Why ENFP and INFP Artists Don’t Get Paid Well (and how you can be!) #AskDan

Hey Dan here! We have a question for us ENFP and INFPs about earning a great income doing what you love – specifically around design and communication. So how do we find employers who are who are willing to pay us a living wage for pursuing the work that we’re truly great at? Iit seems like many of us INFPs and ENFPs are naturally artists and/or we’re great at using language Not many of us have a calling for engineering or programming. It’s so discouraging and alienating to feel like the culture doesn’t value what we have to give? Good question, and it is total bullsh*t. Here’s what you’re doing wrong and excuse the harsh tone, but you got to hear this… You have not figured out how to give value using your artistic abilities your language abilities or design abilities. I was working as a freelance copywriter Earning over $100 or 100 euros an hour working with clients at the time. I was living all over the world in Costa Rica, in Italy, in Spain, and clients in countries all over the world were paying me this rate to write for them and that is because I figured out how to give value using my artistic ability. So you’re totally right, if you look at these standard income guides for jobs, like when you’re finishing University, and you look and they say okay, if you become a computer programmer you’ll earn this, and if you become an engineer you’ll learn this, and if you become a painter you’ll learn, “Oh God, I’d earn more at McDonald’s.” You know those kind of charts… Totally true the average wage is less, and there’s a few reasons for that. One is that engineering and programming are in huge demand and there is a shortage in most countries right if you are a good programmer, you are in very high demand and that is because so many things require programming now, right? Engineering as well. The thing is, though, is I think why a lot of artists earn less is because – and I use artists but basically I mean someone working with language or with design, with visual stuff – is It’s the personality type like an ENFP or an INFP We’re also not great at conflict And we don’t like to sort of disagree with people or say no. So if you imagine that Negotiation process when it comes to how much you’re going to earn most ENFPs an INFP screw it up. We don’t ask for enough. We don’t demonstrate our value. We sort of just want to be agreeable and people-pleasers. And that’s where we can screw a lot of things up with that. Here’s how you can actually earn a lot of money in these trait. Look at your end client, who you’re working with and ask yourself how you can give them the most value, and I’ve made other videos on this topic of giving value. It’s a really important concept. You need to understand. Not only if you’re going to work for yourself, which as you know I encourage you to do – Get a, you know, your own business. Jobs or for suckers, usually. Not always – some jobs are great. But even if you are an employee or you want to be an employee, learning this concept of value will change everything for you, okay? So a very simple version of it, and this is not the complete one, but if you look at your client, or your employer Think about how much money does my work make them or save them. Or am I just sort of a requirement? And so a really good example of this is if you look at accounting and I know we’re not talking about accounting here But you have different types of accountants if you are an accountant who is just doing the bare minimum that a company has to Do in order to meet regulations? You’ll be paid a certain amount and it will be lower because you’re not earning that company money You’re not saving the money you just have to be there because the government requires that they have an accountant you could look at HR right human resource people is the same way if you work in human resources and you’re just there because there’s regulations and rules if anything you’re pain in the ass for the executives and the management you’re going to earn the bare minimum They have to pay you that the market demands because they don’t want you there They have to have you there to meet different regulations about you know sexual harassment or discrimination or whatever You know the rules are in the local country if you are an HR person and You are a master of motivation and you go to a company And you help their employees be 20% more productive you lower sick days you would you lower employee turnover? So less people are quitting employees are staying at that company longer you put in all these team-building and training programs So everyone is working harder and happier guess how much they’re gonna pay you a lot right same as accounting if you are an accountant and you become really strategic and you learn how to save your Employer money you learn about tax strategies you learn about different ways to balance interest or you know delay payments to providers and all that and you make your company more money guess how much they’ll pay you a Lot more so if you’re going to be in a field like writing like design The way you can earn a lot of money if you’re an employee or you’re working with clients is figure out how they earn their money and put yourself between the money and Them in a position where you can increase that amount of money that goes to them so if you are a designer Look at ways. You can study user experience so you work for maybe an e-commerce store And you help them have more conversions or a higher average checkout price So what that means is if someone goes to Amazon and? The on average of visitor to Amazon spends $10 well Amazon spends probably billions of dollars at least tens of millions figuring out how they can turn that average price of $10 into $12 because that has a massive impact on their business, right There’s something called conversion rate if you look at a website and You say one in 20 people who goes to that website buy? Something that would be a five percent conversion rate if you learn how to improve that through design or through words Then that customer gets an eight percent conversion rate guess how much they’re gonna pay you I should say your client gets an eight percent conversion rate guess how much they’ll pay you a Lot because you’re making more money so the problem that happens a lot is people study more of an art field like writing or Design, and they go to companies And they want to talk about art from an ego point of view right there that little pompous liberal art student Who thinks that they know everything when they’re 23, and they have whatever knowledge of design? And they don’t think about the company they don’t they try to impress their peers they try to have the most original design or unique layout or unique writing style where they use the biggest words they can to show how smart they are and all of that sucks in a business context the designs that tend to make the most money whether it’s for a book cover or a Website or packaging are the ones that follow trends and follow best practices the writing that sells the most Uses simple language because a lot of the world English is their second language a lot of the world has a small vocabulary so if you write trying to impress everyone with your English literature degree Guess what no one is gonna read it no one is gonna buy and your customer or your client? I should say will fire you because your work won’t be giving any value so That is how you earn a lot of money? Pursuing a more artistic field now. There’s other ways you can do it in terms of creativity making your own products like writing your own books or designing your own clothing or painting and then selling those paintings and all that but from the point of view like you asked as being an employee or Being like a freelancer that is how you do it You look at how to give the most value so your clients can make more money You help them do that and you will be paid really well The last thing I will say is figure out how to give this value make it clear to your clients that you’re giving it So sort of find a way to demonstrate that and then you do of course have to learn to stand up for yourself or demand Or should not say demand But negotiate a good wage and all that and I would say a living wage should not be your sight Why don’t we take living wage and double it as a starting point and then go for there? Thanks for watching if you’ve enjoyed this. I have a lot more videos longer ones on entrepreneurship on giving value and how to build a business I’ll link to those here as well and Also videos all my confidence negotiation all these things. Thanks for watching catch in a video soon

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