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Thank you, Sir. Thank you, so much. Sir, great job at BuyEasy…
Fantastic you are Thank you. And sir, congratulations for your second
round investment too. Actually sir, I work for an e-commerce website… …and I am a category manager there and I… You can upload your resume on career section on our website. Sir, can I show you my work sometime…
-OK, bye. Please sir… Give me one chance, sir. Guys like these, don’t even let you drink at your own party. Bhati, how much did you get for 20%, 50? It will be out in Sunday’s Business Outlook… Take a look yourself! Bhati, tell me, 60? It’s official, I can’t reveal it now. How much, 75? 75? Now don’t tell me it’s 100. F**K!!! 100? A hundred million? Bhati, your company’s evaluation is half a billion dollars? F**K!!! So what’s the big deal? It’s still lesser than Flipkart by 7.5 billion. Bhati, it means one of my college
seniors is going to be a billionaire! F**K, what luck! It’s not about fate or luck… IIM? LSR. IIM. I should have appeared for CAT. All you do, is keep harping about my luck. You’ve told me about your start-up
idea over a 100 times now. Why don’t you do something about it? A new Silicon Valley is being upstaged at Hiranandani here. And you are still selling these
cheap chinese phones on Mokart. They’re exculsive, Bhati.
-Bullshit. Son, its not that easy. Leave your job
and venture into the market. And then you will learn, what
destinies are made of and from. Dude, what the f**k?
Still on your first beer? Down it! I’m good, Bhati. Beer for him. Bhati, I have to wake up early at 8:30 for work. Shut up!!! Bhati, I’ve become very discipled now. Nowadays I don’t even need an alarm to wake up.. Not going to the office? What are you doing here? I switched on the geyser The water’s still heating up. Mandal why do you take a bath in my bathroom? The handle of my bucket is broken. So, take my bucket to your bathroom. Actually, I feel like taking a shower today. Dude, you can take a shower even in your own bathroom. The water must’ve heated up! Atleast spare my towel. Mokart f**ked me over Bhati. Completely f**ked me. I put in so much effort into this Brazil project. Worked even on Sundays. I made atleast a 1000 PPTs. Must’ve made more than 5000 excel sheets. And when it came down to leading the team,
instead of me, they sent someone else to Rio. Bhati, I will take revenge! I will take revenge for sure! I will even avenge them, Bhati. Once I get the funding I’ll make so much money Bhati… So much money I’ll buy Mokart and… And sell it on OLX, f**king shit. But how, Bhati? How will I get the funding, Bhati? Everyone’s luck isn’t as good as your’s. What are you? What do you mean, what am I? What are you? I am the Executive Regional Manager, Navin Bansal, No, what are YOU? Executive regional manager…
-You are a beer. What do you mean? You’re beer, motherf**ker. You’re beer. And this bottle here? This is your company You think, you’ll get into the glass. You will have fun. Isn’t it? But look at this. Can you see? You actually don’t want to leave the bottle. For the beer to get into the glass…
It needs to leave the bottle first Once you’re out of the bottle Then you can get into any glass you want. In this glass, if you want. Or you can get into this glass Even in this glass.
-Its a wine glass. How the hell do YOU know that? You are beer. Get it? You can go wherever you want. Understand? But it’s quintissential you come out of the bottle, first. Once you are out, you could fill half the glass Or maybe you won’t. But if you don’t come out Then you’ll definitely not be able to fill it.
Look here. And its not your job to ask the questions. You’re beer. And your job is to flow. You are beer. This is beer. Not glass. Infact there is no glass. But there is a glass on the table, Bhati. No glass. I am a beer, Bhati. I am beer. And I’ll get out of the bottle. I will get out of the bottle… Will you have breakfast? Yes What do you want to eat? Bread Omlett. We’ve no eggs left. Bread Jam. Which one, mixed fruit or mango? Mixed fruit. The mixed fruit one, got done with, last week itself! Mango then! We didn’t get any mango in the first place! Just toast the bread for me. The toaster’s been broken for such a long time, now! Dude, one cup tea will do. But I already used all the milk for the curd! So what are you eating, then? Curd. I don’t want any breakfast today. I’ll have directly skip to lunch! What? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your ‘battery’ will start seeping. Your mom….
-Dude, please leave me alone. What?
-Bhati… You were right! What? I’m beer, Bhati. And I will flow out of the bottle. I will resign. I will resign. This decision will change your life. Come on, lets drink. One beer for him. Bhati listen, Bhati. First listen to me This decision that you’re taking now Will change your future. You know what I mean. No!! No!! No!! You didn’t get me. I will resign right now. I will call him right now. -Have you gone mad?
-I will resign right now, I don’t give a F**K. -Listen to me.
-I will call him right now. -Listen to me. Bhati, I am beer Bhati, let me flow. Bro, don’t flow so much! Listen to me, just listen. You have to serve the notice period. Do you think, I’m scared? Am I a coward? When did I say that… I will show it to you.
I will prove it to you. I will show it to you, right now.
-Navin. Listen, listen. This a very odd hour, right now. You think I can’t get out of the bottle?
I am a beer and I will flow… Rajat? Rajat, I am so sorry
that I am calling you this hour. There’s something very important, I want to tell you! Rajat you’re an a**hole!!! And your department Infact your whole company, is an a**hole. So you and your company are fired from my life. Good night, Jai Hind. And F**K you. F**K YOU!!! That’s my drink!!! Sorry… Really? Are you from IIM? Whose this? Yaa Chatty, tell me But NasCom conclave’s result where supposed to be
out next week, weren’t they? Akhil, who? Ohh the hostel 4 guy. Is he in Nascom? OK. So..What did he say? You’ve got to be kidding me! Are you sure? Confirmed? My B-Plan is going to get selected? F**K!!! What luck! Are you sure? Thanks, thanks, thanks dude… Ok then, I’ll tell the others as well No, no.. Let it get official first. I’ll update my status after! OK. I’ll talk to you in the evening, alright? Ok. Take care. Bye. Naveen. You are so irresponsible man. This was lying behind your commode. What do I do with it? Now do one thing Mandal. This? Throw it into the garbage! (TVF Pitchers Theme Song) He called me in the office and started yelling at me! I said, “Sir, ..if you have so much problem with me sleeping.. ..then tranfer me to HR department.. They even get an extra bonus for sleeping, there” Jeetu bro! Jeetu bro! Congrats… Do you have an extra? No, it’s the last one. No issue. Blow it on my face. Passive will also do! Congrats for what? Now don’t pretend! You were amazing in the appraisal! By the way, did you watch last night’s Nach Baliye?? Chetan bhagat was awesome. He just.. How did you get to know about it? Saw it last night. The 9pm show. And then again, the 11:30 repeat telecast. No, I mean about the appraisal.
How do you know about that? Appraisal ?
Ohh!!! Joshi sir showed it to us. Even the ‘Acheivement box’ wasn’t big enough. Though I didn’t really get one thing! Why did you gave yourself 4 out of 5 in the self evaluation? I knew it! I should’ve given myself 3.5… 3.5? You should’ve given yourself 5 out of 5. What more could you possibly do? No tell me, what more can you do? Jeetu, can I tell you something? Whenever we get a code written by you We forward it, without even testing it Why waste time, by running it? And Joshi sir keeps praising you always. Oh, Divya from the marketing team? It’s her engagement today. Will you come? What was Joshi sir saying? Joshi sir said, he will come! Actually what happened was… No!!! No!!
I meant what was Joshi sir saying about me? You said something… Ohh Not only Joshi sir, But the whole department says this. “Whether or not someone else does…
you are defintely getting promoted” And there’s no two ways about it. OK!!! I should be going, I have work to do. Take a chewing gum. -No!!! No!!
-Its mint flavoured. No, no.. You can have it. Ok!!! I will also leave after a couple of hours,
I have to rest. Too much work to do… And remember themithaee kachori for tommorow! And greetings to your wife. Dude, did you see that guy? Amazing Just a second…
Pass me the cigarette Sir, the staff has requested the lunch time to be
extended from 15 minutes to half an hour. Denied Let them stay hungry and stay foolish.
Next. The laptops that were given to
the TechSupport team are faulty. The batteries drain out in half an hour! Give them 10 of these and get them energized Sir, but they need to charge their laptops.
not phones. Well then tell the f**king tech support to help tech support,
in all the matters of tech support. Next. Sir, marketing research report. Don’t give numbers, give me graphs and pie charts. You!! Give me the graphs on this by tommorow. But I am from Legal. Objection Overruled. Next. Sir, all the new sales interns are waiting for their induction Assemble them in conference room. But sir, the AC in that room is not working.
It’s very hot in there. Good, it’s the first day they need to feel the heat. Sir, but what about your hair loss appointment? Let’s give a big round of applause forchacha. So, you guys are the company’s future sales team. And you guys will be dealing with the client directly. -Are you guys excited?
-Yes sir. OK!!! So guys, let me tell you. Impressing your client is like impressing a girl, that every man in the town is after. And this girl, doesn’t even want to meet you. Doesn’t want to pick up your calls. Infact, she doesn’t even know you. She f**king hates you. Now, what will you do to impress such a girl? Sir, I will threaten to slit my wrists, sir. Yeah, maybe, as a last resort to meet the targets. But, what will you begin with? You will never give up!!! You will never quit!!! You have to treat your client, like your girlfriend. Show them your loyalty. Take them out for coffee. Call them thrice a day. Remember their birthdays. In fact, fantasize about your client every night. I do sir. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. OK!!! Excellent. Anyways.. Guys remember. Whatever happens.. Whatever the situation may be. Just like me… You should never quit. Can I hear that aloud? You should…
-never quit. You should…
-never quit. You should…
-never quit. You should…
-never quit You should…
-never quit You should…
-never quit You should…
-never quit Guys!!! I quit!!! You should… But the news is confirmed, isn’t it? Yaa, Akhil works at NasCom itself.
He was in hostel 4 Hostel 4 guys are very nice. Very helpful. Last year, when I slapped Ruchi’s father Hostel 4’s G.sec bailed me out. No, no. I bought it already. I’ve bought babycorn as well. Hey Jitu. yaa, yaa… No, I still didn’t get any gooseberry. Yaa, I will look for them… I’ll be home in an hour. OK? OK!!! OK!!! OK!!! OK!!! Dude, vegetables are SO expensive!!! Do you know how much babycorn costs? 100 gram for 100 Rupees. 1000 per KG. We need money in life, dude! What do people keep going
on about, real estate being expensive in Bombay? Jitu I quit the job.
-Don’t eat the apple dude. They put a sticker of 30 on it but sell it for 50… What did you leave?
What are you saying? I quit my job, last night. Why? -And Brazil? -They are sending someone else. What now? New job? What? No dude, our idea is going to
get selected in the conclave. Now let’s just begin with the start-up We’ve only been talking about it since 3rd year.
-Naveen we’ve already discussed this. What did we discuss? That by the time you come
back from Brazil, after a year and a half, Yogi will
make some contacts here. But that we can do…
-And even I have to settle down with Somya. Guys try to understand, I can’t leave my job right now. There’s finally something good happening for me in the company People are realizing my potential. I’m a valuable employee to the company. Won’t be able to leave the job.
– Listen to me. A new Silicon Valley is being upstaged at Hiranandani here! And you’re still writing codes on Python. This the the opportunity.
This is the time. We should start now. And don’t worry at all dude. Once we get the funding,
we’ll ensure, you get your salary even if we work for free. Jitu, all the core work is tech related. How will we manage without you? All he’s trying to say is, if we want to be the ‘stud’ enterpreneurs, and want our company to be as big as Apple… Then he needs to be Steve Jobs You need to be Steve Wozniak and I need to be a Sean Parker. Sean Parker’s from Facebook. Yaa, we’ll leave our jobs and become entrepreneurs. Can you even spell entrepreneurship? E N T To be an entrepreneur, you don’t need the spelling but the spirit. Naveen, its now that finally something good’s happening in my life! I’ve got an appraisal with such difficulty! I got scored 5 out of 5 in my evaluation! Thats what I am saying, 5 is the limit of your job.
What after then? You won’t score anything above 5. Do you want to get through life, only scoring 5 out of 5? Listen, I will explain it to you… What are you? What are you? What am I?
I am Jitu, married and what else? No!!No!!1
What ARE you? What are you? Are you out of your mind , Naveen? You’re Coffee. -What? You’re coffee, Motherf**ker. You are coffee… And this cup is your company. Now you think you’lll have fun getting into the glass… But you don’t want to leave the cup. Now if you want to flow into the glass,
you have to get out of the cup first. Easy. Easy. What do you want to say exactly? All I’m saying is, once you’re out,
you can go into this glass… You can get into this glass. Or this… Now you might think, “This is a sugar bowl, but I am coffee. How can I get inside this?” Won’t you? But how do YOU know?
You’re coffee… Dude, what are doing? Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry… What are you doing dude?
My phone… It happened so well, with a beer! So, what I was trying to say is… Whatever you want to say,
tell it to someone else You’ve left your job and let go What do you think, you’re Steve Jobs? What I was trying to say is…
-First, figure it out for yourself, what you want to do… We’ll then sit and talk it down But where are you going? To buy gooseberry! I understood… Yeah. The f**ker called me the other day and said, “Why do keep joking about the H.R. team? Do you know how much talent it takes, to be an H.R. manager?” I said, “Sir, To sleep for 22 hours a day… definitely takes a lot of talent!” Your fly’s open! He took the bait! Jeetu bro! Jeetu bro! Congratulations! Congratulations! I was so glad, I took a selfie with a printout. Kudos! So… Mr. Jitendra Maheshwari! Mr. Senior Developer! Won’t you offer me a cigarette? But this one’s almost done… Just give me whatever’s left of it. Tomorrow onwards, I won’t be able to even see you! A big position! A big salary! The works! Did you tell your wife about it? Not yet. I’ll tell her once I get home! Ahaan! Someone’s gonna get lucky tonight!!! Jeetu bro… Can I tell you something? Amazing job! Your life’s now absolutely set! Within the next 5 years, you’ll be Principal Developer Then within the next 10 years Associate Divsion Head And 15 years down, I’m sure, you’d have replaced Joshi Sir! Joshi Sir!!! I was just praising you! No, genuinely! Joshi Sir. Will you have a chewing gum? Chewing gum? No. I’ve to go back.
I’ve work to do. I brought the ‘Advance mint’ flavoured ones,
especially for you. Mint or advance mint. I just told you, I don’t want any! I’ll take a leave. I’ve work to do! Alright then. Anyway, new work starts today for you! Let’s meet at Pandeji’s stall in the evening for somemithaee kachori. 6 PM! Ok!!! I’ll let you know… Don’t think about it! It’s final, OK? What’s up? I just got back, these PR guys really suck the life out of you! Rajat, can I come in? How would I know, it’ll take till 7? Rajesh! OK.. I’ll… I’ll be there, I’ll be there.
Just give me a couple of minutes. OK? Bye. So, Naveen. How many drink did you have that night? I am really sorry, Rajat. I’m… I’m really embarassed about it. For whatever happened. After Brazil project, I was really upset,
so I got drunk and I… But anyway I think leaving the job was the right decision. But I sincererly apologize for the things that I said. Obviously I didn’t mean any of that. It’s OK!!! It happens… We’ve been working together for three years now. It’s OK!!! Don’t stress more. Chill Thank you. I brought my resignation. I just thought… Officialy, I would… What next, then? Just that. Want to do a start-up, Rajat. Our B-Plan is in the final round of the NasCom Conclave Infact, there’s a 99% chance, that it’s going to… get selected So I am just keeping my fingers crossed. Wow! Full time start-up, then! Wow Then you may have thought about the… The liquidity preferences of the Angel Investors. Yeah? You must’ve also thought about the ESOP pool allocation? Right? No. Not exactly!!! But I am sure with time we will get into it. You know Rahul Sharma was my batchmate in college. Rahul Sharma!!! The co-founder of Micromax. Ohh, of course! I’ve read a lot, about him. Really? Of course! Of course!
You’re the entrepreneur. He’d started exactly like this… With a start-up Look where he is today! Last year his company was valued at… …more then a billion dollars. Billion dollars, I know, I know. Have you heard about Harshit Kothari? He too, was my batchmate. Harshit? No? No… Anyway, even he began with the start-up like this What was it’s name again… Anyway! Unfortunately…
It was a good idea, but it didn’t do so well. He had to return… To his job, in a couple of years. There were many more, in my batch… Manoj Agarwal…
His brother, Vishal Agarwal Saurabh Vahi, R.K. Paee… Krishnamurthy Have you heard about them all? Saurabh Vahi… I don’t think so. Of course. You’re in the big league now! You’re going to win a prestigious competition! Is this competition held every year? Yeah, it’s been happening for the last 7-8 years now. Wow! 7-8 years! So how many of the previous winners have made it big? Previous winners!!! I don’t know actually. Whenever graduates of this country, get bored by their 9 to 5 jobs… So, to get out, they come up with only three options for themselves. MBA IAS or Start-Up. Go out and take a look, Naveen. There are start-up founders sitting in 2 out of 3 cabins, out there. Naveen… Do you really think your idea is one in a million? Look! You think this is your passion… And that is why, you’re leaving this job. But, this is not your passion, Naveen. If this was your passion, then you would’ve left this job… A long time back. You wouldn’t have waited for being rejected from the Brazil project. No… No…I don’t I think…. Beijing. We’re beginning our expansion there, 6 months ahead of schedule. Apointment within a week. We need someone smart over there… Like you. You have to leave for your… Visa appointment, in Delhi in… The next 20 mins. That night when you called me. You did not make a choice. You were simply reacting to a rejection. Now is the real choice. Think about it, Naveen. One in hand is obviously better than
one not-so-sure in the bush. No? Yes, Naveen. In my bathroom. How will I use your bathroom, after you’ve asked me not to? Yeah, tell me? How strange is this? Naveen didn’t get promoted, so he quit his job. And now you’re thinking of quitting, after you’ve been promoted. Human brain is a mystery, bud. -You wanna order something? What do you want to order? Let’s do chilly babycorn. “Rs. 1000 per Kg!” People planning to quit their job, don’t eat babycorn! Dude, I was told there’s going to be an influx of money, ok? I’m going to get a salary and hence, I’m ordering babycorn! -Let’s order something for Naveen too. Yeah, he must be on his way. Naveen’s not going to be able to make it. -Mandal? Where is he? Actually… He’s the one who requested me to come here. He… … had to leave urgently. But where? Airport please. It was a very tough decision for him. He was very sad. He waas even crying. Are you serious? He was crying? I mean, you can’t really tell on the phone, can you? But his voice… … sounded heavy. But why didn’t he call us? He was in a hurry. So called up his best friend. He must be feeling really bad about facing you guys. He must be feeling very guilty. Could you please drive a little faster? Or else, I’m going to miss my flight! Sir, you see how there’s so much traffic here! There’s this one other way viaChandivaliShould we try that? Will it get us to the airport on time? There won’t be any traffic there? We can find that out, only once, we take that road. But if we stay stuck here, in this traffic… Then you’ll definitely miss your flight! Alright then, let’s try that one, then. He’s not answering his phone. He won’t. He must’ve even checked in, by now. You can talk to him, when he gets back from Delhi, day after. Come on, cheer up guys! Trust me. He loves you. He always spoke to me about the two of you. Excuse me! Our pitcher? Drink guys! Yogi, you’ve quit your job.
Isn’t that going to be a problem now? I’ll go back tommorow. I’ll tell them, I went through some hormonal problem! I have done this before. What about your phone?
It got spilled on, with coffee, didn’t it? Forget the phone. He burned my leg. It’s become all red! Have to keep applying burnol, without
letting Soumya know about it! Let me explain it to you, with beer today. It won’t burn, even if it spills. You’re back!!! I knew it, you’d come! This motherf**ker’s been talking as if you’ve died! You missed your flight? Didn’t miss it. Left it! Why? Aren’t there any bars at the airport? You think I let go off Beijing for beer? I came back for the start-up. Don’t worry. Sit down. Waiter, one more glass please. What’d happened Naveen? Rajat asked me if I was sure, that our idea is “one in a million”? It’s just that, I wasn’t sure. So you’re sure, now? No, not sure even now. But then I thought, if we quit our jobs and try,
we might succeed, or we might not. But if we don’t try, then we’ll definitely not succeed. So basically, the moral of the story is… We’re all beers, motherf**kers! OK, time to safeguard your phones! Lets bottoms up first. But I don’t have a glass, Yogi! -Take this one.
-And what about you? I’ll drink from the pitcher! Cheers! Cheers! Give me a second guys. – So you’re quitting your job tomorow? Yes Chatty, tell me? Not really tomorrow, becasue I still
have to discuss it with Soumya! Why would you get married, dude? It’s not cumpolsory, to get arrange married, for sex? Yogi, it’s not really for sex Soumya’s also a very good person! What happened? Chatty just called. Akhil gave us the wrong information! Our name’s not on the winner’s list! I knew it! Hostel 4 guys are the biggest douchebags!!! Motherf**kers ate bread savouries all night long And then added their bills to my canteen account! I hate hostel 4 guys. But wait… What about my salary now?

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