What to do when a freelance project stalls – 51 Being Freelance Weekly Vlog

– I’ve got a feeling, this
week will seem really short. (relaxing music) It’s the last few days
before the Easter holidays. So plenty to crack on with. (upbeat music) Feeling kind of rubbish
today, you know like, when you get a scratchy
throat and your eyes go, and you can just feel that
you’ve got a cold coming. Yeah I just feel a bit out of sorts and I’m the guest on a podcast in exactly and hour from now. So. (spoon stirring in glass) Just trying to perk myself
up a bit with one of these. (upbeat music) So I was just chatting
to a client actually who I worked right at
the beginning of 2015 and they have come back to me wanting to sort of re-edit some of that footage. Yeah it was really nice
to chat to her actually, That was good. And funnily enough, also
I’ve just had an email in from another old client.
Might even be the same year. A client out in Dubai looking to do a new video and can I be involved
in that as well, so yeah. (laughs) Just sitting here feeling
like I’m full of cold and work trickling in. It’s quite nice. (electronic music) (mumbling) That was such a nice chat,
it’s the Parentpreneur podcast. I don’t know when it comes out but, Alexa? Turn off the dining room light, please. Ale- (sighs) [Alexa] Okay. – Take your time, love. Thank you. I am really running late to pick up the kids. (laughs) I’ve left the car at school so I’ve got no choice but to run. Lovely school run. (car door opens) My wife isn’t very well
today, so she is at home. But other than that, it’s a normal day. (electronic music) So this task is also subject to VGDPR. Been churning through
loads of emails today and also getting on top of blog feedback. Yeah, a while ago I talked about how I was working with a writer to produce content for the
Being Freelance website. The first one went brilliantly and since then we’ve been kind of stalled, but I realise now that
it was totally my fault so she has produced
maybe three blog posts, none of which have been published because I haven’t given feedback and I know that the reason
I’ve not given feedback is because what I was trying to do was almost rewrite them, instead of saying, “how
about this, that or that.”. I was trying to rewrite
them which is crazy. (laughs) Like I don’t know what I was thinking of. I must’ve been so frustrating for her. Anyway, she has different ways of working with different clients and she said, “well how
about we try this way,” and so going forward she’s going to send me
an outline for a post, at which point I can give
my feedback and suggest. Guests from the podcast who would be good as quotes for that beyond the
ones that maybe she’s found because obviously I know (mumbles) And then from that, she can then go away and write the blog post. (slaps head) (laughs) Such a good idea. And I think we both now feel relieved that we’ve figured that out. But yeah, it just goes to show that sometimes if something isn’t working between you and your client, maybe you need to try and
figure out what that is and find a just a
different way of working. It doesn’t mean that
maybe that client is bad i.e. I was bad. So it might be a matter of communication. It could be a matter of deadlines. It could be about the actual process, as we’ve just found out. So yeah, it’s just worth bearing in mind but, I reckon that’s going to fix it and it’ll all be good going forward. So done that. Done some voice over stuff. And now, heading into school early. Sorry, I know its a good look. Heading into school early
because it’s school play day. I bought snacks. (electronic music) Thursday. As if my work days weren’t short enough, because its the last day
before the Easter holidays, the kids finish school today at two. Yeah, today I’ve got videos
to edit, a haircut to get, some packing to do because
we are going to go away. Pick the kids up, double play date. Drop the cat at the cattery. (electronic music) So, Suzie and I are just going through the slides for the Word
Camp talk I’m doing. Remember, I was questioning whether or not I should do it myself or hire a designer to do it for me. I am so glad I hired a designer. Because of, even what goes
on in the screen behind you is like a representation
of your own standards and what you are, right. Yeah, they’ve done a cracking job and now I’m uploading it into Google. What’s this? GoogleSlides? (whistles) Please work, please work, please work. Yes. Ah yes! Suddenly its two o’clock and
the Easter holidays commence. (upbeat music) (mumbling) (mumbling) (laughs) (mumbling) (mumbling) The weather may have been rubbish. (laughs) But it’s been so good to get away and the thing is, actually, this is just the beginning
of the Easter holidays. (upbeat music)

2 thoughts on “What to do when a freelance project stalls – 51 Being Freelance Weekly Vlog

  1. Thanks Steve! Am giving my first ever talk next week (inspired by your previous vlog) and was just trying to work out how to create it – Google Slide it is then! Keep up the great work.

  2. A friend of mine specializes at slide design so it seems a great idea to hire somebody to do that for you. I have hard time with that though as mine are often too technical and I tweak them too long (up until I'm going on stage)… maybe I should stop that and prepare well in advance 😉

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