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Hi everyone I am here today with my… I was going to say June favorites but it’s a bit late for that, my June and July
favorites? My summer favorite? My recent favorites? Whatever the title of this
video is, is what this video is. I made a list of some things I’ve been loving
recently and I would like to talk to you about, so let’s begin with work favorites.
Recently I’ve got a new freelance gig. I don’t know how long it’s going to be
going on for but at the moment it is monthly, so I have a slot on BBC Radio 5
Live. it’s a late night slot from midnight till one in the morning, once a
month on a Wednesday on the Sarah Brett show, and I go on and talk with her about
books that I have been loving. The first one that I did was actually
talking about all of the Women’s Prize shortlisted books because it happened to
be the evening that the winner was announced and there was also an
interview with Tayari Jones who won the prize and then last time I was on I was
talking about life-affirming reads which was actually quite tricky for me because
a lot of the stuff that I read is really quite depressing, as you know… well, not
depressing, that’s the wrong word, but definitely dark and twisted. So yes I had
a hunt through my shelves and I spoke about books I felt were life-affirming
that I loved. There are a few of us who do it and Simon is one of those people, I’ll link his channel down below. Each of us goes on once a month, so one of us is on every week. I will link the previous
shows that I’ve done in the description box down below and I’ll also link
Simon’s channel down below because as I said he is one of the other four people
and I’ve really been enjoying doing that. In other areas of work, since I uploaded
my last favorites video I’ve been away from home more than I’ve been at home
which in itself hasn’t been a favorite because I am a homebody but I loved
being on tour again with Franklin’s Flying Bookshop, the book was
shortlisted for independent bookshop week book of the year so I traveled that
whole week doing events in schools and bookshops and I vlogged it, I’ll link
that video up here and down below. I think the most overwhelming part of that
week was going to Shilbottle primary school in Alnwick and they had told me that
they had painted Franklin Luna on their library wall. I was expecting something
lovely but small, but they painted the whole thing and I was completely
overwhelmed, had a little cry, that’s in the vlog (not the crying
bit, the the library) so I’ll link it down below but I’ll also insert a clip so you can
see a bit of it here. There’ve been a variety of
book festivals and school visits, this was gifted to me last week by a school that
I went to in Liverpool, each of the children in the class had
done an illustration of Franklin and Luna which was put together into a book, that
festival was the Liverpool Festival of Reading and it’s one of the best
festivals that I’ve ever been to, I really loved it. This year they were
focusing on diversity in books so all of the authors that they had there were
BAME authors, queer authors and authors with disfigurements and disabilities so
as well as speaking about Franklin’s Flying Bookshop, I was exploring the
themes of empathy and difference that are within those books and talking about
my own experience of disfigurement and the importance of representation and all
the kids had been learning about that, too. Writing wise I have lots of new
writing projects on the go which I am slightly… I was going to say daunted by but I
don’t it’s not the right word… pleasantly overwhelmed is better. There are lots of things
going on, lots of new books that I hopefully will be able to talk to you
about at some point soon. Outside of work stuff, though actually I’ve got to do
this because of work stuff, last week as I said I was in Liverpool and I was also
doing an event for grown-ups one evening in Liverpool at Waterstones so I met up
with Simon before that event because we hadn’t seen each other for a while and
we had a catch up and he gifted me, because this is how long we haven’t seen
each other for, he gifted me my Christmas presents and birthday presents and I
wanted to show a couple of them because they are delightful.
This one I haven’t used yet but it is amazingly camp, a mermaid
teapot which I love very much and then he also gifted me this which is a
lighthouse. I was going to say it’s made out of paper but I’m guessing actually this
is plastic or metal but it has an LED light inside that you can turn on and
off …actually that’s really not dramatic I don’t think you can even see it… oh, you can
see it a bit. Obviously it looks much better when it’s dark. Also on my favorites list… this is a body shop body butter,
the ultimate fave is their ginger one but I have used all
of it so I can’t hold it up and show you. This is their banana one which I
also like but I’m not sure everyone would love it. I think the reason that I
like this a lot is because when I was younger I had their banana shampoo and
conditioner, any nineties children also have that, because it smells exactly like
that, unsurprisingly. So I think I like it for
nostalgic purposes but if you’re going past the body shop, go in and smell the
ginger body butter because it is the one. Speaking of the one I’ve also been
loving this which is the Quick Roasting Tin. I have all three of them and out of the
three I definitely love the Green Roasting Tin the most but this one is
great, specifically this recipe which I’ve made far too many times, it is
roasted nectarines with goat cheese, almonds, watercress. This also has
croutons in it but I do it without the croutons,
so you roast nectarines in the oven with almonds, honey and rosemary then you mix
it with watercress and add goats cheese. It’s not a healthy salad, I’m aware of
that but it is absolutely delicious. Another
favorite is an exhibition I went to recently, I can’t remember exactly what
it’s called it might be something like “what makes us human” but it’s an
exhibition that’s on until the end of August or the bank holiday weekend in
August at the Barbican and it’s all about the history of AI, so they have
lots of different things about AI from around the world and the primary reason
that I went to go and see it is because part of the exhibition is done by TeamLab. TeamLab are amazing, I spoke about them in the video where I talked about
the honeymoon that we went on to Japan because they’ve done a huge exhibit
there called TeamLab Planets, which is absolutely beautiful, so this is a really
really small part of the exhibition, it’s only one room so if you go,
make sure you ask about it because it’s actually in the basement so it’s
separate from the rest of the exhibit and I don’t want you to miss it. It’s
interactive and you can touch Chinese symbols on the wall that then turn into
butterflies, it’s beautiful, I find what they do so mindful and calming and
wonderful, so if you get the chance to go to anything that they ever do then you
should totally do that. I will link their
website down below so you can see what other exhibitions they have on. They have
stuff on all around the world, I’ve had to bring it over here because
the lighting has changed but at least now you get to see Lola. She’s thrilled.
So before I go a couple of TV favorites. I have adored the new series
of Stranger Things, I think it’s the best season yet. I can’t stop singing
Neverending Story. I’m not going to speak about it because I will probably just
gush and accidentally spoil things so let’s just leave it as I thought it was
amazing, it made me happy and destroyed me, yes. Also I have loved Good Omens. I
haven’t read the book which I should probably rectify by Neil Gaiman and
Terry Pratchett I love the TV show, it’s not perfect but
all of the moments between Aziraphale and Crowley made my heart so very happy and
yes it is very frustrating that their relationship is never explicit on the
screen, and we can talk about queerbaiting… well, I have talked about queerbaiting… but I
have never had an instance or seen an instance with a show where something
is not canon but the creators support it so much off screen, and whilst that’s
not the same as it being on the screen it is pretty delightful. Michael Sheen is
basically the captain of the Crowley/Aziraphale ship; go and look his Twitter
feed because it is the best. The best. Finally, my last TV show
favourite recently has been What We do in the Shadows. I adored the film
that came out four years ago, if you’re not familiar with it it is a
mockumentary about a group of vampires who are talking about what it’s like to
live with a vampire in the 21st century. It is hilarious. It’s made by the same
people who made the film but those actors are only in one episode. I
actually think that the TV show is better than the film, which is perhaps
quite a controversial thing to say but I loved it. If you’re in need of a giggle
it’s on BBC iPlayer. So those are all the things I want to talk to you about today
all of the things that I have been loving. I will leave links to anything I can
link in the description box down below. Let me know what you’ve been loving in a
comment and I will speak to you guys very soon. Lots of bookish love. x

23 thoughts on “Things I’ve Been Loving Recently

  1. I loved Good Omens with every fiber of my being. As a fan of the book I was so worried the show will ruin everything – but they actually made it better! I don't think Crowley and Aziraphale are an example of queerbaiting, because as the book says, "angels are sexless unless they specifically make an effort" and the script portrays the same relationship that we had in the book- they are partners and at the end of the day they choose one another. I could be wrong, but I always associate queerbaiting with how the main protagonists are presented in shows like Sherlock or Supernatural, and I don't think this is what is happening here. Unrelated, I started watching Schitt's Creek this month (about 5 years late on this) and It's hilarious. Highly recommended.

  2. I would have super struggled with life affirming reads. I will be catching up with your latest this week when I need a pick me up (BBC Sounds everyone lol). It was loooooovely to see you, so pleased you love the Christmas and birthday presents. I’m dreadful for wanting to give presents to people in the flesh. Must remember to embrace the post, you’ve sent me a teapot in the post before so I feel it’s like a gauntlet that’s been thrown. What’s the most random and unlikely things we can send each other in the post. I STILL haven’t finished Stranger Things. Maybe tonight.

  3. Glad to hear about your recent favourites. Alas, I cannot think of anything I've been enjoying recently, which is not surprising in the least. Hope your week is being utterly top notch. 😀

  4. 'Good Omens' is not queerbaiting. Queerbaiting is a real problem that needs to be fixed but just the fact that there wasn't an on-screen kiss doesn't qualify for that. Neil Gaiman himself describes it as a love story and I've seen many asexual fans online who see themselves represtented in the show the way the relationship is handled.

  5. Loved Good Omens so so much !! Aziraphale is just so wonderful and I mean he owns a Bookshop which definitely gives him bonus point. I just finished the book yesterday … It's obviously got quite dated lingo but that aside it's still a great read . ❤️

  6. I go to one of the many uni's in liverpool studying creative writing and I have to say I love the literary/bookish scene in the city, so awesome that they had that festival with the emphasis on inclusivity! I'm going to have to get to more bookish events while I'm studying there 🙂
    I'm super enjoying my summer just taking a break and doing/reading things that make me happy <3

  7. I was sure the last TV favourite would be POSE, but this did remind me that I need to just get to What We Do in the Shadows already because I love most everything Taika Waititi does!

  8. I've already bought the Quick Roasting Tin for my mum for Christmas, it's currently sitting in my wardrobe atm! Regarding the Banana shampoo, I used to love the Body Shop Ice Blue shampoo, my mum bought me some to take away with me to PGL when I was in Year 6, so the smell of it just reminds me of that time.

    I've been enjoyed reading the Jackson Brodie series of books by Kate Atkinson, I've been binging on the series most of this month.

  9. Have you seen the cover art for Book of Dust volume 2 ? Can't wait to read that because of the time jump to after HDM. Also BBC tv adaptation, they say the series will air late this year so my guess is that it will be the BBCs big thing to watch over the christmas.

  10. Lovely lady great 👍 videos. Also thank you for the links to other book vloggers . Reading back on Kate Atkinson’s work and loving it .

  11. Ok since no one has said it you look quite summery and cool. Lola yes. Tea pot definte yes. Fighting the heat here which makes reading difficult air conditioning is a god send. Im trying to reduce my tbr. Been loving The Overstory by Powera.

  12. Is it weird that when you talked about Good Omens all I thought about was Xena? Because now, in hindsight, Xena and Gabby being together seems to be taken for granted in much of the fanbase. More or less. I might be too young to really remember, but I can’t really remember their relationship being explicit either. And that was the 90s! Have we really made such little progress since then??

  13. I’m currently reading The Book Of Speculation, so far its dark but surprising sweet! Also I’m reading Persepolis, which is funny, and brutal!

  14. I just finished season 3 of Stranger Things last night and it was… exquisitely done. The 80's mall culture was so perfectly captured. The characters are growing and remain interesting. I think I'm going to wait a year and watch all three seasons back to back.

  15. I loved "Stranger Things" Season one but I gave up on Season two cause I felt they were just telling the same story again with all the familiar ways of doing that, but perhaps I should try again. 
    I am on the other hand enjoying on Netflix "Grace and Frankie" which I find quite funny.
    The book I'm reading at the moment is "Bookworm" by Lucy Mangan which is about her love of reading as a child and the books she loved, written with dry humour which I like.

  16. I love Good Omens! I don't personally think of it as queerbaiting (for several reasons – angels are supposed to be sexless in the book so I don't know if thinking about them using our terms is applicable but I interpret it as a great representation of a homoromantic asexual relationship) but it's an interesting discussion.

  17. I wish their relationship in Good Omens had been canon! They had such chemistry. And oh how great the casting was!

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