Unscripted Man: Episode 4 // Viddsee Originals

Awesome. This is how you should
treat your friend. You should get fired often, okay? No, I’m just kidding. Give me back. But are you sure you’re okay? Of course I am. Never been better. Well, I mean… You got fired for something so uncertain. What do you mean? You’ve done things differently
as compared to your dad’s script. Now it’s been two weeks. Nothing happened. I don’t think so. What if everything was just
mere coincidence? You’re doomed. Oh, that’s Jacklyn. If it’s meant to be, it will surely be. You really can’t get over it? I got to go. Bas? How are you? Fine. What do you want to order? No worries, it’s free. One caffe latte. Oh, thanks. How did you end up working here? It just so happens that
my friend is the owner. It’s not much, though.
But at least I have income. I’m still applying for other jobs too. Anyway, just sit down. You’re okay, right? Yeah, I’m okay. Anyway, how’s the office? Oh! My aunt is currently looking for an employee. Maybe you’re interested? I can discuss it with her and I also can teach you
some interview tips. Only if you’re interested, though. You’re going to teach me? Yeah. Of course I’m interested! Very well. So, do you have paper and pen? I do. But… It’s like this. It’s fine. Give me that. You need my number, right? It’s confirmed, right? I want to see.
– What for? Let me see!
– You will tease me anyway. I want to see!
– No! I can confirm that she likes me. You’re just being cocky. I have an important news actually.
I don’t know if it’s true. What news? Jacklyn and Mr. Ando rarely
go out together for lunch anymore. Right! See? Yes… But I mean, it doesn’t- I think it’s time. [Jani mumbles]
You are ahead of yourself. Jan! What else are we waiting for? Those are not valid anymore. Things will happen differently. Well, I mean… Jan. You said you would always support me. Yeah, but Bas… Bas! My favourite employee! I have good news for you. -Dude! You’re my friend, right? Yes? Will you help me? With what? You own this place, right? So? She believed it. Sir. Tell us the instructions. No worries. When I give you the sign,
you guys have to come out. What’s the sign? I will give a sign like this. But… There will still be free food, right? [INT. CAFE – NIGHT] Jacklyn. Will you be my girlfriend? Bas. I already have a boyfriend. Mr. Ando asked me out
earlier today. [whispers]
How is it? [whispers]
Just wait! Forgive me, Bas. Maybe that. Dammit. Shush!
It’s not. See? He got angry. See? Let’s go. Go! Congratulations, Bas! You the man! Okay.
I still have one more good news. My man, Bas… Will be promoted to be
our new manager! Free food! Woohoo, someone is gloomy. Oh my God, isn’t this
the film set of your… So this is where it was filmed. At the rooftop of this café. How could you know that I’m here? Here. Last page. It’s funny, right? He wrote a scenario. Three reams of it. Just to destroy my life. Finished. Have you read the letter? What letter? ‘Bas, who was sitting miserably… Then found a letter
inside the pocket of his suit.’ Bas. I think you should read it this time. Bas. This is my last letter. I apologize. As I couldn’t be a good father for you. I didn’t mean to hurt your mother,
when she was still alive. Along with this letter… I attached a scenario… About your life. Whether you want to
believe it or not… You decide it. The scenario ends when you get dumped
by the person you love. It surely hurts. But, actually… Even if it ends,
the scenario does not say ‘the end’. But ‘closure’. Now… You’re free
to go on with your life. One last time… Forgive me. You’re okay, right? I don’t need that. Now what? I don’t know. Find me a girlfriend. What is your type of girl? I don’t know. Oh, I know. Someone who won’t feel embarrassed
to do Dangdut Koplo dance with me. What?
If that’s the case even I can do it. Here. It’s already a month. Let’s go. Stick to the plan?

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