Top Praxis II (5113) Music Test Tips!

Hello, and welcome to the Praxis II Music
Content Knowledge Exam informational video! The Music Content Knowledge, or Music CK,
is designed to measure the knowledge and competencies necessary for a Music Teacher. The exam is
broken into four categories; Music History and Literature, Theory and Composition, Performance,
and Pedagogy, Professional Issues, and Technology. The exam has two different types of questions
in it, Multiple-Choice and Listening questions. Section 1, Music History and Literature, has
8 listening questions and 9 multiple choice questions and is worth 14% of the exam. Section
2, Theory and Composition, has 9 listening questions and 10 multiple-choice questions
and is worth 16%. Section 3, Performance, has 13 listening questions and 15 multiple-choice
questions and is worth 23%. And the final section, Pedagogy, Professional Issues, and
Technology, does not have any listening questions but has 56 multiple choice questions and is
worth the remaining 47% of the exam. All of this makes up for a total of 120 questions,
30 of which are listening and 90 of which are multiple-choice.
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Thanks for watching and good luck on the Praxis II.

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