Up-to-date Invoker script (part 2 – Automatic spheres switching)

Tab “Spheres” allows you to quickly switch spheres to 3 Quases, 3 Wexes or 3 Exorts. Many users prefer to switch spheres on hotkeys Q, W, E instantly by 3 spheres. And there is no actually reasons to switch spheres by 1 unit. That’s why you can confidently put here into boxes same hotkeys, that you use in Dota 2. There is also a function, that automatically returns spheres to default statement after each ability invocation and an additional “Easy lane stage” function, which switches spheres to “Exort” before each attack and then restores spheres back to default statement. This is especially convenient at the lane stage. When player requiers A) max HP regen to feel himself protected and B) max damage to farm efficiently. So, using this program, you get both bonuses at the same time.

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