Wayback Machine Helps Recover Lost Blog Content

Are you offering guest posts on your blog? If you are I want to give you a heads up
about something that happened to me before and how you can avoid it. A couple years ago a had this really
great guest author on my blog and his name is
Glen Andrews – shout out to Glen wherever you are – he wrote this fantastic post about content writing and as you can see and I haven’t seen Glen around for a
while but take note to these places where you’ll see broken images. So when I noticed it this
morning because I wanted to actually link to this post it was shared a couple of hundred times even got Stumbled over five hundred
times so I know this post is still in circulation and I
like to link to it because it’s really a quality piece of content. So I went over to his
blog I noticed that his blog is offline! If that ever happens to you there’s a tool I want to tell you about
that’s called the Wayback Machine. Now this is an archive that has been pulled of everyone’s blog and
it’s from archive.org, but what you wanna do is post in the exact link for that blog
post and then click on history. Now let’s go
back to a previous version of the blog. We’ll go back to 2014 and let’s just pick July 4th and
let’s hope that the images appear. Wow I had a whole different theme back then It’s interesting to go back into the
Wayback Machine isn’t it? Now let’s scroll down and we’re in luck! The images are there so now all I need to do is download these images and re-upload them into the blog post. So now you know about the Wayback Machine and let me just give you another tip. From now on I get my guests authors to always send those images. This way I won’t have
to worry about guest authors whose blogs go down or if they suddenly decide to stop blogging
on their domains become inactive, you will have those images on your blog. So you should
always host your images even when you have guest post. Be sure to head over to the 2015 version of Basic Blog Tips or whatever year you’re watching this video.
And you can also sign up for some the courses that we have you’ll see the link up at the top of the page I’ll talk to you guys soon its Ileane from Basic Blog Tips dot com PEACE!

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