self
doubt are preventing us from moving forward. That’s why we need something to get rid of
those. We need alcohol! That’s right! Having a few drinks will loosen us up help
kick-start the writing process. And if a few drinks get the words flowing,
then a lot of drinks will really get things moving! After recovering from a drunken daze, one
might find that everything they wrote while inebriated was completely incomprehensible. *Sigh* Oh Well. It’s getting late. Let’s just go to bed and get a good night’s
rest. Maybe tomorrow we can wake up early with a
fresh perspective. There is always another day and hope for the
future. Or the whole stupid process will just repeat

85 thoughts on “WRITER’S BLOCK – Terrible Writing Advice

  1. There's a wonderful middle ground. Albeit this middle ground is obtained most ironically just through constant action. The action of constant writing actually gets you inside of the routine of keeping one's self-inspired.

    Ironically, matter over mind. XD

    You can have inspiration, but just remember the words of Thomas Edison.

    "1% inspiration, 99% perspiration."

  2. Just stumbled across your channel late as hell but I am now binging. Good stuff, even though I'm finding this one very depressing…

  3. I've got writer's block along the lines of sitting down to write and then having literally nothing to put down. So this at least made me laugh.

  4. Oh god I was about to waste my time by not writing and now I'm debating whether or not I should waste my time by not writing.

    Dammit J.P.

  5. It's gonna be a while until he finishes another book. He'll be stuck on fan pages complaining about the Game of Thrones finale and how D. B. Weiss and David Benioff let the last couple of seasons go bad

  6. this hurts me a lot. because I DO ALL OF THESE. but I won't lie, a glass of whiskey every once in a while does help sometimes

  7. I seem to have the opposite of this, I have shit to write I just don’t want to halfway through the story and keep procrastinating about finishing it.

  8. Arrgh, procrastination! I hate it!

    What I like to do is watch YouTube videos while I'm doing work. YouTube videos help me focus on my work because there's noise, so I'm not tempted to get bored and slack off. Plus, I can watch entertainment and still manage to get an assload of drawings done. No alcohol or procrastination involved.

  9. I love that so many people are relating to this… mostly because it took me forever to get out of that slump and I was convinced it wasn't ONE OF THE MOST RECURRING PROBLEMS IN THE UNIVERSE.
    It's really stupid how much just sitting down and telling yourself "screw it! I'm blocking! I'm just gonna write WHATEVER anyway until it kinda gets the ball rolling, I'd rather backspace through a page and a half of nonsense than get side-tracked and not get any writing done today!" works. The real hard part is that FEELS like procrastinating more than actual procrastination, so it's hard not to stop and actually procrastinate "since I'm gonna be wasting my time regardless".

  10. Oddly enough, I'm usually able to just sit down and write. It kinda helps that I stuck myself to a deadline and release schedule for my series, which forces me to always force myself to write whether I'm inspired or not.

    Now, homework for college on the other hand, this is totally me in that department.

  11. Manical, desperate laughter
    “I’m doing research! About writing! By watching this! Instead of writing! Everything is good! I don’t need to worry about that self-hate growing! Just ignore it-“

    *This user was eaten by a self-hateasaur. Do not do this, it is not recommended.

  12. Jokes on you, I'm done with my first draft!
    0:58 That's almost how I felt for that last chapter. My excitement just made everything I was writing feel awesome lol.
    I'll probably cringe when reading it again in a week, but now I feel good.

  13. What do you do if you have the opposite problem- You have a lot of ideas but they keep fighting each other so its hard to focus?

  14. I'm not a writer, I'm a musician and this really describes what certain days can feel like. Blankly staring at my program of choice or my piano wondering how to transition between two sections or how to build on an already existing musical idea or whatever sucks.

  15. Oh look, a realistic and very accurate video about my frustrating lack of productivity in life! Maybe I should actually try to do something different?
    Nah.s̶t̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶r̶e̶g̶r̶e̶t̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶e̶n̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ I mean, binged watched enough series!

  16. You know, beyond describing my last month to a T, I glanced at my watch after I finished this video.

    1:05 AM. And I have a Word document open with a failed draft on it.


  17. I would never procrastinate on my writing, except by watching videos on why I shouldn't procrastinate on my writing.

  18. This is too true. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who turns to watching movies and TV to "get inspired" 😛

  19. The best way to overcome writers block, is to have a friend who is definitely not a writer, to read your story and you spend half a day correcting your mistakes based on what they noticed.

  20. Just a PERSONAL TIP (hope you read those words right). Don't deleted anything. If you need to write it different. Do so as after you finished the first draft and are ready to do just that. Unless of course it's super short and is no trouble at all.

  21. I know this. I take commissions to earn a living. But sometimes I just don't feel like working, and here I am watching this video instead.

  22. It is sad how much I relate to this. I'm fleshing out the plans for a story I might write in the future. In the end I just end up doing literally the whole video.

  23. Well, I'm kinda seven pages away from completion. All I did was just write down all the plot points and dialogues. Each story has a different approach. This one is the weirdest.

  24. Here's a piece of advise to the people in comment section who are writing their first draft, write something down even if its stupid. You can come back to it later and fix it up.

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