Top 10 Horror Writers

Great horror writers know how to pen stories
that chill the blood and make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck we’ve compiled
a list featuring our picks for the top 10 masters of the horror genre
number 10 Dean Koontz New York Times bestselling
author Dean Koontz has written books in numerous genres but for many readers it’s his psychological
horror novels such as Twilight Eyes, The Bad Place and Odd Thomas that really stand out
number 9 Anne Rice gothic horror author Anne Rice is known best for her Vampire Chronicles
series which has been adapted into two films Interview With A Vampire, and Queen Of The
Damned Rice’s unique spin on the vampire genre helped spawn the rising trend in vampire books,
movies, and television shows number 8 Peter Straub Bram Stoker award winning author Peter
Straub has co-written books with renowned horror author Stephen King additionally he’s
made his mark on the horror genre with ghoulish tales such as In The Night Room, The Hellfire
Club, and A Dark Matter number 7 Richard Matheson born in our home state of New Jersey Richard
Matheson is equal parts author and screenwriter Matheson has terrified readers with novels
such as The Shrinking Man, and I Am Legend the latter being adapted into a feature-length
film in 2007 starring Will Smith Matheson was also one of the few contributing writers
for the television series The Twilight Zone number 6 Clive Barker coming into prominence
during the mid-80s with his collection of short fiction Books Of Blood, Clive Barker’s
evil visions have been adapted into well-known horror films such as Hellraiser and Candyman
Barker’s distinctive style is characterized by the notion of hidden fantastical worlds
coexisting with our own number 5 R.L. Stine R.L. Stine has carved a niche in writing horror
books for children and young adults with his Goosebumps and Fear Street series selling
over 400 million copies Goosebumps has been adapted into a TV series and most-recently
a feature film in 2015 starring Jack Black number 4 is a TIE between Bram Stoker and
Mary Shelley both Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley have terrified readers with their signature
monsters Stoker’s Dracula and Shelley’s Frankenstein are 2 of the most famous and feared creatures
inspiring generations of horror writers Number 3 H.P. Lovecraft virtually unknown and published
only in pulp magazines before his death Lovecraft is now regarded as one of the most significant
20th century horror authors many writers today cite H.P. Lovecraft as being one of their
main inspirations Lovecraft’s monster of the deep from his story Cthulhu Mythos is frequently
referenced in TV, movies, and music even today number 2 Edgar Allan Poe author, poet, editor,
and literary critic, Edgar Allan Poe is widely known for his macabre tales Poe is cited as
one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story and has influenced numerous
writers with poems like The Raven and short fiction such as The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black
Cat, and The Masque Of The Red Death Number 1 Stephen King one of the most recognizable
faces in modern horror Stephen King has sold over 350 million books and won numerous awards
such as the Bram Stoker Award The National Book Foundation Medal, King’s stories such
as Carrie, The Shining Pet Sematary, and It, are just a few novels that have left a
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48 thoughts on “Top 10 Horror Writers

  1. I am legend was also adapted into film as Omega man in 1971 with Charlton Heston as the lead and as The last man on Earth in 1964 with Vincent Price.

  2. There are so many lovecraft fans here that dont agree with the list. LOVECRAFT FUCKING SUCKKSSSSSs AND STEPHEN KING WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST AUTHOR IN THE WORLDDD

  3. Although not as great as lovecraft, or king poe, R.L stein will always have a place in my heart for being my first step into horror

  4. My top 3 is:
    1)H.P. Lovecraft
    2)Steven King
    3)Edgar Allan Poe

    Lovecraft is number 1 because he didnt write about killers but about creatures noone can disprove due to the story taking so far back. Many other details of the story make readers stay awake thinking about the mysterious author and story. H.P Lovecraft was a really impacting and important author and lovecraft as a story jumps to the biggest feat of man Mystery and the Unknown and makes it somehow believable. The fact that hp lovecraft hasnt made any other works is also food for thought. I know this message was long but i wanted to say why i think lovecraft is the best horror author.

  5. I love King more than any of these writers. However, I'd have to rate Poe as the best, simply because he was the man who inspired both King and Lovecraft.

    My top 3: 1) Poe
    2) King
    3) Lovecraft

    Lovecraft creates better, more vivid monsters than King. But King is able to masterfully write both novels, long and short, and short stories. Plus, King's dialogue is smoother and his characters seem more realistic than Lovecraft.

  6. Personally, I think H. P. Lovecraft deserved the number 1 spot. There’s no doubt Stephen King is the greatest horror author of our day, but Lovecraft harnessed the most primal fear and shaped into something completely original and terrifying, his legacy alone usurps that of King or any other author ten fold (except perhaps Poe, being Lovecraft’s primary inspiration)

  7. Eldestrozaculo is absolutely right….. Poe is an emancipator of Horror through these other idiotic, foolish authors.

  8. To place Stephen King above H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe is an outrage. Poe basically invented the short horror story and Lovecraft perfected it, so without them King probably wouldn't even have become a writer. King himself acknowledges that Lovecraft "opened the way" for him writing horror fiction. It is also outrageous putting R.L. Stine on the list, while not including Robert W. Chambers, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, or August Derleth. Even Caitlin R. Kiernan and and Neil Gaiman deserve to be on the list far more than Stine.

  9. How could you dare to give the same level to Stephen king as the great masters Lovecraft and Poe.
    You lose one subscriber.

  10. Dean Koontz looks like a serial killer as it is already!! (if you read this, I mean it in a good way. It suits your writing style)

  11. I realy like that little war in the coments betwen people who adore Lovecraft or Poe……. just shows how great the work of these authors is.

  12. A book is a perfectly personalized map through the forest of nightmares, because we already know where the monsters are. The horror stories reflect their time: just like the repressed Victorians loved their vampires, it seems that we gravitate toward technology, the zombies , dystopia and psychological terrors.

  13. For a sec I thought u were not going to do s.k. and i was like WHATTTT! But of course he is 1! Also used to read Fear Street all the time from10-13, (goosebumps was always too kiddy for me). I got into Ann Rice for a while, and my fave Koontz books are night chills and watchers!

  14. Edgar should of been higher on the list. I can guarantee that without his brilliance we wouldn't have a Steven King or a Lovecraft.

  15. This list is trash. Fix it H.P. is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the rest. NUMBER ONE by NO CONTEST. Your fucking stupid if you think otherwise.

  16. One thing is obvious about these lists. These people don't read a lot of horror novels ! No love for Ramsay Campbell, John Saul, Graham Masterton, Joe Hill, Poppy Z Brite, Charles L Grant, Richard Laymon = a fail for me.

  17. Look, I love Stephen and he has written a TON of stuff but Poe and Lovecraft are definitely number 1 and 2. Poe inspired Lovecraft and Lovecraft literally made an entire genre

  18. Frankenstein is not a creature for crissake. He's a scientist who created a creature. You don't have to be a horror writer to know that.

  19. R.L Stine being higher then Clive Barker. I'm confused cause I thought Clive was much more scarier to people I guess not still would put Clive in my top 3 along with dean koontz and Stephen king and honorable mentions to thomas Harris and george rr martin

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