The Writer Kids Interview

My name is Affiong Effiong Nyong Ekpo, I’m from Nwaña Iba here. The wife of Effiong Nyong Ekpo Udo Iko, from Nwaña Iba, you understand? I am the dauther of Signboard (nickname) in Mbiakong, Uruan Inyang Atakpo. A true daughter of Uruan If you go ask for the second daughter of Signboard in Mbiakong, even a chicken born today would take you to my father’s compound. Even if they eat once a day, because their father is not here, it’s ok. Sometimes they come back from school and there is no food, I tell them so sit and wait, there’s no problem. Help? I don’t need money anymore. Come help me fix this house. May the God who is blessing me now, blessing my children, continue to bless you. Give you growth and peace, to keep helping others. Glory be to Jesus. To the one who is greatest in Heaven and on earth. Ok, you can give me N2 million (laughs) A mother can bow to their child. Allow me please. I’ve been having this feeling for some time, that something good will happen to me soon.

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