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  1. Cool video Fran. As a single Dad who runs photography business at the same time… I would think that all having a child will do, will make you (ultimately, after a good amount of effort) happier and more full in life. I have to work in and around school times etc… the baby stage has as many highs as lows, but you can't beat the feelings you get from having a child and the love that brings. There is a way, and it will add more depth to your life and who you are for you, and to your followers. Also people who have children will connect with you as well… many more doors will likely open up 😉 My Daughter is the best thing I have in my life. …and besides, who would be better at drawing a little person than you 🙂

  2. Thank you, it's as if you went into my head and found the words I had hidden so far back in my mind. I am perpetually afraid, and even though I do all of the affirmations and read all the motivational books I find – I still watch myself self sabotage everything. Some days I'm afraid of any noise my phone makes because I'm waiting for this to end – for someone to take my art away. So every email, text, message are all potential threats to me. This has caused me to hurt people I love, and lose clients I've had for 5 years because I am so controlled by the fear that I'll lose them that I'm paralyzed. I'm constantly thinking that I don't deserve my clients, that they'll find someone better. I turn it into anger and get defensive like, "Well, I don't care about what they think, I'm doing my best!" I've been so far into this fear cycle I forgot I was afraid until I heard you say it. I'm deathly afraid of being to successful because then what will I do when it's over?

  3. "Everybody is feeling scared of something." A good reminder to know you're never alone! thank you 🙂

  4. I just found your channel and can totally relate. I had an etsy shop and by appointment apparel business for more than 10 years and took a break from it and now feel quite nervous/scared to start things up again. I keep thinking of what direction to take things now but havent made a clear decision yet. ❤️

  5. This is the first video of yours I've seen (but I subbed before it was halfway over 🙂 ), and it's uncanny how much I identify with everything you said (well, except for the having a baby part 😛 ). Thank you for letting yourself be vulnerable and showing others, like me, that we're not alone, that this kind of fear is normal and if we're afraid, it's not because there's something wrong with us, and that we can still find real success even when our fears tell us it'll never happen. Thank you!

  6. This is the first video of yours I have seen and I just want you to know that I look forward to more. Your energy is awesome and your advice is on point and timely! Thank you so much!

    Bright Blessings & Reiki Hugs!


  7. If you have a baby, you will still keep your YouTube and IG, etc. You just might plan it differently. Please trust that we would love to see a mini Frannerd sometimes, too! 😉

  8. Have you ever feel stuck with your art? And feeling like your art skill is not improving in any way? If you have, what did you do to deal with this kind of depression and anxiety?

  9. I fell in love with you and your drawings O_O I can totally understand what your coming from. I guess everyone worries and is scared about things in life. But facing those illogical fears is so much struggle and I hope all do their best to overcome them!
    Also, do you by any chance use a deviantArt account?

  10. My first video I've watched of you and I think you are freaking AWESOME. Thank you for this, and I look forward to watching more and seeing you succeed!!

  11. Fran, I have been terrified of moving away from science and back into art (it's taken me 10 years to even consider it!) but your honesty, openness and wisdom is so refreshing and encouraging that I feel like taking the leap (and I literally only found your channel yesterday). Thank you and congratulations on your success. 🙂

  12. When you are being scared of losing something, you're already experiencing these emotions and stress that are connected to that situation. Enjoy here and now like there is no tomorrow. Goo luck! New subscriber

  13. Today I freaked out about not being able to pursue my dreams, I took a walk and thought about it and turned out I was just being scared… I've been meaning to watch your video for a long time and as soon as I opened YT, this video was the first thing that I saw… now I thank you cuz as you were talking I was like: she gets it, she really really gets me… thank you deeply, your words have made me feel in companion with my fears and your advice has just made me feel that yeah, I'm not alone, I just have to take action. MERCI FRAN!

  14. I just came across your channel in recommended videos (yay for the algorithm!) thankyou for saying everything here, you're great! And so right, action is always the best way to deal with fear (and most things, really). And go make your new human, the world needs more of you in it, and putting yourself in another person means the impact you have on the world can live on through them… xx

  15. Wow, I just subscribed to your channel, and I love you! Im an illustrator as well, I love your work!
    You talked about the same fears I have, I am so grateful for your advises and honest video! I almost teared up! Thank you for being so honest!

  16. Me identifico tanto contigo. Tengo metas muy parecidas a las tuyas y todavía no he empezado a hacer mi tienda y todo eso, pero puedo ver el mismo patrón si miro hacia mi pasado o mirando tu video: siempre está presente ese temorcillo ansioso por una u otra razón en nuestras vidas… y creo que es sólo parte de lo que somos: personas sensibles. Creo que mientras maduramos aprendemos a enfrentar esos miedos de a poco, como tú dices, y siempre llegan otros nuevos. Sólo hay que recordar lo valientes que hemos sido en el pasado y las experiencias que hemos vivido y conquistado. Asique… a echarle pa' elante no ma' miha 😀 <3

  17. I just subscribed because I love your personality and what you talk about. Please keep doing what you do. Thank you. 🙂

  18. Hi!
    First of all, i want to thank you for your inspiration, motivation ,advice)))thank you for every video you made and will))
    and yeah i'm too scared))
    But! You are that person who gives me power and confidence to go and do what i love)))

  19. Just getting into creating my own tutorial/motivational videos myself, and this is really helpful! You're an incredible artist and I think I can speak for everyone that it's awesome you're sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

  20. Fear of disappointment, whether it be others or yourself is a big part of being so passionate about something. It's a gnawing sensation, but working through the pain is worthwhile.

  21. I'm really happy to have found your videos. It's nice to know that other people share your struggles. Thanks so much!

  22. You articulated this so well. I've been sitting on all my projects for so long because creating and putting out content on the internet is so scary but damn, I want to do it so bad. In recent weeks I've taken small steps to create some things and share them. It feels good but I know I have so much more to create. Your advice on doing one small scary thing at a time is exactly what I needed to hear. Love this video!

  23. omg I'm jumbling into SAME things as you were at the moment T-T
    Been thinking about resigning graphic design job, but I'm too chickened at the prospect of not being able to support myself in illustration job. Thank you for talking about this (and your other videos too!) I'm going to solve this problem soon and get the courage to do some "action"

  24. drawing while listening is the best.

    Aristotle said that courage is not the absence of fear, but right action in the presence of fear.

  25. Vulnerability= Strength. I just came across your video and immediately looked up your Etsy. Your art is so happy-making and adorable. I love the cup of coffee/tea pin. OMG I need it!! Thank you for opening up and sharing your feelings to the world. Putting your heart (and art work) out there is super scary but really brave. You're awesome and so many opportunities are going to keep coming your way. <3

    Gonna take your advice and finally go to an open mic night. Taking action. =^.^=

  26. Wow you said everything I needed to hear. Just wow! It felt like you were talking right to me Fran. Thank you so much!! I just recently got to a place in my life where I'm confident enough to be the artist I always wanted to be. It's crazy I'm so confident in myself. I've succeed at so many things to achieve said confidence. Very happy peaceful middle class life with an amazing husband. So now I'm feeling excited about my writing and photography. The crazy part is how nervous I am about exposing myself to potential rejection by the public. What if they don't like it? Oh no. What if they do like it? Oh no. I'm so new at this it's again crazy. 2 Youtube subscribers (I've only been at it about a week) , less than 250 Twitter followers and just over 300 Instagram followers. Not very active on either account until a few weeks ago.I'm putting together a photography book of my photos and photos of my deceased mom's paintings. (no plug =no name of said book). I'm making it free because hopefully it will sell better and I don't real care that much about money. I don't care nearly as much if people like my stuff but I'm really hoping people love her stuff because it would have made her so happy. Bigger picture I know what really matters and it's the love this book represents. I just need to be patient and have faith. Whoever buys it, Cool, whoever doesn't buy it, also Cool. More nervous about my second book which I've spent the last 25 years off and working on. I'm donating all it's profits to charity so hopefully I get better at Social media. I know big picture is doesn't matter how much it makes. Again fearing I can't make the very worthwhile charity any real money.Thank you so much for easing my fears by sharing yours. Your new subscriber and fan Gail

  27. god, youre saying just what i feel. Are you reading my mind? seems to. Everything is gonna be ok, we wont leave you <3

  28. Hey! I just stopped by to tell you that you are one of the most inspiring and likeable artists here 🙂
    I usually make digital art and pencil art only but your videos, even those about markers, make me motivated and focused on my art goals 🙂
    Have a great day! 🙂

  29. I really loved this video, it was so inspiring and it's amazing that you exposed yourself so much. Talking about our fears, feeling and dealing with them is already so hard sometimes and videos like this, where you are just showing your human side so bluntly are very important. Thank you 🙂

  30. About having a baby I really want to share something. You know, you are really brave who worked and fought for your dream in so many years, and now you have it. And that is great!
    I am not at the same place as you, sure I have almost thousand followers on a poetry blog on Tumblr, that is something, and I am trying my best to publish two books this year, one fiction and one poetry book, all about mystics, cosmic-alien-inspirational-weird-stuff – something that I am proud of. But I do not have any success. Nevertheless, I love what I do.
    I also have three kids. One of them is a foster child. Of course, a baby and child is a lot of work, as it is for me as well. My kids need a lot of my time, of course. But I am sure about one thing: I would not have been where I am today without them – with that I mean – I would not be as deep, be able to produce quality in that way, I would not be as brave if I wasn't a mother. They give me SO MUCH BACK, they are the 3D in a 2D world, the colors when you've known the world as colorless before. They are my heart for sure – and then I also have what I love to do. Okay I am very uncertain about myself for time being, but I guess it will pass. What I am trying to say is: you will learn to be more productive with less time. You will learn to be more effective, you will learn to appreciate time even more, you will sit and draw sketches with your baby on your lap, and when it grows up it will want to do as you do etc. You will become one beautiful thing all three of you, as well as the cats. You will find creative solutions in everyday life to make it work – and you will get a lot of inspiration from it! I know it is scary, I really understand you. I was shit scared with my first. Now my first is 7 years old, and I am forever grateful that I dared to be a mother. <3 And you will connect even MORE with people like me when you talk about having a child, drawing etc. As I am sure of many others. With help as you mentioned as well, a very wise thing – you will be able to prioritize on a whole new level. <3

  31. I have been drawing and making my own illustrations for like 6 years and I still haven't had a defined style and im afraid I never define it, I also started an instagram account to start posting and sharing my sketches and illustrations but i've barely posted anything because im afraid of failing miserably, and idk if its just me but right now im at university and im studying design, and its such a cool carreer but so broad and i feel like everyone knows what they want to do with their carrers and have well defined what they want and i dont and that really scares me, it scares me the fact that idk if im gonna find/define what i want for me.
    Man… it really helps to get it out of your chest from time to time….

  32. Thank you so much for your honesty! Your such a big inspiration for me and I'm over the moon happy that I found your channel. I'm a young freelance textile designer and illustrator and besides my fears of dealing with my etsy shop and social media presence the biggest problem for me is that my family doesn't understand my work and career choices and questions every step I'm taking towards becoming an artist and make a living… So again thank you for your advice, your videos etc you can't imagine how much I appreciate this! Much love from Germany :*

  33. Lo que más temo de mostrar al mundo mis ilustraciones, es no ser lo suficientemente buena :c Creo que eres muy valiente Fran porque aunque eres muy talentosa, supongo que muchas veces uno no sabe qué tan bueno es en algo hasta que otros te lo dicen

  34. Fran, yo siento lo mismo. Después de tantos años de duro trabajo para conseguir vivir de esto, ahora he tenido un bebé y mi mayor miedo es perderlo todo. Intento contar algunas cosillas en twitter: https://twitter.com/Autonoma_y_mami

  35. Hi Fran, I admit even if sometimes don't watch your youtube post regularly. I always know when i binge watch it later. I will always always get some value from it!! (Like what i am doing right now ) .I don't know if this will comfort you . But someday even when you are not on youtube anymore. Just remember you have deep impact of many freelancer life (for real ! mine is one of them for sure) a lots of love and blessing from us. 🙂

  36. "I want this so bad, but I am not willing to deal with this right now, because I don't want the possibility of failure(…)." – That's exactly how I feel … all the time!
    1. I start.
    2. While working on it I am not satisfied with my level of expertise anymore. I feel like I won't be good enough to do it.
    3. Suddenly I am afraid of failing again.
    4. So I stop.

    Somehow hearing this from another "artistic" person gave me hope to overcome that train of thought!

  37. You're gonna be OK. I admire that you have gotten this far. You and your work are such an inspiration. Take rests. Take intervals. I think. 🙂 Good luck!

  38. OMG I just found one of your videos some minutes ago, I kept watching and you're like a version of myself in the future, yes I know it sounds weird, but your "past experiences and fears" are the ones that I am facing right now, I am also a Graphic Designer, and the point that you explain in this video it's something that I always was concerned that in any point I'd be there… And those fears about losing what you have for any experience were the same ones that I had in mind… Even if our illustration style is kind adifferent, I feel close to you for some of your experiences. I hope that everything turned out so good in this months, cause it's october already, and this video is from june. Greeting from Colombia! 😀 Wonderful your videos eh! lot of help there!

  39. Thank you ❤️💖 tommorow is the big day that I start my own Etsy shop and I have been terrified for weeks about this. Right now it’s been the case of doing the small steps one at a time. But doing them, acting- like you said. I have no clue what is coming next… its a bit overwhelming. Your thoughts have helped me feel so much less alone. Wishing you the best. ❤️❤️💕❤️

  40. Interesting how you say you are scared of it all been taken away from you. I have been working towards selling art online – dont have enough stock yet or a website or a customer base or and email account….yeah you get the idea I am hiding in a 9-5 job and working my ass off on weekends, lunch breaks and after I get home every night – But I have that exact fear too, I couldnt bare the thought of having a successful shop just for it to disappear again. I know a lot fo these things are excuses and I am just bricking myself that I will be successful in the 1st place and have to be responsible for the entire thing. That is terrifying and exciting all at once.

  41. One question that I want to ask is, (even though I know it is really different from person to person) but how much on average does an illustrator make monthly/yearly?

  42. Thank you for being so honest and for sharing your fears with us !! It really helps to see that other people are feeling the same way and that they can move forward 😀

  43. fran i need help with learning all about photoshop and what brush do u use and how to illustrate propperly cuss i am a new illustrator and i wanna do this in a right way plz ( plz reply me in twitter ) cuss i cant see ur message in here ( i got alot of stuff in my hands in rl

  44. I really liked this video, I am just starting out and this is a big topic for newbies! Great down to earth advice 🙂

  45. Thank you for this video Fran! I am currently thinking of quitting my full time job as a package designer to pursue illustration. I just love it! And I've been binging all your videos these past few days. You are so inspiring for me in this time of my life. You've got a new Franfan here! Your wisdom from your experience has been super helpful and I feel less afraid to actually pursue and not be afraid of failing at what I love to do. Thank you so much!

  46. hola Fran! soy ilustradora amateur por el momento, quiero empezar a vivir de esto pero tengo dos hijos pequeños asi que recien ahora que estan un poco mas grandes puedo empezar a dedicarme, no soy muy fans de tus ilustraciones pero si soy super fan de tu forma de trabajar y amo tus videos y realmente sos una fuente muy fuerte de inspiracion para mi, ademas de que me encantan tus videos por mas que esten en ingles :p mis miedos estan y son tal cual los que contas y creo que son normales tambien los miedos tuyos (ojala llegue a ellos ^_^) queria solo darte las gracias por todo lo que brindas por este medio porque realmente me ayuda muchisimo y segui haciendo estos videos porque los adoro!!!! gracias!!!!! saludos (una argentina viviendo en francia por irse a alemania :))

  47. Hi Fran,
    Thanks for making such helpful real video's. I want to make a zine but I am not sure how or were to find a printers. Do you have any advice on this. Is it better to print your own work or get them printed for starters? Thanks for reading my message. Xx

  48. oh my goodness, girl. we aren't going anywhere. Have that baby. We will wait patiently and buy from your shop and love you from afar.

  49. thank you so much, Fran, for these videos, they are GOLD!!
    Thanks for sharing your experience, it helps me a lot to picture what I want to d next 😀 and, yeah, I'm struggling with my YouTube channel since I don't have a lot of time right now, but I'm sure the time will com for me to do this also 😀 I really love everything you post and draw, please never stop sharing <3<3<3

  50. Hola Fran, te escribo desde Guatemala. Felicitaciones por tu éxito. Eres una artista muy talentosa. Entiendo la preocupación de tener un bebe y como puede afectar tu tiempo para crear porque es un hecho. Los bebes requieren mucho tiempo. Pero imagínate toda la creatividad que va a traer ese bebe a tu vida por todas las experiencias vividas. Así como tu travel journal podrás hacer un Mama Journal. Exitos.

  51. I was too scared to start my Podcast and talking in my Youtube videos but I have started doing both last week and I am feeling great 😛

  52. Hola Fran. Tu crees que vivir allá te ha ayudado a impulsarte como ilustradora? o crees que uno puede tambien hacerlo con la misma potencia en latinoamerica?.

  53. I love you Fran! I’m a beginning artist too and right now, this hits home because I’m terrified of starting my own YouTube channel and creating my own merch. But thank you. You are so authentic and I love your vlogs and honestly, YouTubers like you make me feel not alone in my creative journey 🙂

  54. I love this. It speaks exactly to me right now. I am going out a limb and starting my career as an illustrator. Thank you for your words.

  55. Thank you for making these videos. Ever since I finished art school (2013), I am fighting to get my passion back because school sucked it all out of me. I have always wanted to be an illustrator, but I am so scared and so lost. I still have no style, no idea how to get there. I am always changing, so I feel like I cannot settle for just cute illustrations, or just dark illustrations…. I also don't want to copy anybody. So far, I have been working as a graphics designer because of similar reasons you do. I also babysit, in order to pay the rent and insurance….and I hate it so much. But I don't know what to do. My art Instagram is a mess right now. Mix of vectors and sketches and logos. I don't know what to do. My head has been stressing over the lost passion and the strong desire to be an illustrator, that it is extremely difficult to JUST draw. I feel like art school took a part of myself and I have been incomplete ever since. Sorry for the venting. I just feel very confussed and lost and sad right now… ♥

  56. Hi! Thank you so much for doing this video! I LOVE all your videos but content like this is so inspiring and helpful. You have a great thing going and you'll always have fans. Even if they aren't the same ones that you started with, there will always be people who will like (and dislike unfortunately) what you're doing. So, live YOUR life and have a baby if you wish to 🙂

  57. I just graduate from accounting major but actually my real passion is on art.. maybe I should open a drawing commission while applying jobs in accounting.. I'm really confuse and have no idea what to do right now… 🙁

  58. love you so much and its so great you are talking about this topics everybody has to deal with, but no-one is talking about. In my life I am one of those people saying out loud what everybody is thinking, but to scared to say. Thats a little frustrating, because when no-one talks about being scared, everybody thinks he is the only one who is scared 🤔

  59. Hi Fran
    U were amazing. Am so thankful I saw ur video today. My fears have been stopping me from starting my educational startup for many years now. I fear of rejection, loss of reputation, trouble some customers, having no time off, etc.
    I feel I have watched a real experience sharing video which isn't one of those philosophical or the theoretical thing. And when I read many of the comments, am experiencing a sudden state of peace within, seeing that am not alone and probably most of the people who want to do business or do something by themselves face!

  60. I was an artist, and it wasn't until this year that I have decided to become something else…I am so passionate about art but I just can't seem to love it anymore. I love and hate drawing now, and I really wish I could've made an artistic career. I'm so afraid to make a leap of faith, this video helped me a bit…but I don't think I'll be able to become an illustrator/artist any time soon….

  61. hola, eres de chile? creo que eso entendí recién comencé a seguir tus videos y me volví fan…
    are u from chile? I think that was new in my video and I became a fan …

  62. we won't leave you fran!! <333 i think you're really amazing! please don't forget to take care of yourself! 🙂

  63. I love your video cast you know exactly what i feel to be an illustrator and your pronunciation is really correct so i read English subtitle when i couldn't understand English because I'm Korean.

  64. Thank god that I found this youtube channel. You're truly an angel 💜 when you talk about going through your fear. I am trying to switching myself to be a full time artist. Knowing that there is someone who had been there & telling me about what I can do is really powerful. Love you!

  65. Dearest Fran, thank you so much for being so transparent with us. I haven't started selling my art, because I am scared of the judgement and possible failure. Which I know is crazy because life is so short an each of us is amazing, but that's my over protective fear running rampant. I'm currently reading Big Magic from Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) and in it she says fear and creativy almost always go hand in hand. We need more on this subject! ❤ Thanks again for all your time. We love you just the way you are btw, and you'd have to say something terriblyyy offensive to lose your fans because we're all smitten!

  66. I love to hear your podcasts and watch your videos, son muy relajantes y motivantes al mismo tiempo ❤️ jajaja uops spanglish. Have a great day, week, month, year, and more (;

  67. Me siento tan identificada con todo lo que dices siempre.. pf.. ojalá te conociese en persona. Me veo super reflejada en todo lo que te ocurre o pensamientos o miedos que has tenido ( obviamente tu estas en el nivel 2 de madurez a la hora e enfrentarte a esto y yo en el 1 pero.. nos llevariamos bien jajaja)

  68. Hi Fran, I like you very much. Your advise are so true and so useful for me. I have the same problem now. I keep thinking so much and afraid of the unknown and failure.And this video comes up, that give me the courage to start and deal with my fears. Thank you so much😊

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