Voice Dream Writer App Review

Hi! This is Betsy with BridgingApps.
Today I’m going to tell you about an app called Voice Dream Writer. Here it is
right here. It’s this icon with the pencil with the red point. So here is
Voice Dream Writer. This allows you to use it as a word processor but it has so
many different features that you can use. So it opens up with this text that gives
you some instructions on how to use it. And the first thing we’re going to do is
scroll over and look at the search feature. So I’m going to use the word
write’. And I’m going to search right here. We have definitions. So it gives you
eight different definitions of the word write. You can also use a phonetic search.
So say you put the word write in and these are some other words that are
spelled similarly from a phonetic standpoint. You can also find rhymes for
the word write as well as meaning search. So you can look and see what other word
synonyms are to the word write. You can also search things like – they give an
example of fast African animal. And we can search and it will find. Here we go. It will search for things
that that that meet that definition. This is so helpful if you have word finding
difficulties. You can’t think of the word but you can kind of either think of a
synonym or a couple of words that describe it. So let’s try – if we can’t
think of the word dog. Let’s try common pet and see. Here we go.
And it comes up with a lot of different words. You can also look for words based
on phonetics. So let’s try pneumonia. Here’s the phonetic search for pneumonia
and here we have it right at the top. It – if you click on it it also gives you a
definition. So you can add it into your writing. Over on the other side we have –
you have to scroll over using three fingers. This gives you an outline of
what you have written. So if this, in the middle works as Welcome to Voice Dream
Writer is the text that you’ve composed. Over here you have it separated it out by
a paragraph. You can also look at just the beginning of each paragraph. And then
this is just the headline if you have multiples. You can also export. You can
copy all text. So that allows you to copy all text and paste into another document.
You can send via all of these different apps. You can open the file in another
app. So let’s do plain text with markdown and it allow you to open into all of these
different apps. And you can export to an external location. So it will allow you
to export to the locations that you have already on your iPad. And preview and print. So this is what it would look like. The preview and then I could print
to my printer via air print. And you can also – this
would be the file manager. If you had multiple files you can sort them by name
or the date modified. I have mine set up to share to my iCloud or to store into
my iCloud so I can locate this from all of my different devices. Over here we
have a few settings. We have the font type. And it does have the open dyslexic
font available. You can also choose bold or regular. We have text size so you can
increase that. We have character spacing that you can increase or decrease. Line
spacing. So we’ll do character spacing. We’ll increase line spacing. You can
increase or decrease the line – the side margins. You can do the paragraph style.
You can mark misspelled words. You can change the color. And these are the
custom settings. This is really a handy app. And this is
the audio – audio settings. You can change the voice to something that you find more
soothing or interesting. You can change the rate. You can edit pronunciation
rules if you would like. You can speak word by typing. Speak sentence when
typing. Speak on tap in the word finder. Or speaking on tap in the outline. You
can do proofreading style natural or detailed. And here the proofreading
settings. As you can see there are quite a few settings. You can customize this
based on what works well for you or for the user. And we will I will set this off
so you can hear it speak. [device voice speaking] So as you can
see it also reads it aloud to you. So this is a great app called Voice Dream
Writer. It is fantastic for people who may have difficulty getting their words down
on paper as well as spelling.

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