What teachers say about Stile’s lesson content

I’m writing up units for next year,
and it looks as though Stile has taken my idea of what a good curriculum is and put
it into some nice bite-sized chunks and then all I have to do is put the chunks
together. The content coverage [is] very strong across the curriculum, lined up
with the Australian Curriculum I also like how it’s set out logically, very logically. They have
each section, you follow it through… You get to the end and it’s got a
scientist working in the field… And for girls, it’s great that there’s
actually a lot of women in there as well. I like the pracs. It kind of steps them
through writing up a prac report. You don’t have to do each one formally. I loved how it gave a
real-world context for what we were doing, and I felt that was something that
was missing in my teaching. The Stile lessons are really well structured and
provide the teacher with lots of scope and variety, so you can pick and choose
different concepts. They are my textbook replacement but they’re also open-ended enough
for the kids to be able to achieve at their own level. This is the way that it should be done. That’s as simple as I can make it.

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