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Hey! Dan here and in this video we’re
going to talk about what motivates an ENFP or another way to look at it is how
to set goals as an ENFP how to determine the things you want to have happen in a
way that will actually be motivating for you and therefore you’ll be more likely
to actually achieve now. Full disclaimer: I am NOT claiming to be an expert at
achieving goals or anything like that. There are a lot of pieces of paper
scribbled around my apartment from over the years that have not been achieved
but I want to share what has worked for me as well as what hasn’t. So one of the
things that has not worked for me is setting goals based on numbers. You know
I want to earn X dollars like ten thousand dollars per year or per year
that would be pretty easy ten thousand dollars per month as a goal I remember
that was my goal oh and I was 23 or 24 which is sort of picking a number right
this is what I want to earn or the other way of setting them is around like these
big impact numbers people do like I want to impact 1 million people or I want 1
billion people to watch my videos that sort of stuff for me I’ve never found
that is really that motivating or that that it actually works out now what 1/2
pound is really likely to succeed for me in terms of setting goals are things
about experiences or big changes and specifically anything that involves
people and an impact in that way tends to work a lot better for me so if I look
back at some goals I set in my early 20s and I’m in my 30s now the ones that I
had set that were based on just earning X amount of money or buying this car or
this sort of thing which I thought was what I wanted but really wasn’t but you
know that was the influence as I had at that stage in my life when I look at
those I rarely would actually achieve those because they’d look good on paper
but it wasn’t what I really wanted where if I look at the things that are
experience based or like go live in this city or go visit this friend in this
country or become a big brother or you know these sorts of things those almost
always happened because well a couple of
reasons one is in some ways they are easier to make happen at least for me I
know there’s a lot of people who make a lot of money and could never bring
themselves to move to a new city or go travel or whatever but for me I always
found them easier because you can make one big decision so buy a plane ticket
you know sell all your furniture that sort of thing and then make that big
change but I think more importantly the motivation for me and I think for most
if not all enfps is around people we love to help other people or create
experiences or stories for them or contribute to other people in a way of
you know visiting them somewhere or creating this great event that they get
to experience or making a change in their lives this is a very common thing
I hear from other enfps like my coaching clients is sometimes they’re earning a
lot of money but their motivation is never the money it’s about the impact
it’s about connecting with people it’s about creating something so this is the
other element for enfps is we generally like to create things and that means
following a script following like you’ll see ads online for these business in a
box like follow the 12 step blueprint and blah blah blah right that is not
going to work very well for an ENFP because we like to create something new
original it doesn’t have to be some work of art but we’d rather have a challenge
and something that we actually are working on and making something that’s
new than just following sort of a script or a routine that we do the same thing
every day and every day and so stepping back if you’re looking at the two goals
or two sorry things to base your goals off of I would look at people and your
connection with them in the actual moment so let’s say you’re locked away
in a laboratory and you’re saying I want to impact 10,000 people and you’re doing
work and you give your work to someone and they share it with 10,000 people
that’s not going to be as motivating as if you
or working directly with ten people or 20 people where you actually have that
human interaction element that’s going to be I think the most important part of
it where you actually have that direct connection with other people it doesn’t
mean you can’t also influence 10,000 people or a hundred thousand people or
whatever your work can touch many people but having that interactive element with
people directly is going to be really important and then the second part is
can you be creating something or doing something where there at the very least
is a challenge for you if it’s really easy work if it’s repetitive if there’s
not a lot of risk of failing it’s going to be really hard to motivate yourself
at least that’s been my experience I found that something that in theory
should be really easy take a couple hours if it’s too easy I almost can’t do
it might take me ten hours to do because I’ll procrastinate it because there’s no
challenge there there’s nothing on creating where something that should be
extremely difficult will actually be easy for me because it’s challenging and
it energizes me and I get excited about it and that makes the whole thing a lot
more fun and then that experience is actually easy and I get a lot more work
done and yada-yada-yada right and so if you’re looking at your goals I would say
look at these two elements is it related to people are you going to get some kind
of feedback from what you’re doing and is it challenging enough are you
actually doing something that’s going to excite you and energize at you and I
think if you apply these two things to setting goals and I guess it is around
New Year’s now so probably a good time to look at setting some goals I think if
you’re going to apply these two things you’ll find that it becomes a lot easier
to achieve your goals and also the process will be a lot more fun that’s it
for now thanks for watching if you’ve enjoyed this be sure to subscribe to the
channel and catch you in some other videos soon thanks for watching

23 thoughts on “What REALLY Motivates an ENFP To Achieve Their Goals? – Dreams Around The World

  1. The sound is very familiar to me because I'm having the same experience right now and thanks for sharing to create clarity.

  2. thanks a lot for making these videos..you became one of my favorite youtubers 💕 i really appreciate your effort please keep it up it truly helps me understanding more my personality and how to be the best version of myself..thank you so much 👏👏

  3. So true. I almost think I need to be a bit scared about my goals, in a good way, because otherwise I’m just not excited about them! If it feels safe, there’s no element of risk, and I’m not pushed out of my comfort zone it feels boring to me and I kind of think what’s the point!

  4. Hey Dan,
    I'm an ENFP type and I loved your message again! It helps clarifying what's important to me and try to focus on what I really want.
    Where it specifically helps me with, is to stick my goals to the human interaction element and to element of creating something challenging. While many people around me try to put me back in a work position where I have the working experience, but which is not motivation to me at all!

    Thanks and keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next video's.

  5. So works when you're in high school surrounded by people who actually de motivate you and you lack the interactive element required..
    Is there no other way?

  6. I completely agree. Motivation is definitely something that comes from being around people. I am currently living alone and honestly it's like the worst thing I've done to myself. It's nice because I'm going to school and can focus on my classes, but I get sad and depressed sometimes. I need someone I can debrief with on a daily (end of the day) basis. And then instead of doing my homework, I wind up on YouTube and find awesome channels like yours. Lol.

  7. Goals??? Who can decide? Throw it at me, life! If it fits good, I'll do it. Hahaha.. Goals…
    Hhhhh I wish.

  8. This rings true to me Dan. I am an ENFP and find it hard to find motivation in quantitative goals. I was in sales for 2 years and when we'd get together for sales team meetings for motivation I always got annoyed and demotivated when the discussion of "meeting a monetary sales goal" came up. Far more motivating to me to take on a challenging project where I can collaborate with others to accomplish it.

    I spend a lot of solitary time currently working on engineering/administrative work for a medical device company. Highly regulated and procedural. Gah! The opposite of what I should be doing.

    Thanks again for your insights!

  9. i'm a ENFP and this is "story of my life" for real 😱, i allways felt theres somekind of piece missing in my life and this makes so much sense, thats why i allways feel most happiest when there's people involved and i can make an impact! 🤗😇thank u so much 🤓💕

  10. I'm INFJ and I have same problems with setting goals. What makes it's all difficult is, that I can predict (due to my ultra effective intuition) what will be beneficial or effective and what's not. I don't have the "exploring fun" mode. INFJs always struggle with goals, because setting them unveils our limitations and inabilities, which is… painful. I'm not sure how to explain it.
    We are 0-1 thinkers. I won't start learning playing piano just for fun. If I decided to learn laying piano it's because I'm "obsessed" with the idea of became a great piano player. If I know I am not skilled enough to become a master pianist – I won't even start learning.
    I guess it's because we often grow up in families, when perfectionism is the only option and we are not allow to just explore. It's always : wasting time, wasting monet, wasting effort, wasting…. etc.etc.etc. I guess ENFPs are in their childhood highly encouraged by their parents to explore and simply to have fun. I could bet most of INFJs come from families with high level of toxic behaviours, where children get parentified so they are expected to behave like adults…. . To be honest, if I met one of you, ENFPs, I would be scared that I won't know what to do with you, because I don't know how to 'have fun' and I'm deadly scared to 'have fun'. I'd expected rejection for being unable to be entertaining person.

  11. If you're on the same page about goal setting you're going to LOVE this video on pursuing your passion as an ENFP, and why it actually pays a lot better than getting a job you don't like: https://youtu.be/Et79lGFXx7I

  12. thanks for all those thoughts and tips but I cant really think of an actual job that satisfies all those requirements

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