The Writer’s Scribe Trailer

Home Tab to see all Submissions & Progress at a glance Progress Graphs display when you are due to hear a reply Three view modes Create a New Record View Everything about a story: files, where it was sent, who it was sold to Scorecards summarize how many times it was Accepted, Rejected, or is still Pending Specify Genres for your work to match them up with Publishers Load Files for later viewing, sharing, and attaching to queries Drag-and-Drop Files or use button for a File dialog Associate People/Roles with items for grouping in listings View mode for easy reading Suggest a Publisher to filter for Publishers that match your Story Create a New Publisher Name is shown in Green since the Publisher is Open Set the Word Range so Suggest a Publisher can find appropriate matches Set the Method of Submission for use when Creating a Query later Enter days for a Response for estimates on the Home tab for when you’ll hear back Associate Contacts with Roles to a Publisher Create a Submission from the last visited Story and Publisher Go to Contacts to set up your Profile with Templates Click the My Profile button to edit your Profile Click My Templates to set up your Templates Templates give a quick start on all of your Queries and Responses Compose a Query on a Submission, making use of a Template Paste the text from the Query into the Publisher’s submission page Share Files with others Learn how to use the application as you go with the Help In-Context Help and full Documentation is available everywhere in the application in all 14 available languages With Pictures Show the Help directly in-context with a single click Use Show Help Dots for Info without needing to leave the screen Thank you! Please visit our website.

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