UFC 222: Post-fight Press Conference

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  1. The Cyborg fight was honestly pathetic. This little Russian ballerina girl is lvl 4 with 20 exp while Cryborg is already at 100. She had no idea what she was doing – "Oh if I win I guess it will be a big deal." Wtf? What an idiot. That was the least shocking outcome I've ever seen. She got hit one time & was already dazed.

  2. If it was a final destionation movie, brian wouldnt die from the squeaking roof, he would somehow die from the waterbottle

  3. this is how petty the ufc is at times………rewatch the post fight talk by dc and rogan and you see gabi garcia the freakshow in the background then suddenly a ufc guy stands in front to block her from the shot…..yes people did notice dana

  4. See stupid bots saying Dern faking her accent, started saying that Mckenzie put translator in there, not knowing the fact that UFC did it, not her, fucking stupid bots

  5. My hat goes off to Ortega. Seems like a all around good person. He could be out buying cars etc., but he has chose to give back to the community. He dont walk around with a chip on his shoulder acting like his shit dont stink. Keep doing what youre doing bro! I dont know anyone could dislike the guy.

  6. Man, Ortega at 164lb. Frankie must have been 10lb lighter. Ortega really should move up once he's done with the division.

  7. See that Monster Drink can sitting on the table..? Do you know what that symbol means..? Here it is explained @1:00: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1R1XCN5RQc

  8. when did ufc fans become such whiny bitches? wahh cyborg looks like a man. waahhh mackenzie speaks differently than she used too. wahhhhh conor hasn't fought in over a year. whiny casual bitches.

  9. I hate the way UFC conducts their post fight press conferences. Yeah, they've been doing them this way for well over a year now, but still lame. I loved when all the fighters & Dana would show up at the same time. Some fighters weren't asked a single question, but it was funny & interesting to see how they all reacted to each other in one setting.

  10. Great event. Ortega's dope that uppercut lifted frankie off his fucking feet. The chick that fought Dern should have got the win, she did almost everything right. Seeing Joe tear up over his friends death was pretty deep. Reminder: the old conference setup is better.

  11. Respect to all fighters but Cyborg is the result of mass steroid use for many yrs. U can tell shes not the same fighter she always smiles when shes in bad position because she knows her skills aint all that. She relys on aggressive pressure and while chaotic throws and her face of course that looks like a man. I dont see her legit I think shes a product of steroids with some punching power. Thats it.

  12. Cris is on roids. Such bullshit. And the ufc have allowed her, as a means to create more of a mystique in the busienss to help draw in more attention.. they are allowing her, like they've allowed Conor to pick and choose what he wants to do.

  13. Brian said it all.. 146 on weigh-in, 164 during fight.. that's fucking crazy. Weigh-ins couple hours before fight need to happen. Not to take any credit from Ortega because he clearly destroyed Frankie but damn.. he seemed 2 weight classes above Edgar.

  14. Damn, Ortega smoked Frankie so quickly he didn't even have to braid his hair which made himself look like Britney Spears! :0

  15. Bout scores:

    Johnson x Milstead (1/10)
    Caraway x Stamann (2/10)
    Pyle x Ottow (5/10)

    Dollarway x Lombard (6/10)
    Dodson x Munhoz (2/10)
    Dariush x Hernandez (7/10)
    Yoder x Dern (2/10)

    Cigano x Vieira (2/10)
    Strume x Arlovski (1/10)
    Omarley x Souk (4/10)
    Edgar x Ortega (8/10)
    NotWoman x Kunits (0/10)

  16. I don't find Cyborg attractive, but I'm definitely curious what she's like in bed. It's either gonna be awesome or traumatizing. Such a gamble…

  17. I thought McKenzie lost judges gave it to her cause the ufc spent alot of money promoting her. That's fucked up.

  18. All that dumbass Soukemtout had to do was grab O'malley's foot and squeeze it! LMAOOOOOO ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  19. I have nothing but respect for Brain Ortega, such a talented MMA athletic and great human being.well done Ortega. Keep up the good work.

  20. I am shocked to hear one of the commentators saying cyborg would loose if the fight goes to the ground. Wrong again!!! Cyborg is a complete fighter and is more dangerous on the ground she like a pit bull on the ground I know Amanda don't want anything with cyborg on the ground period.

  21. So Mackenzie Dern's father is Brazilian which makes her half Brazilian,she speaks fluent Portuguese,was engaged to a Brazilian man at one point and has spent years living in Brazil and people are so damn bothered by her developing an accent? Who cares if she was born in America,if you grow up around that culture you can adapt an accent,perhaps her American accent that she had was just to assimilate to what and who she was around. The way people are complaining, I thought that she was an 100% Caucasian American who started having an accent after living in Brazil and I can understand how people would find that weird but if she's half Brazilian and speaks fluent Portuguese,why is it bothering people so much?

  22. True Dern is from Arizona , so for the translation , haha that was hilarious ……..and her fight was a draw @ the least……

  23. I believe that Christopher Cyborg guy can man handle any woman out there. That funny little dude loves to beat the crap out of women.

  24. Andre was so stupid, he should have let Sugar up on his feet for the win, even his coaches were begging him to disengage, what a idiot..

  25. Dear UFC, Ortega sold 222 for you guys, not Cyborg. I would not have bought it if not for him. In it, I discovered Sugar Sean, another great guy. I'm a fan of both, and of Till. More of them, please. They sell PPV for you.

  26. I used to like cyborg until she started with that: "I don't fight brazilians". WTF is that racist bullshit. It shouldn't matter if the person is from anywhere. Much respect to Amanda Nunes for fanning the flames. I know she will fuck up cyborg good. WAR NUNES!
    On another note: yana needs to be shipped back to the bum leagues. Even Tonya Evinger beat her and was tougher against Cyborg. What's the point in keeping Yana if she can't take a punch and was pretty horrible.

  27. Lord Kyle….this is a sport of fights …. very beautiful women do not want it!
    See before the dance of the stars !

  28. Kunitskaya came to the presser after a loss, respect for that. Stayed there for 2 mins because nobody had any questions, that's another TKO.

  29. Hey UFC you might want to start a legit featherweight division for Cyborg because if you keep feeding her bantamweights then you will soon make the 135lb weight division look weak and meaningless lol and if you don't bring in more legit 145lb females to fight then Cris will probably go to Bellator and clean out the featherweight division there after her UFC contract is up lol The GOAT AND STILL

  30. To all UFC scouts and Dana White – there is amazing talent in Poland – Damian Janikowski- young,World Gold medalist in Wrestling from Olimpic ,very explosive,super strong,fast and mentally tough.

  31. They actually had a Portuguese interpreter for the post fight octagon interview speaking to her as though she didn't 100% comprehend English raised in Arizona.

  32. Brian has a good Heart and is a good fighter-but I think Frankie might have been burned-out and Brian might have been a little lucky-Hope not,but don't know for sure.

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