The Writers’ Block 2-8: Mummy

DAVID:Whathappened? MATT: She begged us
to be on our best behaviour. She sounded stressed.
She sounded really stressed. AURORA: Okay, um… So, things with my mom
have really deteriorated over the last 24 hours. Um, Chris and I don’t
want her to be alone, because she’s really confused. Last night I found the
slow-cooker in the laundry room, turned up to high, and
she was trying to make a cake. DAVID: There’s gonna be cake? AURORA: So she is going to
spend part of the day with us, and then I will knock off early to take her to the hospital
to do some tests. MATT: Why not just
take the day off? AURORA: There’s too much
work to do. [knock on door] CHARLIE: Hi, hi, hi.
AURORA: Hey! CHARLIE: And this is
going to be your last stop. SHERRI: Oh, thank you, Charlie. That was a good laugh,
wasn’t it? [laughs] AURORA: Hey, Mom.
Hey. SHERRI: Who are you? CHARLIE: Well, let me know
if you need anything else. SHERRI: Great!
Okay. Ha-ha.
AURORA: Ugh! Okay, Mom, uh, you
remember David and Matt? SHERRI: Hi.
DAVID & MATT: Hi. SHERRI: Aurora thinks
I’m going bananas, so we have to go in
for some tests! AURORA: Okay, Mom, why don’t
you sit down over here, and we’ll just get you all–
SHERRI: You’re being so serious! AURORA: Well, I’m at work,
and this is my job. SHERRI: Alright, okay. God, I don’t know how you guys
stand it when she’s like this. She’s impossible!
MATT: I know! DAVID: You’re so right.
SHERRI: [laughs] AURORA: Okay…
SHERRI: Alright. AURORA: Here you go. Here is your iPod, and I’ll get it set up with
your favourite playlist. SHERRI: Okay.
I love Celine Dion. Oh, and that Enya too,
but not that… who were we listening to in
the car on the way over here? AURORA: Adele. DAVE: She sounds like
a cement mixer. MATT: Oh, we beg her
not to play it. SHERRI: Where are my earphones? AURORA: Where are
your earphones? SHERRI: [sighs] Alright,
I’ll just look at it. I’ll just read my music. Alright, I’m fine.
Fine here. AURORA: Okay. Okay. Um, okay. Okay, so, um… What’s the latest? MATT: Oh, um, well,
we’ve finished the, uh… outline for the musical finale.
AURORA: Great. DAVID: But we still need
to figure out a reason for everyone to be singing.
AURORA: Uh-huh? DAVID: Uh, so maybe
an outside character, or some kind of narrator?
SHERRI: Oh, bugger-ball-shit! AURORA: Mom?
Mom, Mom? What are you doing?
SHERRI: What? AURORA: Mom, do you remember
what it is you’re making? SHERRI: I don’t know. Where are we? Where is this place? Aah! AURORA: Oh, God,
that is so annoying! SHERRI: You wanna talk annoying? Don’t get me started,
okay, cookie? DAVID: Hey, uh, we should go
look at that new mummy costume. MATT: Yeah, we should
definitely do that. AURORA: No, no, no, no.
I wanna keep working. SHERRI: Don’t worry.
I’m not goin’ crazy yet. AURORA: Of course you’re not! SHERRI: And of course it doesn’t
help matters that you treat me like I’ve already lost my mind. AURORA: I am not
treating you that way. SHERRI: “Mom, do you remember
what you’re making?” Give me a break. Alright,
I’m a little distracted. But maybe my mind’s
just opening up. Hm? Like those nuns everybody
thought was crazy. Those French nuns. Meanwhile they were just… just channelling beings
from another dimension, and mumbling prophecies. It was very interesting. DAVID: That’sit. That’s the narrator
for the musical finale. MATT: What, a French nun?
DAVID: No, no. Think a pan-dimensional
rock goddess who pulls us in with song. We see the episode
through her eyes, which is why everybody sings. AURORA: That’s not bad,
actually. SHERRI: Ooh.
See? Mommy saved the day! AURORA: Mom, please. SHERRI: Okay, so now
I’m not allowed to talk? AURORA: No, you’re not–
just be over there, and let us do our work.
SHERRI: Oh, great. Okay, that’s just great.
No, go ahead. I’m fine here.
Don’t worry about me. MATT: Mummies.
DAVID: Mummies. Definitely mummies. SHERRI: Yeah, I’ll just
sit here, like an idiot. See ya guys.
I don’t know how you handle it. Okay, for heaven’s sakes, I got a little distracted
making a cake! AURORA: I am allowed
to be alarmed. SHERRI: Do you think I’m happy
about what happened? Do you think it
makes me feel good? It’s terrifying! And you’re there
treating me like I’m a child. I can’t be left alone,
I can’t be trusted. AURORA: I am doing my best here. SHERRI: Well, so am I! [sighs] And the reality is you
may be forced to see me get more and more confused. And I’m not gonna be able
to bear it if it’s just gonna put us at each other’s throats. AURORA: Okay, okay. We are going to get,
uh, brain games. We’re gonna get
memory builders. SHERRI: Yeah. Well, whatever happens,
remember you owe me. I had to endure your
horrible goth phase. AURORA: It wasn’t that bad.
SHERRI: Oh, please, oh! It was the worst! Three and a half years
of moping. AURORA: [crying] SHERRI: Oh, sweety. You’re so determined. You’ve always been so
determined to have it all, to put everything in place,
make it all work. AURORA: [sniffs] Well, what can I say? I am my mother’s daughter. [sniffs] SHERRI: But are you
enjoying yourself? AURORA: No.
SHERRI: Aw, honey! Oh…
AURORA: I’m so, so sorry. SHERRI: Aw, me too.
I’m sorry. Ah, dear, oh dear. AURORA: Um, you know what? If we leave right now, um, we can have time
to get mani/pedis before we go to the hospital. SHERRI: Hospital? Why am I going to the hospital? AURORA: That is really
wearing thin, Mom. SHERRI: I know,
but it cracks me up. [laughter] SHERRI: I’m sorry.
AURORA: It’s okay. Okay, let’s not– DAVID: Aah!
AURORA: Aah, Jesus Christ! [laughter] DAVID: I wanted to show
the mommy the mummy. SHERRI: Thank you!
Oh! That was a good one, guys. AURORA: How long has he
been waiting to say that? MATT: Since he heard
the word “mummy.” SHERRI: [chuckles]
I love you guys. DAVID: I love you too.
SHERRI: You’re very cute. You can come home
with me anytime. DAVID: [laughs] Yay!
MATT: Bye! We’re gonna go hang out
with your mom. SHERRI: See ya.
Oh, come on, I’m only kiddin’. What’s your name again?

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