Trump keeps telling the same story with different characters

100 thoughts on “Trump keeps telling the same story with different characters

  1. Yeah. Good economy, low unemployment, businesses growing and hiring. Working to reduce human trafficking and drug deaths. Same old same old.

  2. I’m sorry to say, but if you really believe anything Trump says you’re a moron.

    They say don’t call Republicans stupid blah blah…but look at the guy they worship. Trump is a complete and utter dolt.

  3. Judge judy says if you tell the truth you won't get caught in a lie. Donnie would never accept this good advice since it came from a woman.

  4. In other words Trump's keeps telling the same lie with a different twist each time using different FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

    But guess who's buying the snake oil?


  6. He is just talking BS the whole fuckin day.. Only about himself. Either he is complaining how bad he is treated or how great he is and how many ppl call him sir, cry and thank him

    What a weiner

  7. What are the odds of that raving lunatic asked the same question to different people and they answered in the same way?
    Now, how this kind of lunacy is acceptable for a person holding high office?

  8. Hard to fathom that he is too stupid to know there is video evidence of his lies! That or he thinks were too stupid to find the evidence. (sigh…)

  9. Is that last guy he quoted Jared’s previously incarcerated dad? Well, that’s not a shady endorsement at all. Glad he’s among the fake characters in Trump’s fake retelling.

  10. The horrible, one-sided, catastrophic, lying orange puppet is the biggest mistake to ever set foot in the white house.

  11. The lies…. Lol. Silly 😋.
    Resign already before the base has time to put the pattern together of how they were fooled by the con.

  12. Breaking down the rehearsal lie for self praise.
    To fool each of the members of the audiences he tells the same lie to.
    Not only an American embarrassment as the world is watching,
    but a personal embarrassment for trump being caught in the pathological lies,
    as well as all of the different name's used, as they now know the world knows they were just used in a massive lie scandal. That's made headlines.
    And a republican party embarrassment as they just realized their political party president as representing the Republican party , knows they have a pathological lier that knows no Truth nor speaks any truth at all.
    But trump stands there in personal self praise based on a rehearsal lie that he had to memorize to tell all the numerous different group of people, while changing the names used to relate to each of the crowds he needed to lie to ( in hopes of selling the con for personal self use and praises ).
    Freaking unmatched wisdom lol based on lies and deception.

  13. You'd have to be either stupid or willfully ignorant to be a trump supporter. This guy is so blatantly obvious a con man

  14. Who would use Israel, in a lie for self praise? Lol trump if it's gets a vote.. ouch. Hummm let me use Israel in a line of lies! And then bask in the glory of the lies and deception for personal political gain. Trump: Amen ! Lol. Get that vote 💪 lol
    Shamelessly Classic use of the holy lands.
    What was the most important bunt of the lie?
    Iran….. Not Israel….. Interesting. Very insightful and telling truth, from such a shameless lie.

  15. Trump go back to works l mounth likes you can take you straight to impeach and prison remember Pelosi want you go to prison…

  16. What a difference in energy when you compare the comments on far left channels like this to Conservative channels,,,, nothing but anger, hate, division, hostility and mockery from the Left.

  17. Trump winning – WP whining American's winning – WP whining America winning – WP whining
    The Washington Fence Post, a member of: THE LAME STREAM MEDIA NETWORK

  18. Sheldon Adelson, a casino billionaire and republican donor, doesn't care about America women, men, children or anything else "American" as a country… only it's military and economic might. Oh yea, he might care about its money.

    Adelson supports the republicans because he perceives the republicans supporting the Jewish State more than the democrats. Sheldon believes in choices that "my old immigrant Jewish neighbors would have made. They would not have let a few disagreements with Republicans void the importance of siding with the political party that better supports liberal democracies like Israel".

    So, Adelson, who is now 85, is basing his support for the republicans from the perspective of his "old immigrant Jewish neighbors" who have now long since died…like the United States is still in the early 1900s and whatever the republican party was then…still exists today.

    His physical and mental health has seriously deteriorated to the point his Dr. wife doesn't want him to focus on more than one thing at a time.

    This is what happens when someone with billions of dollars, is aged, not all present, but makes decisions that influence the life of millions of others. He is buying the United States Republican Party in an ill-conceived attempt at using its military and economic might to favor the Jewish state…Israel.

    American's be damned. He only cares about Israel.

  19. JEWISH BILLIONAIRES WITHDRAW SUPPORT FROM GOP CANDIDATES Leslie Wexner announced “I’m no longer a Republican,” and that he will no longer support the Republican Party.
    [The Jerusalem Post]

    –One of the largest donors to the Republican Party in New England, Seth Klarman, is calling on voters to support Democratic candidates in the upcoming elections, and he put his money where his mouth is. Klarman, who is a registered Independent and stresses that “I’m not a Democrat,” told New York Times columnist Barri Weiss on Saturday that he has so far this year donated $4.9 million to nearly 150 candidates, most running as Democrats.

    –He said that by the election in November he will have spent between $18 million and $20 million on Democratic candidates.

    –“We need to turn the House and Senate as a check on Donald Trump and his runaway presidency,” he said. “I’m stretching far beyond what I usually do,” he said of his planned donations to Democratic candidates.

    –Klarman told Weiss that he “has been alarmed by Republican attempts at voter suppression, and by a president who demonizes immigrants and suggests that Muslims, Hispanics and blacks are second-class citizens.” He also said he feels “betrayed” by “spineless” Republicans who have, with rare exceptions, been “profiles in cowardice.”

  20. Dick Tater Trump is a pathological liar with narcissistic personality disorder.

    Why do people still pretend he ever says anything true?

  21. lol, what do you expect? he's touring, people are in Different places, dont cha know?
    When he speaks (for those who dont get it) he is in a different place and there are different people…
    Keep on grasping WP… u suck!

  22. History will not remember "president" Trump kindly at all – he will be a cautionary tale for future generations about how hate, bigotry and divisiveness can and will tear a nation apart.

  23. Charlatan in Chief …a lifelong conman who’s greatest con was tricking all those idiots to vote for him against their best interests

  24. Apparently Trump is a slow learner. The same question four times and he still doesn't get it.

    Of course the point of the story is that creating a nuclear Iran is the best thing Trump ever did. What's his second greatest accomplishment, polluting the planet with deregulation?

  25. It never ceases to amaze how the media (and haters) can turn anything he says into a criticism. Our POTUS is a man who seeks the opinions of others and considers them. (A wise man will seek counsel)….so, he often asks many people the same question when he's gathering information. It's as simple as that. Duh.

  26. "Trump keeps telling the same story with different characters?" What do you EXPECT? He only has a 500-word vocabulary and cannot read. He has room in his "head?" for one or two Big Lie tales, so he just replaces the names and swaps out the 8 adjectives he knows.
    It's what HAPPENS when you have an IQ of 77.

  27. And u still keep saying Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi it's religion scholar? I suppose u do it,cause u are dumb trashes!!
    And before idiots like u try to make argument with me,my father it's muslim and we share the same opinions about that bag of garbage,also we are not the only Arabs(Palestinians) share that opinion..I know people from Syria,Berut,Jordan and i can keep going,we share the same opinion about that trash u say he is religion scholar..But i didn't wait anything else from libtards like u!!

  28. By far the biggest manipulator human America ever witnessed. Can't wait to see him gone! Trump's gonna have a bad Christmas.

  29. It is his supporters I feel sorry for because he is playing them, taking them for granted and messing up their thinking.

  30. Yeah he's a Gemini; dual nature, multiple personalities, excelling in communication, gift of gab, gesticulating, Geminis rule the "hands". Gemins and Virgos ruled by Mercury! Virgos are constantly worrisome! Geminis feels like a wound up spring inside anxious to jump out of its skin! Mercury craves movement and communication! Virgos in my opinion are the best at servicing others! Geminis must communicate! This explains why your president is always shooting himself in the foot and "Tweeting". All I'm saying is it all makes sense!

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