U.S. Work from Home Jobs Without Investment

– Hey, Angie Nelson here
from theworkathomewife.com. Today, we’re going to be talking
about some great online jobs that don’t have any investment required. Many of you have come
to me and let me know that you’re really getting
started on a small budget or maybe no budget at all and
you need to get to work fast, and you don’t have any money
to spare on extra software, extra equipment, extra training. You just need to get to work so that you can start getting
a regular income coming in. Those are some opportunities that we’re going to be
talking about today. Some that are going to
allow you to get started with the equipment that you have. Now, obviously if you’re
going to be working online, I’m going to have to assume
that you do have a computer, whether that be a desktop or a laptop, and also internet service. Those are going to be some
requirements regardless of any work at home job that
you’re getting started in, but the ones we’re talking about today aren’t going to require much
of anything outside of that. Let’s get started. Now, our first online job
without any investment is going to be an obvious one
and that is freelance writing. This is one of my favorite
opportunities for newcomers to the work at home industry simply because you can get
started with what you have. Now, as long as you have
some good grammar skills, spelling, you know how to
research things online, you may find that there
are quite a few openings available to you. Freelance writing is also one that can not only pay very well, but it’s also really flexible. In most cases of freelance writing jobs, there isn’t much of a
scheduling requirement. As long as you can get your projects done by the deadline, you are good to go. That means you can work anywhere you want in whatever time you want. This can be a great one
for those of you out there who are maybe caretakers
or have children at home, or maybe you’re even
working around a regular, traditional job. Now, some great places to
find freelance writing jobs are going to be on Flexjobs, which is one of my favorite job boards. Also, the Problogger job board. They have some great writing opportunities that are listed there on a regular basis and those can run the
gambit from blog posts to long-form articles that are
going to require quite a bit of research. Keep an eye on that job board
for some great opportunities. Now, search engine or ad evaluation is another popular
opportunity among newcomers. This one is not going to
require a lot of experience and it’s not going to require
a lot of equipment either. In some cases, they do
have positions available that you can do on your smartphone. This is one to keep in mind
if you’re really limited in what you have available. Now, one thing to keep in
mind with these positions is that they’re often project-based. They’re not going to be something that you can depend on longterm. They may only last a few
weeks or a few months, in some cases we also see some
hourly restrictions as well, whether that be one hour a day
or maybe you’re even allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. The thing to keep in mind though is they are going to be project-based, so once you land one of these, you’re going to want to keep looking for that next work at home
job to fill your basket with a few eggs so you’re not
just depending on this one. Now, if you’re not familiar
with these positions, what you’re doing is
analyzing search results or ads that are showing up in search to determine whether they are relevant to the search that you have performed and also whether they’re quality results. Now, a few companies that
we see hire quite frequently in this industry and Lionbridge,
Leapforce, and Appen. Now, if you come from an
administrative background, virtual assisting may be a
great opportunity for you. This one, virtual assisting
these days really encompasses a lot of different things to
a lot of different people, but at the end of the day, what you’re doing are
performing online tasks that need done for other
online business owners or maybe even offline business owners. Now, these tasks can be anything
from appointment setting to online research to getting into things like social media management or community management. The tasks and skills that you’re, or services that you’re going
to be able to offer are going to be based on your
background so that’s something that you really want to keep
in mind when you’re looking at some of the jobs that
are available out there. Some work may require an administrative or an executive background
and others may require more of a marketing background. Take a look at some of the companies that are hiring right now, such as Worldwide 101, Time
Etc., Fancy Hands, or even BELAY to see what kind of tasks and
services they are looking for and that’ll kind of give you an idea as to whether you have
the skills that are needed to exceed in this field or maybe you need to pickup
a little, a few new skills as soon as you get a
regular paycheck coming in from some other opportunities. Now, those are just a few
of the great opportunities that are available to you
without an investment. I’m going to leave you a
link in the description below that will explain some
more about the fields that we’ve talked about today in addition to some others. I’ll also link out to some job openings that are available in those industries. Now, if you like today’s video, please give it a like and a share and make sure you’re
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of the skills that you need to get involved in those fields. Until next time, I wish you best of luck in your work at home job search.

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