Web Design For Writers: Author Kathleen Glassburn Shares Her Experience With Web Design For Writers

Hi I’m Kathleen Glassburn I’ve been with Writer’s
Relief since about 2006 this is my writing buddy Darby he spends a lot of time in the
computer room with me I first went to Writer’s Relief because I wanted help with the submission
process it takes so much time researching journals and I wanted someone else to step
in there and tell me where can I send these stories they’ve done a wonderful job of that
they always pick out journals that appreciate the way I write and I’ve had a lot of stories
published in addition to that I have a really hard time with with self-promotion I think
this is a common attitude for a lot of writers Writer’s Relief has really helped me with
regard to this I get telephone calls every few months when I talk to my team and I get
a lot of encouraging advice from them on different things that I can do to put myself out there
most important thing I think that we’ve done together they built a website for me www.kathleenglassburn.com
I’m still using this website and with each new publication I add to it I think that it
has been a great help for me in an easy way to get my work out there as I said I particularly
appreciate the telephone meetings that we have the encouragement that I consistently
get from my team members and the feeling that they are in this with me they want my success
every bit as much as I do thank you so much Writer’s Relief

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