Writer Andrew Payne and Director Denis Lawson introduce The Meeting

The Meeting is about three men, who are negotiating with another man from another company… … who they’re hoping to persuade to sign a contract which will be very much in their favour. It’s set in a kind of office, with people doing the kind of deals in business… … that are happening all over the world in millions of offices, right across the globe as we speak. They think they’ve got this other man right where they want him, and then suddenly he’s removed from his job… … which provokes a lot of gossip, and replaced by a woman. The play has got a great deal to do with sexism, and sexism in the workplace… … and how woman are viewed in the workplace, and also how women see themselves. I mean Denis is an experienced theatre director, who’s also an actor, got a very good sense of humour, I think he’s going to bring a great deal to it I think he’s perfect for this. I worked with Andrew as an actor, because he writes for television as well, and he’s a very witty writer, very sharp. I love the comic element of it, and he also has written four very well-drawn, very playable characters. I kind of hope people argue about it, I like the idea of couples going home, or to the pub, or to eat… … and having two very different takes on the play and the characters. The studio theatre where we’re doing The Meeting is a perfect space for it, I’m really pleased to be doing the play here… … and in the studio, because of its intimate feel. The audience hopefully, the way we design it, will feel that they’re in that office space with the characters. It couldn’t really be better for the play.

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