Topical Research for Speech Writing : Examples of Plagiarism in Speech Writing

Hey there we are working on research and resources
for public speaking. And we’re talking about a pretty serious subject right now. That’s
plagiarism. While we established that plagiarism is taking somebodies stuff and not giving
them credit for it I want to get a little more specific with some examples. Let’s say
that you read a quote in a book. Four score and so forth and so on. And you write that
down exactly in your speech. You deliberately took that word for word from that book. Now
if you don’t cite in that speech where that came from and who said it you have just plagiarized.
It’s real simple to say it in the speech. You can quote it just like that. For example
I might say as I read in Time Magazine, edition 5 1999 the article on, written by. Just cite
the source. You’ve got to be careful though because sometimes you think well I’m just
going to paraphrase this just a little, I’m going to change a few words around, not a
big deal, nobodies ever going to know. Does it make it right? Maybe nobody ever will know.
But you didn’t write those words. You either site the source or you take the little grain
of the thought of an idea and come up with your own thing. Now let me give you a crazy
example of extreme plagiarism. I love magazines. I just do. I like to read magazines. I like
to read magazine articles. Well one time I had a speech, lovely speech the girl got up
and did. One of the best speeches I’ve ever heard. But the whole time she was speaking
I thought this is so familiar. I have heard this speech before. What is it? Well a day
passed, a couple of days passed. And it dawned on me. It was exactly word for word the magazine
article I had read the week before. Big time plagiarism. And you want to know what happened
to her? Tune in and find out.

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