The Script – For The First Time (Official Video)

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  1. In the song he said they're both "close to tears;", but it's the guy who buys the tickets by selling his only means of income. That's not romantic it's a hail Mary that in real life would have huge ramifications. They go there, but the girl wants to stay, the kid wanna go and he'll thow in her face he sold his bike so that she could be there (split up). Or maybe they get back, now they're worse of that before, no jobs, past due bills, what now? (Split up) Maybe they stayed in Dublin, the chick is grateful for that, but now that kid who wanted to make it big in NYC is no longer appealing, because he changed so much…, see were we going we this?

  2. Best of script….. Love it…. I still remember I had downloaded this song and I used listen to it on my mp3 player back then…. Time when I didnot have smart phone.. Same feeling same problems…. My problem s will never end…

  3. Infelizmente comecei a acompanhar vcs no tempo da minha separação 😢ouvia suas músicas todo tempo chorando meu Deus como dói uma separação. … passei gostar muito de vcs 😘😘😘❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💓👍👍👏👏👏

  4. if more people nowadays were to just sit for a second and listen to more songs like these, the world would maybe be such a better place.

  5. there is no "wHo iS LiStEnInG iN 2019" comment, thanks to god. This song is a diamond, don't ruin it for some likes.

  6. That’s where I am heading tonight with my favourite girl, lots to talk about, no man to be seen, he dumped me, I dident come even close to what he needed, but I have to salvage my self respect by not makeing any contact, it’s very hard but I deserve better

  7. I am 53 years young and only started listening to the script , I have to see them live , amazing band , 80s is still alive

  8. When I got hard days with him, I always play this song. Suddenly, I remember every path we take together. Then, we realize that "not you vs me but we vs the problems"

  9. The guy in the video is Harry Treadaway and the girl is Eve Hewson..the daughter of U2 lead singer Bono.

  10. Listened this song since 2012 and it hit me me and my bf listening this. Now 2019 such feels coz he broke up with me.

  11. The Script:
    – For the First Time
    – For the Last Time, New album
    Damn, how time flies. Still taking me back to memories. Hit the like button if you already heard their new song!

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