100 thoughts on “UFC Fight Night Halifax: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. I hope Johny is ok but he seriously is showing signs of brain trauma. His speech is slower, his behavior is different. Not the same since Robbie Lawler fights

  2. I wanted to see the black beast do smt like jones or conor making some type of animal roar. Brown(Black beast) Bear for champ

  3. Did johny Hendricks actually just say the whole world would much rather see him fight Bisbing than GSP fight Bisbing??

  4. Thought it went without saying but insulting someone that does something you dont have the balls to do from your mothers basement in Timbuktu makes you the opposite of hard…

  5. Pretty cocky to be thinking he's an intern champ considering everyone knocks out Travis Browne. Let's see him get threw hunt , santos , Velasquez Overeem And werdum

  6. Johnny Hendrix first since USADA started testing. When he fought GSP he had cardio. People, he had 1 fight at 185 against a 39 year old. Let him fight someone in the top 5. Johnny stop coughing and drink some water.

  7. the Rig is a good dude. even if he was on roids the fact that he didn't jus give the sport up is pretty respectable

  8. Lewis is my new favorite fighter!! I've not seen the comments section this funny in ages!! pure FIRE all the way down! Mario "To The Death" Yamasaki…

  9. BLACK BEAST and NGANNOU are destroying everybody in HW.I wonder if Dana wants to keep them to  clear the top 10 HW's  from the Veterans, or make that fight on PPV between 2 monsters

  10. fuck I smiled so hard when Johnny made that joke about the phone ringing. You can just sense how much better and happier he is and I'm so glad for him!

  11. now maybe ariel dares to interview jony again, last time when ariel asked tough questions about weight jony told him to go cut 30 pounds himself xD then ariel said,well why dont u go to 185 then and jony got all psycotic lauging crazy laughs and acting weeeeeird xD

  12. Best UFC post press conference ever with Derek Lewis

    this dude is the new Rampage of Comedy………. he is awesome he keeps it real real

    he shut the reporters and media down with his very frank AKA ignorant talk I love it

    this guy is amazing a new star in the making this is how you shut those media irritating reporter doen go ahead. Lewis go ahead

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