Write an online course sales page that converts like πŸ”₯

♪ [music] ♪ A sales page can turn prospects
into online course customers, or it could confuse them and scare them
away. But you don’t have to be a professional copywriter to
create an effective sales page. Here’s how to build a sales page that
converts. Writing an effective sales page is like writing great marketing copy for
any project. If you’ve already done the hard work to really understand your
audience and what they’re trying to accomplish, then the
hardest part is already finished. Now, there are plenty of great copywriting
formulas out there if you search on Google, but the one that we recommend
is the simple and straightforward PAS formula by the legendary copywriter,
Dan Kennedy. PAS stands for Problem Agitate Solution, and to use it you just
write your sales page in the following order. What is the problem that
your course solves for your students? State at the very top of your
sales page. That’s your headline. Remember, don’t worry about wordsmithing
anything, just use the words that you’ve seen your audience using to describe
their challenges. Next, A, agitate. What are the pains that this problem
causes for your prospects? List them here in the next section both as
a reminder, and a warning of what the cost of not solving the problem could be.
If you’ve been following along in the past videos, one thing you’ll notice as we
go through this sales copy is that if you’ve done the research beforehand,
you can actually repurpose a lot of the sales copy that you use from your emails
on your sales page. I know I was. I’ve always loved reading
cookbooks and browsing cooking sites, dreaming about making all the fancy dishes
they contained. But dreaming about it was where it stopped because as I read the
steps, I knew that I wasn’t going to tackle these dishes for three reasons.
My version would come out nothing like the photos in the recipe. I’d call it rustic,
but really it would just look sloppy. It would take me way,
way longer to cook than recipes said they should. It would come out wrong
because I’d see steps in the recipe that seem tedious and skip them
altogether. Butterfly the chicken. Nope. A few years ago, I was watching a cooking
show where home cooks competed to create their best dishes, which then
got judged by professional chefs. As one of the home cooks frantically
struggled to finish her dish on time, the celebrity chef judge snidely
remarked,”My three-year-old has better knife skills.” In that moment,
I realized two things. First, that either he’s a jerk,
or the producers told him to act like one. And second, that my knife skills and
although I never thought of them that way, were exactly like hers.
I have to be honest, even though they were directed at some
lady I’d never met, Michael’s comments made me feel pretty bad about myself.
Despite the fact that I liked to cook, I was a complete amateur when it came to
knife skills. Finally, the big reveal. Share the solution to the readers problem
and why they should act on it right now. I’ll always remember that
moment as the one when I decided to do something about it. And I’m glad I did.
Because it made me realize that all of those fears in the kitchen,
about my food not coming out right, about recipes taking too long,
had nothing to do with me not being a great chef, and had everything to do with
knife skills. After years of working on my knife skills and lots of trial and error,
I’m more confident in the kitchen than ever. I see recipes that call for
complicated cuts that somebody call for a brunoise? We’re chopping
huge piles of vegetables and I’ll just smile and say, “Bring it
on.” It’s made cooking at home so much more fun. And the look on my friends’
faces when they see me in the kitchen is priceless. “I didn’t know you
were a chef.” I’m not, of course, I’ve just learned to cook like one.
It may seem like a trivial thing, but I can honestly say that developing
great knife skills has changed my life and if you’ve ever been frustrated by how long
a recipe takes to make, or backed down from cooking a dish because you were
intimidated by it or felt bad that you couldn’t impress your date with a gorgeous
meal, then it can change your life too. But I’ll be honest, it took me a long time
and I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I took dozens of knife
skills classes from the local kitchenware shop to the Culinary Institute.
I read every book and watched every YouTube video I could get my hands on.
I even hired a professional chef to coach me for a day. And while I’ve learned an
incredible amount, I’ve also come to understand something.
It doesn’t have to be that complicated. Out of everything I’ve learned
only a few things, less than 10%, really matter when I step into my home
kitchen every day. All of that training was a great way to satisfy my curiosity
and perhaps prep me for the culinary career I’ll never have. But as a
home cook who just wants to be more confident in the kitchen,
it was too much. The problem is that nobody offers to teach you those few key
things and only those few key things. To really master knife skills for a home
kitchen, you either have to spend a ton of time, or a ton of money,
or both learning more than you need to and then try to parse that from
what’s truly important until now. Over the past few months,
I’ve been working on distilling those key lessons into a course that’s designed to
teach you to use a knife with confidence. No matter your current skill level,
no matter what knives you have, no matter what kind of food you want to
cook. And today, I want to share that course with you.Knife Skills 101,
Learn to Cut with Confidence
, is a five-week course that ‘ll help you
overcome any hesitation you have in the kitchen so that you can tackle
any recipe you see with confidence. Actually finish cooking recipes in the
time listed on the recipe, or often faster. And impress your
friends and loved ones with our chef-like abilities. The course
is now available and I invite you to enroll today. And there it is,
an effective sales page doesn’t have to be complicated. Just by using a simple
formula like PAS, you can create a sales page that connects deeply with your
audience. And before you launch, there are two other accessories that you
might want to consider for your sales page that can drive conversion rates up.
The first is called social proof. Social proof is a psychology concept
that’s often used in marketing. In fact, you’ve probably seen it
used more than once today. According to
Dr. Robert Cialdini, in his famous book,Influence, we view a
behavior as more correct in a given situation, to the degree that we see
others performing it. Simply put, if you want to convince someone that
something is a good idea, show them that other people think it’s a
good idea too. You’ll see this often on websites in the form of testimonials,
and client logos, and you can use it to your advantage by including
testimonials from past students who have completed your course.
Launching your course for the first time? No problem. You can still use testimonials
to get your prospective students to trust you by getting testimonials from people
who can attest to your skills even if they haven’t taken the course. Just like this.
The second sales page accessory to consider is a money-back guarantee.
This is what we call risk reversal. Risk reversal is exactly what it sounds
like. It removes the risk from buying your product. For online courses,
the most common way to do this is with a money-back guarantee.
Here’s what Joanna Wiebe, course creator and the
founder of Copy Hackers said about money-back
guarantees. I hope that these
copywriting tips show you that great copywriting
doesn’t require being a great writer. It just requires being thoughtful and
thorough. Thanks for watching. ♪ [music] ♪

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