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– If you don’t have those,
you’re not in the game. Do you understand that? If those things aren’t clear,
you’re not in the game. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. (upbeat music) Hey, welcome to The Tom Ferry Show. I’ve got two big questions for you. With the market absolutely speeding up, the interest rates normalizing, buyer demand being strong, here’s what I know. Question number one, do you want to be, in this market, the one that’s writing offers or the one that’s receiving offers? Let me give it to you again. In this market, do you
wanna be writing offers in a 250; 300,000; 500,000;
$800,000 frenzied market, or do you wanna be the gal, do you wanna be the guy
who’s receiving the offers and then sitting down with your seller and saying let’s take
a look at what we have. My friends it’s a very simple question. But what it really begs is this, how do you become more listing dominant? How do you become more listing dominant? Whether you’re a brand new agent or you’re a 35 or 40 year veteran, there are some fundamental things that we know to be true, that when you implement ’em, and I wanna make a quick note here, when you go from hey that’s common sense to common practice. Common sense to common practice. That’s the game. You know you should do it and now you finally do it. This is what I know. The question I wrote down for you again, how do we become listing dominant? Number one, how many listings did you take in 2018, 2017, 2016? And then what sources did they come from. How many listings did you take last year and the year before, five, seven, 18, 22, 107, and then what sources did they come from? Why does that matter? I wanna know what got me here and how we can exploit it, how we can do more, how we can do better as an example. And then you wanna look
at the obvious question is what are the other
sources I can add in? Now we’ve done countless
shows on this subject, so I’m not gonna just go
back through it all again, I’m gonna remind you what got you here is certainly gonna help, but it’s not gonna get
you to the next level. So what sources work? What have I done so far? What have I done so far this year? And then what do I need to add in terms of new listing
concentration to when? The second question I wrote down is do you have a goal up and visual? How many times on the Tom Ferry Show have we discussed you gotta get that wildly important goal, right? I wanna send my kids to college. I wanna save x amount of money. I wanna lose weight. Whatever it may be, you gotta get it up and visual, and you have to start
tracking and measuring it. You know we know that once
you establish the goal, I wanna take 25 listings this year, between now and the end of
the year that’s my number. And then all of a sudden
you write up 25, 24, 23, 22, all the way down to one, now all of a sudden that
visual target, right, that concentration kicks
in instantaneously. What do we know? When you get it up and visual you get a lift in your performance. When you begin to track and measure you get a serious lift in performance. At the end of the day that’s
what this is all about. Then I wrote down, obviously the last question is, what is your monthly marketing plan? Now again we’ve gone in depth
on this on the Tom Ferry Show so I’m recapping this before I get to the real point I wanna get to. Ready? How many listings you take, what sources, do you have a goal, is it up and visual? If you don’t have those,
you’re not in the game. Do you understand that? If those things aren’t clear
you’re not in the game. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Common sense to common practice. Then what’s your monthly marketing plan? What are you gonna do with your database? What are you gonna do with your farm? How many open houses? I’ve got two CEOs I’m
working with right now that will complete, in the month of April, 400 to 500 open houses a weekend. They’ve completely operationalized
their entire companies. Big shout out to Berkshire
Hathaway Georgia Properties and BH&G Rand Realty in
New York and New Jersey. They’ve completely operationalized. What are they doing? They’re sucking every possible buyer out of the market and every person that needs to sell a house before they buy the next one
out of the market place. We know it’s a no brainer. Obviously on your monthly marketing plan, are you focusing on expireds, canceled, withdrawn and other sources. The point is it’s gotta be up and visual so you know exactly what
you’re concentrating on. So that’s the foundation, you know that. You wanna receive more offers, those things have got to be in place. You want to be listing dominant, those things have to be in place. Now, here’s what I want to
talk to you about, ready? I wrote down two actions and one script. So if I was sitting with
you one on one right now, like I’ve done recently with a couple, not my personal clients, but people that have called me and said Tom, I need a little lift, I need to go to the next level, what do you recommend? You know Instagram, Facebook, people I just know just text me. I say look, two things, number one, if you
haven’t blocked out time in your schedule to prospect
it’s never gonna happen. So this is what I know, it’s the illusion of choice. If you can complete four
to six prospecting sessions of the 10 obvious prospecting
sessions every week, four to six, you’re going to do amazing. But if I don’t see in your schedule nine to 11, Monday through Friday, that’s five, four to six, Monday through Friday, that’s 10, if I don’t see
those in your calendar they don’t exist and they never get done. Look, we’ve been doing
this for a long time. Whether you’re brand new with me or you’ve been watching
my videos since 2009, if it’s not in your schedule it doesn’t exist, it never gets done. You wanna be listing dominant? Then I need to see in your calendar those 10 prospecting sessions and you need some accountability around completing four to six of them every single week. You know what happens, every time you get on the phone you shake the tree and somewhere an apple falls. And you know what I mean metaphorically, you make your phone calls and some people are just a yes, some people are lead followup and you’re nurturing them, some people are a now, it
doesn’t make a difference. You can make 25 calls,
talk to seven people, get seven no’s in a row, and then ding your phone goes off and it’s a come list me call. That is the magic you’ve gotta
keep alive in your business if you wanna be listing dominant. Now when we’re making those phone calls we know we’re focusing on getting sellers, finding the opportunities
to get the listing to receive the offers, not be the one that’s fighting to try and get your offer accepted. Remember the focus. The second thing I wrote down, again, very simple, you gotta get the goal up and visual. Take a look at this photo right here. So in 2017, one of our now
rockstar, amazing coaches and long time clients, Jason Ferris, Jason sat down with his coach and said I wanna create a massive
listing breakthrough. This coach said okay what
did you do the year before? What’s the goal? What are the sources? Let’s get it up and visual. The same exact advice
I’m giving you right now. Now you can see there he had a goal of 225 listing appointments in one year. Now you might be saying
oh my goodness, Tom, 225 appoint, that is so outside of my comfort zone. Maybe it’s 70, maybe
it’s 50, maybe it’s 105. Now as you see with the numbers, ready? He only ended up going on 205. Only 205 listing appointments. He’s in Fresno, California, he would say Fres yes, Fresno, California,
we’re not talking about a booming New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, we’re talking about a nice, beautiful place to live, right? Very moderate sales prices, hard work, roll up your sleeves,
get it in your calendar, make your phone calls,
put your focus on it, get that visual up in front of you. He failed miserably and
only got 205 appointments. 17 of the appointments
ended up canceling on him. He actually went on
188, took 143 listings. Do you remember 2017? It’s very similar to 2019 in terms of transactions and what’s
happening with the market place. Seven of those people chose another agent and 38 didn’t list that year. Now you and I both know, if we had Jason right here, and by the way, Jason is a great coach, he’s a great client, he’s
an amazing business person, he’s spoken on stage at the summit. Remember he’s the guy
that lost 100 plus pounds, like extraordinary human being, right? He said to me, Tom, when
I put that visual goal up inside my office everybody
in the office saw it. And when everybody in the
office sees the goal, right, I mean all your peers, all your buddies, your broker, the mortgage girl, when they all see it you’re only gonna get one of three responses. Some people just go eh whatever, they’re just eh all the time. Some people go yeah
let’s go you can do this, this is awesome, how can I support? Man I gotta do the same thing. But the ones that really motivate ya are the ones that are like oooh you gotta go to 225 listing appointments. And those people they drive you too. Here’s the thing, if you
wanna have a breakthrough, if you wanna be the one
receiving the offers, there is common sense that
needs to be implemented. Common sense into common practice. You gotta block the time,
four to six sessions out of the 10 every single week, automatic. If it’s not in your
calendar it doesn’t exist and I don’t care what your excuses are. I don’t care what your excuses are. If things are hard now,
try it with no money. You with me on this? We gotta dig deep, roll up our sleeves and do the work. Get it up and visual, just like Jason did, get all the prospecting in your calendar and you’re gonna kill it. Now here’s the script. What I know right now is between
80 and 100 times a month, if you’re relatively social,
if you’re doing a couple open houses, if you’re
making your phone calls, if you’re out and about, if you go watch your kid
play soccer or baseball or sports, you’re just
out socially with friends, people are gonna say
the same question to you over and over and over again, what’s the question? What’s the question you get all the time? Hey, how’s the market? Now my question for you is, when they ask that, do
you know the world famous script that I wrote in 2009? The obvious script. And I was just in Chicago, I was just in London. It doesn’t matter where I go, I say to people what do
you say when people say how’s the market? This is what I get, great, which could be the stupidest
thing on the planet to say to somebody. Somebody’s asking you for information on what’s happening in the market and your answer is great? Really? What if I’m an FHA or I’m a buyer in a low-end price range today, or I’m a seller on a really high end where the market is just
bloated with listings, is the market great for me? Or are you saying the
market’s great for you? We know the right answer is
hey you know it really depends. Are you looking to buy,
sell, invest or rent? ‘Cause in our market each one
of those is very different. Which part of the market
are you interested in? It depends. Are you looking to buy,
sell, invest or rent? In our market each one of those are very different right now. Which part of the market
are you interested in? By saying that, 80, 90, 100 times a month, do you think there’s a chance you’re gonna run into some opportunities? You and I both know the answer is yes. Now some people are
clearly just gonna ask you because they just wanna know generally like hey what’s going on? But when they’re asking that what are they really saying? What’s the value of my home? What’s the value of my
mother-in-law’s home that I’m thinking about selling? You know hey my kids are trying to get into the market place or my friend just told me
they were trying to buy and said it was really hard. There’s always something behind
that that they’re asking. So we always wanna ask
the obvious next question which is so tell me
what part of the market are you interested in? What are you thinking about? And you know taking the
time with some empathy, not ferocious sales mindset, just hey, how can I help? What’s going on? What are you thinking about? Let them talk, let them share. Maybe they just say hey I’m just kind of curious, right, we’re just friends, I’m just being polite, right? That could happen. Regardless of what they say, there are four to five questions that when you ask these questions you prove to myself and you that you truly are committed
to becoming listing dominant. Because the listing dominant agents, every one I’ve met, Nuno Gomes in Portugal, in Lisbon, right, he’s asking these questions in Portuguese. The best agents in Miami
are asking these questions and you know, ’cause you’ve been watching the Tom Ferry Show, you should know the questions I’m about to lay on you. Question number one, hey have you guys had any thoughts of selling? Have you guys had any thoughts of selling? That question is so important. And you just shut up afterwards and you just smile and you nod. Hey have you guys had
any thoughts of selling? And you know what, you’ll
see sometimes like this, like nah we love our house. Or you’ll see this, uh, which means they’ve
been thinking about it, you know it and I know it. That’s why you don’t wanna jump in. You don’t wanna be too aggressive. You wanna be soft. Hey have you guys had
any thoughts of selling? Smile, look at ’em, right? Look to both of ’em. What are you guys thinking? Have you ever had the experience where one’s going like this and one’s going like that? I mean we’ve all seen this before, that moment of self awareness when everything slows down and you’re not just doing this but instead you’re just there to discover and to serve if possible, right? So you ask that first question. Then the question I love to ask. Hey, are you living in
your dream home now? Hey, are you living in
your dream home now? Are you living in your dream home now? I don’t care who you ask, nine out of 10 times people are gonna say no, I don’t have enough bathrooms, I got too much square footage, my kids just left, my backyard’s too big, I’m tired of the stairs. There’s always gonna be something that’s gonna cause people to say no of course I want something different, I want something better, right? Even if they’ve been
there for a year or 30. Then, bonus question. Hey, at what price would
you become a seller? At what price would you become a seller? Boy, I’ll tell ya, if I were you, that question I would ask every single person in my database. At what price would you become a seller? I would log it in my CRM, I would track it, it would just be something
that was always on my mind. Hey we spoke a year ago and you told me at 395 you’d be a seller, good news, one just sold
down the street at 355, and guess what, it’s 800
square foot smaller than yours, da, da, da, da, da, that’s what you’re doing when you’re truly being a knowledge broker. You know what their
goal is, what they want. Now I’m not saying they have to move or they want to move, but you gave them a question
that they could answer. Hey, at 400 I’d move. My father-in-law, God bless his soul, passed away last year, if you asked him, right, his house in Anaheim, California, that he added onto, old school Italian, World War Two vet, he would tell me, Tom, if I could get 600,000, then the market improved to 600,000, he’s like I would get 700,000. He kept raising his number. But you know what, I don’t care if you’re talking to a brand new
first time home buyer or you’re talking to my father-in-law who was there and paid off
his mortgage 20 years ago, they’re all thinking about it. They all have a number. Then the third question. Do you know anybody who’s
thinking about selling? So I’m asking these questions, hey, do you know anybody
who’s thinking about selling? And they’re like uh my brother-in-law’s thinking about selling. Or hey, they’re having twins. Or hey, you know what their
kid just went off to college they’re empty nesters, they’re talking about getting a condo. If you ask the right questions,
being listing dominant, you’re gonna be the one
receiving the offers not writing the offers. And then the last question,
do you know anybody who tried to sell and it didn’t work out? Do you know anybody who tried to sell and it didn’t work out? So the first question is
hey, how’s the market? You know what to say now. You need to embed, I want you to tattoo it on your forehead, tattoo it on your arm, it depends are you looking to buy, sell, invest or rent? Each one of those is very
different in the market, which part of the market
are you interested in? That needs to be automatic,
every day for you. ‘Cause you’re getting it 70,
80, 90, 100 times a month if you’re relatively social. If you’re prospecting more and you’re talking to more people, and you’re doing lots of open houses, you could be getting it 150 times a month. That means people are prospecting you ’cause something about your smiling eyes, your charisma, the trust
you’re putting out there, they’re willing to ask you that question. They want to know your knowledge. You give them the right answer, you ask the open-ended question, and then you go through
have you had any thoughts of selling, are you living
in your dream home now, at what price would you
guys become a seller? Just play with me, what price
would you become a seller? Have fun with it. Do you know anybody who’s
thinking about selling? And do you know anybody who
tried to sell in the past and it didn’t work out? Now, a lot for you to think about because we talked about common sense to common practice, plus
some scripts and dialogues. I can’t wait to read your comments. The thing I want more than anything else is how many listings do you wanna take in the next 12 months? Put that in the comment and then get it up and visual, like you saw with our wonderful coach and client and friend, Jason Ferris, and so many others that
have done the same. Get it up, get it visual. Common sense to common practice. Thanks so much for watching. Have a great day. Remember always your strategy matters and now more than ever your ability to be listing dominant that’s what rules.

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