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You know, you don’t talk very much. I like you. Wow. [balloon pop] [camera flash] [music] [wild cheering] [gun shot] [wild cheering] [polite applause] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music]

100 thoughts on “UP: Married Life | Script to Screen | Disney•Pixar

  1. Wait, they were 19 when they got married?? And Carl's family is Puritan?? MY CHILDHOOD IS RUINED!!!!!

    But I also noticed some good things that I didn't see from the three times I've seen this movie also, so kudos.

  2. This is one of the most outstandingly beautiful and touching moments in movies I've ever seen. Only this and grave of the fireflies have made me cry so intensely

  3. The still image of Carl sitting by himself in the funeral home, holding a ballon is probably one of the saddest screencaps in the history of cinema.

  4. Can’t watch this again. Just came to say you’ve created one of the best scenes in all cinema history. Next to Chaplin’s walking away from the camera.

  5. The melody playing really sets the tone between adventure happiness and then completes it with so much melancholy. Amazing art

  6. At the end, you forgot the part that says, "At this point, the entire audience will be holding back tears, or crying openly."

  7. I remember this sequence devastating me at the theater. It was so full of feelings that really touched several nerves and practically obliterated any crying-resistant mechanism available. I still remember it as one of the most saddening and beautiful things to ever been created.

  8. I can only imagine how surreal it must be for writers when animators literally bring their thoughts to reality with every detail.

  9. What is weird is the fact that if this would be the END of the history, it would not be as sad as it actually is.
    It is because it's the beginning of another story, or the movie itself, that this scene end up being is so sad, because you know you will have to follow him in his sadness throughout the rest of the story… It is very touching.

  10. Look's like my parent's life..
    One of Disney Movie that make me cried.. a lot.
    Good Job Disney Pixar.. Thx 🙂

  11. I remember I had downloaded this in my mobile, so that I'd have something to watch in my free time. 2:00 am I started watching; first few minutes past I knew I had made a big mistake. I should have watched it in movie theatre. Carl and Ellie, their passion for adventure, love, loss, death, kid, it was too much to take. In the end all I wished for to find someone like Ellie.

  12. can't believe how much of that was all written by the writers. I seriously thought a good chunk of it was just collaborated on during the animation process. Talk about knowing how to write your material.
    Btw, it should be noted that the music plays a significant role in setting the atmosphere and mood of this clip. Without (you can turn off your volume) it drastically changes the tone.

  13. I just arrived at work, I just did my makeup, and I had to stop this midway or I would have ruined it. One of the best animated movies.

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