Tom Ingham, a Freelance Journalist on Wakelet

As a freelance journalist writing for lots
of different publications, the problem’s always been showcasing your work in the best way
possible in a place that is concise and aesthetically pleasing and Wakelet allows me to do that. I organize my Wakelet by publication. Each Wake is a different website, magazine,
online platform. One of the publications I write for is The
Skinny magazine. Within that Wake I’ve organized online articles
as well as scanning in written features and interviews. And so within those Wakes I can organize the
work that I’m most proud of or is the most relevant to another editor at the top. I’ve been able to send that Wake on to other
editors and showcase my work and based on the strength of that Wake I’ve secured new
roles. Yeah I think for journalists it’s a really
simple and easy way to showcase your best work.

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