What Script are You Following?

– Hey there, it’s Michael. Well this week I am up
in beautiful Nova Scotia. It’s absolutely gorgeous
as you can see, today. Sun’s out. But if you’ve been
following me on Facebook, you know so far the weather
this week, no bueno. I’m up here for a charity
bike ride adventure, and it’s reminding me of when I
first fell in love with cycling. Back then, I thought my bike
could take me any place. I could go places without my parents. I thought that was so cool. I had independence to
discover and explore. And I feel the same way today
about cycling and my bike. But there was a time in
my life when I started to believe I had to go
down a certain road. Follow a certain script if you will. Go down the path that
everyone else is going down. The tried and true. And I stopped exploring. I stopped discovering. In a lot of ways, I lost my independence. But I’ve learned over the
years that you don’t have to follow the same old
script that everyone else does. In many ways those old scripts, the ones that the “gurus” shared with us, and said do this, not that. Well they’ve created many
of our challenges today. And what I’ve learned through
my last bad day recovery, is that regardless of where
you are age wise or that stage in your career, you can shift your script. You can reclaim how
you felt when you first felt independence. Do you remember that day? For me it was that day
off of training wheels for the first time. Well, today you can
write a different script. And you can start living
life on your own terms. That’s always a choice that you have. And yes, there are corporate
and societal norms that you have to be mindful of…so, but that doesn’t mean that
you have to lose yourself in them. It doesn’t mean you
have to give up on you. So along the way if you
find yourself grinding it out on your hamster wheel, I’m here to share, you
can get off of it now. Maybe you want to get back to nature, or reintroduce you to you, and rewrite that script,
shift your script if you will. Well until next week! Scroll down, say hello, and as always I hope you have fun storming the castle! We’ll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Michael! And I'd love to know what your t-shirt says. All I could see is "Better Living Through…" Through what? Don't leave us hanging!

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