This Is The Biggest Money Mistake Millennials Make

I think the biggest money mistake that young people make today is not really focusing on making it you know a lot of people don’t focus on making money because they don’t want their whole life to be about money it’s a very loaded thing to do to focus on that pursuit and and to get good at the numbers and figuring out you know exactly how much money do you want to make this year money is all about numbers so instead of saying I wish I was making more money get very clear on the numbers around money also get into the emotional state of what it would feel like when you do make that money and to get really excited about it and to make it a non-negotiable goal that you make that money anybody who has a nine-to-five job who isn’t making the kind of money they’d like to make at the end of the day your income is based on somebody else right so you can either discuss a raise with them or come up with a way where you could make some kind of Commission or figure out a place that you can move up in the company but at the end of the day if they just keep saying no you’re gonna have to quit and get a more high paying job or become an entrepreneur I’m not a big fan of side hustles because I feel like they exhaust you and if you’ve been working all day I sure as hell wouldn’t want a side hustle so I think it’s time much better spent figuring out what else you can do to make more money if you are kind of freaking out about the fact that you don’t have any savings use that to inspire you and light the fire under your butt to go out and really increase your income fear is a great motivator and you need to be motivated if you’re going to change your life [Music]

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