What Does Millennial Late Night Writer Karen Chee Know: MC Hammer, Thigh Masters

One of our writers, Karen,
is 24 years old. To give you an idea
of how young that is, the same year I joined
the cast of “SNL,” Karen joined a taekwondo class
for first graders. As a result,
she has a much different frame of reference
than a lot of us. So we thought we’d find out
exactly what Karen knows about the past in a segment
called “What Does Karen Know?” ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Hey.
-Welcome back, Karen. -Hi. Yeah.
-I always enjoy this so much. I’m going to show you a photo, and you’re going to try
to tell us what or who it is. -Okay.
-Are you ready? -I’m ready.
-Okay. -[ Gasps ] Oh. Um…
Okay. It’s a person who dressed up
to look like the thing he won. A costume for Halloween? -You think — No, it was not —
This is — This is — I’ll give you
the first two initials. -Okay.
-M.C. -Hammer.
-Yeah! [ Cheers and applause ] He — He designed
his own line of pants. Those are called Hammer pants.
-Okay. -And he was a forerunner of the
#MeToo movement because he was very insistent that
you should not touch this. -I see what you did.
And I like it. -You like it.
-Yeah, that was cool. [ Laughs ] Oh, my God. Okay. It’s clearly called My Buddy.
-Okay. -And it couldn’t —
-Good job, guys. -Oh, is it actually called
My Buddy? -Yeah. -Is it a haunted doll?
-No. This is actually supposed to be a friendly toy
that you would play with. -Oh.
-And, yeah, it had a song. It was on — There were
commercials all the time. ♪ My buddy, my buddy ♪ ♪ Wherever he goes,
I’m gonna go ♪ Or something like that.
I don’t know. But, yeah,
but then they had to — They recalled it because
it kept murdering people. [ Laughter ] -Did you have one?
-I didn’t have a My Buddy. -Okay.
-Yeah. Um… -That’s too bad.
-Yeah. I mean, I asked. [ Laughter ] What’s that? -Oh. Well, it’s not what
I initially thought it was. -Well, instead — “Karen
After Dark,” we’re gonna — -Okay. It’s something to make
your inner thighs stronger? -Yes! Now, what would you
call a product that makes your inner thighs
stronger? -Stronger Thighs! Thigh Man. -Thigh Man is very close.
-Oh. -Thigh — First two letters
of that are right. Thigh M-A… -Thigh Madam? -Thigh Madam? -Thigh. Thigh…
-Thigh mas… -Master? -Yeah!
-Wow. -Very good.
-I got it. -And the key to the Thigh Master
was you had to use it in an all-white room
with a white chair. -Very cool, very cool.
-Very cool, very cool. Who dat? -Um, uh, somebody
who did a bad thing. But also depending on how
this photo was taken, maybe he was married? -Married? -In case it was like a flip —
It’s his wedding ring? Never mind. Forget I said it.
-All right. So, you know how this is — So this doesn’t mean
anything to you? -Um, I mean, no.
-Okay. -In the ’90s, this person was
known by 75% of all Americans. Isn’t that crazy? -George W. Bush. [ Laughter ] Sorry. ’90s.
George H.W. Bush. -Yeah.
-Yes. Thank you. -Right. No, yeah. That’s right. So you know how sometimes
you have a house guest and they’re really irritating?
-Yes. -Well, sometimes you’re the
house guest and the people you’re staying with
are the problem. -Did he murder somebody? -No, he’s —
His name was Kato Kaelin. And he — he was a house guest
for a football player. -Oh. -And that’s all you need to know
because, uh… I feel like
there are certain things your generation
doesn’t need to hear about. -Okay.
-All right. Is it my turn? -Yes, it’s your turn.
-Okay. -I’m going to show you stuff
that you haven’t seen. -There you go. Or maybe I have.
I’m cool and young. -Um, okay. I just forgot.
You sign my paychecks. You’re so cool, so young. Okay. Do you know what this is? -Well, those are sneakers.
-Yes. -Oh, but they have
that roller thing. So they’re, like, skate shoes? -Yeah! Do you know
what they’re called? -Um, Thigh Masters.
-Yes! They’re called Heelys.
-Heelys. -Yeah.
-Oh, that’s really cool. Yeah. -They’re really awesome.
-Were you good? Did you have a pair of Heelys?
-I did have a pair of Heelys. I really wanted them
in first grade. And my parents made me wait
until I was in second grade, because I was very small
for my size. -But it seems to me Heelys would
be better if you were small, ’cause then if you fell down,
you’d be closer to the ground. -Oh. That’s actually
a really good point. -I’d be a better parent
than your parents. -Yeah, that’s fair.
Okay, the next one is — Do you know who that is? -Um —
-Wow. They know. -People know. I mean, I — You know, I — I mean, I don’t know
the context of this. I’m going to assume
it’s a penguin. I mean, I know that much.
-Yes, absolutely. -I don’t know why — Yeah.
-Why he’s there. -Why you would need
to have this. -Okay. First off,
because it’s awesome. -Okay. Is it a toy? -I actually don’t think
they ever made merch for it. But basically it’s part of this
website called Club Penguin. -Okay.
-And you can go on and hang out. And you can have
your own penguin and then play a lot of games
and then chat with strangers. -Wow.
-Yeah. -So it seems like
a gateway to abduction? -Yeah! That’s pretty much it. -And what’s his name?
What’s this penguin’s name? -Well, you get to name
your own penguin. -Gotcha. Did you do this?
-I did, yeah. -What was your penguin’s name?
-Mine was supposed to be Margot. But I forgot the “R”,
so it was just Magot. And I couldn’t change it. -And what grade were you in
when you were rocking Magot? -Well, I was too old.
I was in, like, eighth grade. [ Laughter ] -So you were on wheelies,
being a cool-ass dude when you were in second grade.
-Yes. -And then you just plummeted.
-I truly — Yeah, I peaked. I also skateboarded
in fourth grade. -Oh, my gosh.
So you were like, active, active,
virtual penguins. -Yeah.
-Thank you so much. That’s Karen, everybody. This has been
“What Does Karen Know?”

100 thoughts on “What Does Millennial Late Night Writer Karen Chee Know: MC Hammer, Thigh Masters

  1. I want you to know that I had totally forgotten about Kato Kaelin, and now I have all that back… Thank you Seth… 😒

  2. This is the only right way to play generational guess games. Every other one I’ve seen has been condescending and had a “laughing at” rather than “laughing with” vibe.

  3. I must be so uncool because I knew neither of the things from either Karen or Seth this time around 😂 and I’m a millennial (apart from the skate shoes which I refuse go call heelies my little cousin had them for a bit)

  4. Well this time I knew all of the things Seth had to show, but no idea on the Karen stuff. Oh well, still love this segment and Karen is adorable.

  5. Things Karen should show Seth:
    Teenage mutant ninja turtles
    Polly pocket
    Pixel chix
    Beanie babies
    Bop it
    Troll dolls
    Cabbage patch dolls
    Hippity hop / space hopper
    Care bears
    Arthur tv show
    Courage the cowardly dog
    Barney and friends
    Bear in the big blue house
    Goosebumps books/tv
    The magic school bus

  6. Seth: I'm cool and young.
    Millennial: Ok (boomer)… Sorry. I just forgot you sign my paychecks. You are so cool and young.

    I couldn't remember (the word) heelies.

    She's two years younger than me and I feel like that makes a BIG difference!

    "Chat with strangers."
    "Gateway to abduction."

    I had club penguin when I was in high school. (Not obsessed, but checked it out.)

    "Active. Active. Virtual penguin."

  7. Compare this to Ellen's recent video making fun of a teen for not knowing how to use obsolete technology… I like that Seth makes it fair by giving Karen a chance to poke fun at him back

  8. I love being the same age as Karen because I get to play along! This is my favorite segment on any late night show!

  9. I’m 23 and I recognized MC Hammer, the thigh master, heelies (my mom got me a pair then sold them when I got in trouble when I was in 2nd grade), and club penguin (which I also loved). This was the first time I didn’t understand some of Seth’s jokes! Especially his last one (he looks familiar but I’m not sure from where); could an older millennial or gen x-er please explain?

  10. This is really funny because the stuff that Karen shows isn't new, it's just things that Seth's age group wouldn't pay attention to when hers did lol

  11. I love this but she never knows his stuff, yet I'm younger than her and know all of them. Also club penguin did have merch.

  12. This segment is a delight. It is almost definitely how political disagreements between members of a different generation should be resolved.

  13. I don't get it, I'm one year older than karen and I'm NOT EVEN FROM USA and I know most of the things seth asks (!)

  14. Technicallly she is barely a millenial…. , millenials born in the early 80's know a lot of references past and present. So now i realize how innacurate this segment is.

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