Trump’s chaotic post-midterms press conference

Everybody wants to work
in this White House. We are a hot country.
This is a hot White House. So, on the other hand,
you had some that decided to … “Let’s stay
away. Let’s stay away.” They did very poorly. Carlos Cubela [Curbelo],
Mike Coffmann. Too bad Mike. Mia Love … Ah but
Mia Love gave me no love and she lost. Too bad.
Sorry about that Mia. Barbara Comstock,
she didn’t want to have any embrace. Peter Roskom didn’t
want the embrace, Erik Paulsen didn’t
want the embrace. I think you should let
me run the country, you run CNN and,
if you did it well, your ratings would
be much better. – Mr President, if I may …
That’s enough. – If I may ask one
other question. That’s enough.
Put down the mic. – Mr President, are you
worried about indictments coming down in
this investigation? – Mr President … I tell you what, CNN should
be ashamed of itself having you
working for them. You are a rude,
terrible person. You shouldn’t be
working for CNN. You’re a very rude person. The way you treat Sarah
Huckabee is horrible. And the way you treat
other people are horrible. – Can you address concerns
in places like Georgia, where people waited in line
to vote for hours, where voting machines
weren’t working in certain districts
and there wasn’t power? You think that’s the reason
the candidate lost? I heard it was very
efficient in Georgia. I heard it was
very efficient. – How do you see you role
as a moral leader? Go ahead.
Go ahead. – Mr President, just
how do you see your role as a
moral leader? Please. Please. There’s so many people,
I’m sorry. – As a moral
leader though? I think I am a
great moral leader and I love our country.
Go ahead, please.

100 thoughts on “Trump’s chaotic post-midterms press conference

  1. Why don’t you show the CNN reporter harass Trump and refuse to stop talking and disrespecting the president and the white house. Terrible Bias, no wonder no one follows the guardian, you guys suck!

  2. Love how he was telling that CNN report how rude he was to this sarah person yet earlier in the conference he was just bad mouthing members of his own party


  4. Look at that fat red face. The fool is turning into a lobster right before the eyes of America and the world! A world record lobster at that. This lobster weighs in at 350 pounds!

  5. Trump telling Jim Acosta that he treats people and Sarah Sanders really horribly is like the text book definition of being a hypocrite.

  6. …..and in two years time 100 million Americans will collectively say…."Donald Trump, your fired!" I thought things were pretty bad here in Australian politics, but your guy takes the cake!

  7. "..Trump's chaotic post-midterms press conference.:"
    Was it? How so? That one journalist goes off the wall….. is that all it takes for you?

  8. everytime I watch Trump I have to think of the fairy tale of the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen 'The Emperor's New Clothes'… nice story

  9. Blue Wave…LOL what happened, liberals believing their own BS is most amusing.
    Please continue to tell yourself lies seeing that's all you have…losers.

  10. If you're going to give clips accusing someone of a misdeed, please show the entire exchange. President Trump was REACTING to Jim Acosta's bad behavior.

    I'm impressed with the way President Trump handled himself. He scolded Jim Acosta like a deviant schoolboy in need of a paddling. He demonstrated restraint & mercy, giving him several warnings, but put his foot down when it was obvious that "correction" was not going to be effective.

    The 'running the country' remark gave me pause for a moment bcz Acosta is a citizen (employer) and the President is an elected official (employee). However, Jim Acosta was not in the press room representing himself or citizens of the U.S., he was representing CNN as a reporter in the President's home, in a room where he was 'invited' to speak to the President.

    The blatant disrespect for his host & HIS PRESIDENT is despicable. Strike that, it's DEPLORABLE. He should be thankful that President Trump maintained his composure at the assault. I would have been tempted to spank him with that mic & ban him from my presence permanently.

  11. just watch the whole thing and form your own opinion…not snippets that just push a certain narrative…he is not wrong when he says the media is really against him…he is so despised by the media they he will still hammer him even if he finds a cure for cancer tomorrow – what cancer cured??…now what happens to all the doctors???…oh god what has he done??

  12. Oh my goodness. How is this man allowed to run a country? A superpower. A democracy. The leader of the free world as it likes to call itself. The man acts like a child would. How did this happen?

  13. I salute you President Trump for what you have accomplished for America and the American people…God bless America

  14. YOU SEE?! At 0:55 Jim Acosta from fake CNN assaulted that White House aid with the mic! No wonder they BANNED him from the White House press corps. See you in court Jimmy.

  15. I care about what the POTUS do for the country. I don't care if his taxes are right, if he slept with 50 women, If Russia made him win the elections, or if he is racist.
    What really matters is what he's doing for the country nothing else.
    Everybody should concentrate on that.

  16. I 'd Just like to thank PRESIDENT TRUMP for smacking the liberal garbage-head media around when they try to bully him with their nazi-liberal mob tactics.

  17. His tan is looking good. 

    I think if he gets another layer of spray on tan done no one will notice that he is a Obese 70+ year old with an narcissistic personality disorder and the diction of a 8 year old.

  18. where the chaos? he is the first president if not the first world leader calling out the psycho fake journalists for what they are. ccn are disgusting

  19. That low life reporter deserved all that he got ,well done President Trump for putting him in his place his childish behaviour was not acceptable shame on him.

  20. At last someone who put the press in their place they are rude and pushy and reports are edited to their agenda …

  21. I think the "president" lost his pacifier prior to this conference, I mean he's grouchier than usual. What a nasty piece of work this "man" is. Pardon my pessimism, but I fear that the Dems taking the house is a phyrric victory in the long run. I seriously hope not.

  22. In his mind. He is doing a terrific job….in reality he is worse than a joke..omg what kind of leader acts like this…he evokes no respect whatsoever. wow childish behavior…

  23. This video has been edited severely and is wrong.
    I saw the original LIVE press conference, and the intern did not do this, as shown in this video.

    In fact, what she DID do was try to SNATCH the mic from Mr. Acosta from CNN, and he pushed her hand away and she squatted until he was finished.

    THE LIES IN THIS VIDEO is totally reprehensible and this must be stopped. trump beckoned the intern to go to Mr. Acosta to retrieve the mic and he was not thru asking his question that was never answered.


  24. All that clever editing and mood music.
    Your influence is turning into effluence Grauniad.
    Poke the tiger and he bites back! Oooh the horror!

  25. very smart – they focussed on the senate, all trump needs to do now is offer a grand deal to the house like lower taxes for legalising marojana and if it gets blocked then the dems piss off two voting blocks and more or less guarentee his re election in 2020.

  26. Notice you didn't show the clip where Acosta pushed the intern's arm down, refusing to give the mic to another reporter waiting.

  27. The orange buffoon is becoming more and more of a dictator everyday. North Korea is going to seem like 'Disneyworld' at this rate.

  28. A disgusting, vacuous and vile example of a broken human. A waste of air meat bag criminal and worryingly unstable.

    He's is a crooked broken man-CHILD with NO moral or ethical compass and very very low I.Q.
    His parents must have been devastated!!

    America what are you doing???????????????

  29. Next 2 years will be President Donald Duck (trump ) versus the US house of Representatives. For those of us in the world outside America we will laugh at your stupid country and its failing system. Quack quack quack.

  30. Oh please!! If the press treated this man with any fairness, his numbers would be amazing. There was no blue wave, only 8 times in history has the Senate been held by a President in the second year after a pres. election! The media are the fools!

  31. The Guardian accuses Trump of 'stifling democracy' and moans for a second Brexit referendum with the same breath.

    No double standards there then.

  32. Jail time for Trumpski and his Klan. This includes the corrupt GOP and Fake Fox as well!!!!

    American Greed!!!! Trumpski and His klan!!!

  33. Only the delusional would cast the loss of the House of Representatives as a win. My horse didn't come last – he came 12th! This is Trump self-comforting when there's no handy bucket of KFC to sink his teeth into. Mr. President – you have to know – this is just the start of the bad news bulletins – and they're going to get a whole lot worse.

  34. I don't know what's more hilarious. When he said Mia Love gave me no love or rude, terrible person. This rant headlines "Trumps Greatest Hits" How is this man President 😂

  35. In the long run, this is worrisome news for Republicans. As of last November, fully 67 percent of Millennials identified either as Democrats or as Independents who lean Democratic. Given their liberal attitudes on social issues and experience-based openness to immigrants from other cultures, the first six months of the Trump administrations train wrecks and are unlikely to have shifted their preference toward the GOP. Within the next decade, as their numbers and participation rates swell, Millennials will be the single largest cohort in the electorate. And if history is any guide, their early voting patterns will likely persist into their mature years.


  37. Americans are an amazing people. Their democracy is an illusion, a complete sham and they fall for it so completely. Regardless of whoever they vote for absolutely nothing changes! The U.S at its most basic, is a corrupted Oligarchy transferring wealth from the people into the pockets of shareholders, even if the cost is death to Americans in the form of poisoned drinking water of a whole Town, or blown to pieces by the Taliban. It is difficult to believe how an entire race of people can be so ignorant. They are naked and starving and still think they live in paradise.

  38. Idiotic Trump starts off this press conference with the stupidest comment: "We are a hot White House," We are a hot country?????????????????????????? Did he forget that the Democrats now control the House of Representatives? Maybe it's a figment of his imagination, he thinks he won?

    Trump is totally delusional, off his rocker, space cadet, the lights are on, but nobody is home (Rosemaire Kibbee), out to lunch, El Loco in the Coco. You get my general gist. This idiotic opening to a speech shows how exceedingly not qualified to be POTUS. The man is a blithering idiot.

    He started trade wars with all of our allies: France, Canada, Mexico, Germany, etc., raised our National Debt from 19 TRILLION to 21 TRILLION just to give himself tax cuts (15%) and his rich buddies and greedy corporations — who were already hoarding massive amounts of money.

    Just look at all the constant chaos that has surrounded his ill-fated presidency. He has ruined diplomatic relations with all of our closest allies. What is most shocking is that he declared himself to be a "Nationalist," aka White Nationalist, White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi, Aryan Brotherhood, and all other white domestic terrorists groups in America.

    The threat from these vicious groups has far exceeded the threat that used to be posed by Islamic Terrorists. White, American hate groups have murdered more people than any attack from a foreign, Muslim country.

    Also, Trump has is extremely cozy with all the most murderous Dictators, Tyrants, Autocrats existing in the world today. One if his best buddies is Vladimir Putin, murderous Dictator of Russia. His sycophantic fawning over Putin is sickening. At the Helsinki Summit he took Putin's side against all of our intelligence agencies re the massive cyber attack launched on Putin's orders to manipulate the 2016 presidential election in Trump's favor.

    Special Counsel Robert Muller's Investigation. For the last two years, Trump has tried to stop this investigation by firing, Sally Yates, James Comey, Director of the F.B.I., Jeff Sessions, Andrew McCabe, and many others with the deliberate intent to end the investigation. He is very worried because he has something to hide. Perhaps his close financial ties to Russian, and his crooked business deals his has continued to engage in all over the wold and profit from while in office.

    Now that the Democrats are in control of the House of Representatives, and in control of four committees, they will hold him to account, e.g., subpoena his tax records, interview witnesses that the Republicans refused to interview during the so-called congressional investigations.

    The sycophantic Republicans have aided and abetted Trump in destroying the pillars of our Democracy, the Press (or as he claims the "Enemy" of the people. This is a tactic Dictators, Autocrats, Tyrants have used all throughout history and to the present day); our Justice Department, All of our Intelligence agencies (F.B.I. C.I.A, etc.) has stoked racial hatred on Twitter, his rallies and at press conferences.

    America does not need a tyrant in charge of our country. The United States' history is that many people left England due to oppression and unfair taxation by King George. George Washington and other patriots were determined not to be subservient to any King, Tyrant, etc. Having Trump as POTUS is contrary to the intent of our forefathers and contrary to our Democracy.

  39. "…you are a rude, terrible person…shouldn't be working for CNN."
    However Acosta does meet the criteria for a job in the Trump White House.

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