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Pearson Writer is a revolutionary digital
tool for writers at all levels. It’s built for mobile devices, so using it
is intuitive and easy. Pearson Writer streamlines the tedious and
time-consuming aspects of writing, so you can focus on developing your ideas. This video will show you how to use the mobile
app within Pearson Writer Have you ever wished that you could have easy
access to all of your notes and research in the same window where you’re writing your
paper? The Pearson Writer Add-In for Microsoft Word
brings together two of your most useful writing tools to help you with your writing. Now, you can create in Word and have access
to Pearson Writer in the right-hand navigation bar. First, be sure you have the proper system
requirements. The Add in requires Office 2013 or later. In this video I will be accessing the add
in using Word 2013 Once you are all set up, you open a Word document,
and insert the add in using the same login name and password you use for Pearson Writer You will see all of your projects organized
by due date. They can also be organized by project name
or the date they were created. Click on the title of the project you are
currently working on. From here, you can access your outline, notes,
and sources for this project. To add your outline to your paper to help
you before you begin writing, simply click the button. Next, put your cursor in your paper where
you want to add your thesis and with a click of a button it is there for you. All the work you did prior to beginning writing
in Pearson Writer is now paying off. You can also view and add your notes. Within each note, you can see the source information,
clippings and attachments, and your own written description To add an image, click the button, and below
that you can add your clipped information to use as a quotation, and below that you
can add your own words by clicking description. With the work you have already put into your
assignment in Pearson Writer, and with just a few clicks of a button, you are well on
your way You can also view and add your sources. You can see here for this project the citation
style is MLA 8. Remember the clipped content you added earlier
for a quotation? With a click of a button, you can add an in
text citation. How much time will this save you?! Next, you can add your full bibliography,
by clicking “add bibliography.” You can uncheck any sources you didn’t use,
and then add it to the end of your paper. Allowing Pearson Writer to take care of the
labor intensive parts of writing will allow you to focus on your thoughts and ideas, in
turn becoming a better writer. You can also access the Writer’s Guide,
which is anchored to the top of the add-in. (check out the other video to learn more about
the Writer’s Guide). You can access your favorites, click through
the taxonomy, or search by keyword, accessing thousands of writing, research, and grammar
support videos, audio, examples, and more. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. No more multiple windows open with a disconnected
writing and research experience. It just got a whole lot easier and more effective. That’s a quick look at the Pearson Writer
Word Add in. Thank you for using Pearson Writer.

1 thought on “Using Word Add In Pearson Writer

  1. Such a great program add-in! <—Sarcasm there. Every time I click on anything in the add-in, I have to log in to the Pearson writer again. Saves time? No. The only way that I know of to use the program is to use it on their website…. I guess that is how I am going to have to do it.

    This should be built into Microsoft Word so that it shows the errors as you type. Just like spell checker.

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