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  1. Ho-ly s-h-i-t.
    Rahxephon was an anime that i randomly got to watch when i was very young (10-13 idk). My family and me went to a birthday party of my sister. At some point we bunch o lil kids got bored of playing monopolia, some already left cos it was kida late but not really. My sis asked i wanted to watch tv and i then i asked her can i watch this Rahxephon cartoon on cvc video player ("Ра-зефон in russian (im russian btw)). And she said sure yeah. I really liked it, at that time we didnt really have internet so all i thought i just watched some cool cartoon with a that interesting drawing style that i saw in that OTHER cartoon that i watched a little bit of at my brother's place (spoiler, it was pokemon).

    im so glad anime exists, and Chiaki J. Konaka, and people that animated and and and and…………….
    im just really happy i stumbled upon this video instead of going 30 minutes earlier to bed, cant you tell?
    thank you for making this video, i just found out about someone really awesome that made awesome things.
    everything is awesome.
    thank you again.

  2. Ah!! Thanks for finally putting a name to all these seemingly unconnected anime I have loved over the years! I'll definitely be looking further into his works. I'm such a fan of Lain, Mononoke, Tutu, heck even Magic Users Club, I really thought it was all unrelated until now, haha. Also, I may be the minority here but I've been evangelizing about Ghost Hound for a decade now for it's blend of fantasy mythology, exploration of trauma, and the science of dreaming.

  3. Tbh, I feel like i understood 90% of what was going on. Nothing really makes sense until episode 9-10 when the "God" comes in, and when Lain comes to the realisation the he's just a stand in God, it all clicked for me. I've only watched it once, but I feel like everything makes sense and everything comes full circle. Saying that you need "4 watches to get everything" kind of makes me feel like I'm missing something though, even though I feel like I know everything. (I've only watched it once)

    Also, I'm surpised that mebious.co.uk is still up. Weird, but cool.

  4. 0:33 what's the name of the anime on the left side?

    (Also Idk if Pretty cure counts, it's just different series of the same saga)

  5. I wish I had known that a lot of my favorite "out there" anime was written by this dude. Chiaki I love you so much you're the best

  6. To me, most anime (and manga) is background noise. It take a skilled writer to make something memorable in this medium, and a willingness to not totally depend on tropes.

  7. I’ll be honest I hated sel. Like a lot, might be my least favorite anime I’ve ever seen. Incredibly boring even to the end.

  8. Pretty Cure doesnt count!! That literally the same Franchise just different teams of course its gonna have its similarities. Its like the girl version of Power Rangers!!! -_-

  9. I love that the thumbnail for this video has been my gaming avatar from counter strike 1.6 days and forward lol. It is just the best shit eating anime creepy grin in all of anime.

  10. Those few seconds of Ikuhara when the narrator speaks of people who 'seem dedicated to keep anime weird' made my evening 🙂

  11. I try to keep my distances from anime. It's ALWAYS the same shit. the new student, the girl with flat chest, the girl with big breast, the guy who wear glasses and also the president of gym club or whatever, the impulsive girl who want to avoid her crush and beat him all the time , the shy girl who wants to avoid her crush and run away all the time. It's just annoying how redundant it is. and i did not even mention the incest shit yet. People are juste fucking degenerate. #MakeAnimeGreatAgainAndStopWithTheFuckingOniChanBulshit

  12. He wrote a 368 page book on fucking baby metal?!

    I couldn't think of anything weirder to follow an anime writer career.

    The reason I love Serial Experiments Lain was that the story was actually very cohesive. although not very direct in how it was told at times he gave you just enough to work with so you got it by the end of the story.

    He Really reminds me of Satoshi Kon in that way.

  13. animes come from light novels, there are plent amazing and innovative light novels, but because of that they dont get an anime adaptation.
    they rather choose something they already did and know will work than try something.

  14. I love Ghost Hound. I would call it one of my favorites. And now, seeing how many here I have watched and liked are written by the same dude… I think I have a list of new anime to go through now…

  15. Haven't made it past baby metal. so came back 5hours later now understanding why there is 300+pages about the topic.

  16. Wouldn't say it's my favorite, but Ghost Hound definitely was a interesting time. Opening for the show is also pretty nice if someone liked the sound of digibro's synopsis.

  17. What's the name of the anime with the brunette wearing a white dress and the redhead wearing a black dress? I need for science lol.

  18. you know what would be a weird anime, anime in real life. Like in the space jam movie, but instead of looney toons, its anime actors with real actors.

  19. From the moment I watched 'Ghost Hound' I knew the writer was different. You can tell he's a very conscious writer. Even tho his works are abstract, you can tell he doesn't waste a second of run time thru his directions and dialogue. Sometimes it can get really confusing but his stuff are works that stick with you for a long time.

  20. How do you write a series like Lain or Texnolyze that makes the audience feel as though it has a rewatch value of 3x?

  21. Hey I find your title utterly disrespectful. The ideas from writers make anime charming and very entertaining. In no way are they weird so think before you type out something like that cause it pisses people off and who the fuck do you think you are to make such an impudent statement? Animators from the west has started adopting concepts from anime because they realised how shitty western animation is compared to japanese anime. An example would be adventure time and the Steven universe.

  22. I can't believe he hasn't written anything for Digimon (other than the CD drama for the Digimon Tamers Blu Ray release). The most recent games have the cyberpunk and adult themes he likes so much.

  23. Konaka is a true legend of anime experimentalism, he and Mamoru Oshii are probably my absolute favorites in the medium. You didn't mention it here but I also really enjoyed Ghost Hound. Konaka did the screenplay for it and it's adapted from a manga by Masamune Shirow who did the original Ghost In The Shell manga. Really philosophical and has a ton of neuroscience and OBE influence to it. Definitely for fans of Lain.

  24. holy crap the guy who did serial experiments lain did narutaru…and digimon tamers…weird.

    explains a few things (narutaru is one of those anime that sticks with you, it puts little barbs in your brain and doesn't leave.)

    seems a lot of his works are like that, and a lot of those you listed are some of my favourite anime…and i also really wanna know what he has to say about babymetal…

  25. I actually got into anime by seeing Armitage III on the Sci-Fi channel in the late 90's/early 00's. I'd never seen any kind of animation that was as mature was it was, bar Gargoyles and Batman the Animated Series was starting to creep into that more mature tone. Man, I adored that show and now I'm curious to see Lain. I wonder if I can send him fan mail somehow- he inspired so much conversation and a now lifelong love of anime.

  26. You mentioned a series I really want to check out: "Rahxephon". If only because Yoko Kanno never just contributes music to an anime; her music is part of the world building, from "Macross Plus" to "Kids on the Slope". As you can tell, I worship Yoko Kanno!

  27. I thought Ghost Hound's first episode or 2 was awesome, but as the show went on, I found 3 things I hated for every concept I love. The way it approaches memory and how ghosts of dead people appear is really cool. The main character having the hots for a middle schooler and the spirit travelling form looking like psychedelic chibi ghosts with butts however, was not. In fact, I couldn't force myself to go past episode 14. I was bored after around episode 7 and I loathed where the series was going. As much as I wanted to have answers, I could not BARE to see the number of things I hate about the show keep piling up, and all the answers I'd gotten so far were really lame.

    Those first handful of episodes though… they had so much potential. Even on their own, they're fascinating to watch. It presents such a cool mystery but I hate how fucking terrible it gets.

    Finding out that Masamune Shirow was the one who actually wrote the original manga (which the show adapts mostly the same) confirmed for me that Shirow always needs someone to make his work good. GITS was elevated from "amazing world building, shame about the tone, dialogue, story direction and art" to a staple of the genre because of all the changes that were made (imo).

    Can't talk about Appleseed cos I haven't bothered to read/see it yet but I wouldn't be surprised if it's better than the manga.

  28. Konaka not produced some of my favourite anime but also wrote an entire novel on Babymetal?

    I think I found myself from another timeline.

  29. I already had a very hard time watching lain, the two last episodes almost made me insane
    (and I'm still trying to not die internally, I know I'm kinda weak on this kind of anime…)

    so It's safe to say that I won't watch technolyze XD

    Your video helped me understanding the guy ! thanks to you U wU

  30. Someday you should talk about Dai Sato, another interesting screenwritter. He was involved in series like Eureka Seven, Ergo Proxy and Wolf's Rain.

  31. You just made me buy a North American release of Ghost Hound blu-ray for this video, which autoplayed after watching Kor's video on Serial Experiments Lain which was linked to me as a reply to a comment I made that said "Are you lain?" on his video "Why are you so wrong about digibro." About 55 bucks gone, thanks to you and your advertisement!
    I'm aware that this comment will probably seen to be weird by some, if not many people. Screw them.

  32. I loved Lain immediately upon first viewing. And because I have Aspergers, I weirdly enough I understood it immediately upon first viewing. Coupled with the fact that I’m a student programmer, the understanding is made even more easy for me.
    After all, it takes a psycho to understand a psycho.

  33. Digibro, would you do a video talking about your favorite and least favorite fiction tropes (specific or not to anime) ?

  34. I know this video is old but I remember watching Ghost Hound and loving it. I was young and I barely remember anything but when I saw the staircase and the tapes I had a light bulb moment. I remember the guy getting hit by the truck, I've never had a memory so violently brought back before.

  35. Ghost Hounds was good. Not amazing but good. The sister's murder was the best part. (Not really a spoiler, you know it happened early on. They gradually show more of what happened.)

  36. Common anime motif:
    1. High school setting & uniform
    2. Lezbo lolis
    3. Protagonist is a knucklehead
    4. Fighting genre
    5. All the girls are in loved with the protagonist boy

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