Work in Sweden without Swedish?🌎 GET A JOB ANYWHERE without a local language with

Hello everyone and welcome back to the AppJobs channel, where we talk about all the ways you can make money using your phone. Today, we’re talking about a topic that has been here before but we are actually going to go through a step-by-step on how you can work anywhere in the world without knowing the local language But before we go through the video, make sure to click on the subscribe button So you always know when we have a new video up in this channel Now after you do that, we’re good to go Finding a new job in a new city or in a new country can be a challenge, especially If you don’t speak the local language But no worries! if you’re not fluent or just moved and are looking for new opportunities to boost your wallet you can find your perfect fit with and the greatest thing about it is that you don’t have to apply with your CV and then most of the companies do not require professional experience or fluency in a local language But the requirements can vary between companies So make sure to check that out first Now most of the people nowadays speak English at some level but some of them only have basic knowledge of the language But being a native or a very good speaker in another language can actually be a very good opportunity for you to get a new job For example, if you speak Chinese you can work with a company that does business with China or you can totally become an online teacher for languages like Spanish, German, Italian, French or all the others in the world Now if you are settling down with little English knowledge Or if you just started learning the native language Or if you’re just a student passing by that doesn’t know how to speak, you can also find part-time job opportunities: Pet-sitting with platforms like paw shake, dog buddy or holy dog can be perfect for you in the meantime because you Need to know the language of love to talk with fluffy pets You also have cleaning jobs as an option You can work with companies like Helpling, TaskRabbit or for example And believe us no floors or kitchens will want to be talking to you in English You just need to do your job. You could also take some house-sitting jobs. You might need a little bit of knowledge in English Just to get the basic communication done But as soon as you get the job, you don’t need to talk to no one You’re just gonna be going to the person’s house and taking care of their plants and other animals while they’re away You can also opt for a job like a kitchen porter in the field of hospitality Or you can take a warehouse job where your strength would definitely be more important than how much of the local language you can speak You can check out companies like syft or rota for these kind of jobs and if you don’t like any of these jobs… There are more opportunities! you can take up remote freelance jobs for example, with these kind of jobs it doesn’t matter where you live. You just need to have a computer or a phone and an Internet Communication and you’re basically working from anywhere and as a digital nomad that you are you can speak in your own language And everything’s gonna be ok you can take up IT freelance jobs marketing jobs, design jobs, Virtual assistance, web development and writing jobs. Check out companies like Hubstaff talent, Up work, the one people per hour, Freelancer or codester and one last advice, if you want to improve your English skills or any other language skills You should go and check our services page. It’s gonna be linked in the description box. In the service pages You can find companies that could actually help you, teach you and give courses in those languages so you can apply to many other jobs and increase your income so make sure to check them out. That’s it for this video. Thank you so much for watching! Make sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked it. All the links are gonna be description box too – and that’s pretty much it. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye

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