What Shazam’s Weird Post-Credits Character Means for the DCEU! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

– What Shazam’s weird
post-credits character means for the DC Cinematic Universe. Shazam hit theaters this weekend, and it looks like DC has finally captured lightning in a bottle. (lightning explodes) A oh! Fans of the character and newcomers alike have all come on board
for the lighthearted, family-focused superhero comedy. In addition to being a solid origin story full of heart and humor, there were also a number of DC references sprinkled throughout the
film, a la Freddy Freeman’s extensive T-shirt collection
and hero memorabilia. But there was one comics
references in particular that has movie goers saying, what the (beep)? (laughing) Before we get into all of that, we’re going to get pretty
spoilery with Shazam, so just say the word
and get on out of here if you don’t want to be spoiled. Spoiler alert (bomb explodes) (laughs) Still here, great. You might remember a certain
cameo at the end of Shazam and, no, we don’t mean superman’s although that was pretty awesome. No, we’re talking about Shazam’s
first post-credit scene. If you remember, there was a
moment early on in the film where the camera lingers on a glass case in the Rock of Eternity, which has a bright caterpillar
contained within it. Later, we see the glass broken
with the caterpillar missing. At first, it’s assumed
this would be a plot point further on in the film. However, the moment isn’t paid off until the post-credits scene where we see the defeated villain, Doctor Sivana, sans magic, scribbling away on the walls of his prison cell, trying to reactivate
his powers via symbols. We then hear a voice
and the camera pans to that caterpillar we saw before, who is speaking through a voice box. Guess what? If you were scratching
your head about this one, you are not alone. Who is this creepy crawler, and what’s his significance
in the greater DC Universe? Well, this is the classic
Shazam villain, Mister Mind. Mister Mind is pretty much exactly what he looks like in the film, an evil, extremely intelligent
caterpillar/worm from Venus, who wears glasses and uses a
modulator to amplify his voice. Because comics. He made his voice only comics debut in 1943 in Captain Marvel
Adventures number 22. Then getting his full body appearance in Captain Marvel Adventures number 26. For those not in the know, Shazam used to go by the
name of Captain Marvel, but now just goes by Shazam
for very obvious brand reasons. In the comics, Mister
Mind is notably the leader of the Monster Society of Evil, one of first villain team-ups. We even get another reference
to this society in Shazam when Billy and all of his foster siblings are opening various doors while
trying to escape the lair, when one door opens to reveal
crocodiles playing cards. In the various comics
iterations of Shazam, these crocs are typically
in cahoots with Mister Mind and the Monster Society. The inclusion of Mister Mind
and his reptilian friends in the film was due to
director David Sandberg who chatted with Polygon
about the characters. He’s just so fun, I mean, you have this evil genius mastermind, but
he’s in the body of a little outer space worm, it’s just hilarious. That was something I absolutely
wanted to have in the movie. Sandberg even helped to bring
these characters to life providing the voice for Mister Mind and wearing the crocodile suit, so clearly Sandberg is invested in continuing these characters and the more magical implications of the Shazam universe in future films. Polygon also talked to Shazam
screenwriter Henry Gayden, who discussed the inclusion of mysticism and potential sequels. There are seven realms. There’s Mister Mind and all the villains are really steeped in magics. I think to ignore that would be a mistake. Gayden also talked about the
other magical teases in Shazam, specifically Shazam’s
shapeshifting pal, Tawky Tawny, who can turn into a tiger and is briefly referenced when Shazam gives a little girl a stuffed
animal tiger to protect her. However, right out of the gates, I think introducing a talking tiger might have been a misstep. Now that we have some latitude, and maybe people on board
with the world of magic, maybe you could have one. A flying rabbit, who knows? The flying rabbit he’s referring to is Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, Shazam’s friend who is a
magical rabbit that can talk. It sounds like there’s
definitely more magic coming to the DC Cinematic
Universe and a lot more monsters. The Monster Society of Evil
has a number of villains and with Shazam giving the Shazam family their own grown-up superhero identities, there’s definitely a possibility
that the next Shazam film could adapt a recent comic storyline from Shazam the Monster Society of Evil, which would give each
member of the Shazam family their own individual villain from the Monster Society of Evil to fight. And speaking of villains, were there any other
baddies teased in Shazam? We think there was an offhand
reference to Black Adam when the wizard says he once gave his powers to somebody else. However, we’re guessing
DC will wait to introduce its Black Adam, long rumored
to be played by The Rock. For now it seems the Shazam
franchise is more concerned with playing up the fun and magic of the character and his world. In any case, we’re excited to
see where Shazam goes next. But what do you folks think? Were you surprised to see
Mister Mind in Shazam? What other magical elements are you hoping to see in future films? And what other OC alum
do you think should join the DC Cinematic Universe next? Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching. Be sure to like, subscribe,
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