The Real Reason Endgame Doesn’t Have A Post-Credits Scene

Avengers: Endgame gave fans everything they
were hoping for. Well, almost everything. To the surprise of many, Marvel decided to
do away with a time-honored tradition and didn’t include any mid or post-credits scenes
in Endgame. Here are the reasons why. Spoilers ahead! As you’re no doubt aware, a Spider-Man: Homecoming
sequel is right around the corner. “So nice to finally meet you, Spider-Man.” Marvel president Kevin Feige has confirmed
that Spider-Man: Far From Home takes place shortly after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Producer Amy Pascal went one step further,
revealing that the highly anticipated Spidey sequel is kicking off just minutes after the
fourth Avengers flick. Seeing as Spider-Man: Far From Home is officially
the end of Phase 3, it sounds like Marvel is saving a huge Phase 4 post-credit reveal
for that movie. As Feige told “There’s a tremendous amount of potential
and a tremendous amount of additional characters and storylines and groups of characters that
we’re going to keep playing with.” If we’re lucky, we’ll get our first proper
glimpse at these new characters during the closing credits for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Endgame is shaping up to be the end of an
era, and the death of more than one original Avenger makes it the heaviest Marvel movie
to date. The studio clearly wanted viewers to take
in the three-hour movie before they began looking forward to what’s coming next. As The Verge’s Chaim Gartenberg wrote: “With Endgame, it’s time to pay the check
and end the story instead of endlessly escalating and teasing the next thing.” While there was no post-credits scene to speak
of, Marvel didn’t leave us totally hanging. Fans who were willing to sit through the lengthy
credits were rewarded with a little surprise: a huge Marvel logo and a clanking sound. [clang, clang, clang, clang] Sure, this probably left a lot of viewers
scratching their heads, but fans who have been with the MCU from the very beginning
quickly recognized the sound. [clang, clang, clang, clang] As if to reinforce the idea that every film
we’d seen was building up to this film, Marvel decided to make the final moment in the credits
a nod to the Marvel movie that started it all: 2008’s Iron Man. It’s the sound of Tony Stark cobbling together
his Iron Man shell from the first Iron Man. While Endgame was clearly something of a swansong
for some of the original Avengers, the man of the hour was Tony Stark. He started it all in that cave, and he ended
it when he snapped Thanos and his army out of existence. There’s been plenty of news regarding the
future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe post-Phase 3, with Marvel president Kevin Feige having
discussed a number of projects that the studio currently has in the pipeline. Feige has suggested the Eternals will play
a big role in the plot going forward. He’s also revealed that an appearance from
Ms. Marvel – otherwise known as Pakistani American teen Kamala Khan – is a distinct
possibility in the near future. Feige told the BBC, “[The character is] definitely sort of in
the works.” The producer has been purposefully vague as
far as details are concerned, and for very good reason: The fact of the matter is, Phase
4 is still very much up in the air. With that in mind, creating a post-credits
scene for Avengers: Endgame would’ve been especially tricky. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what
the future has in store,. As a wise man once said: “Sometimes patience is the key to victory. Sometimes it leads to very little.” That’s… very true. As for what Phase 4 has in store, guess we’ll
just have to patiently wait until Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 5th, 2019. “You don’t want any part of this!” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about Avengers:
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100 thoughts on “The Real Reason Endgame Doesn’t Have A Post-Credits Scene

  1. Dumbledore died 😔👎💔
    Brachiosaurus died 💔💔💔
    Wolverine died💔👊
    Great Stanley died 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
    Black widow died🖤💔💔💔🖤
    Iron Man died…!💔💔💔💔💔

    What's wrong with you guys.  !

  2. You all know Thanos rang the dinner bell when he used the stones. He woke something ancient and old up. Specifically 4 beings all old as the universe itself.

  3. Wait…so Far from Home is supposed to take place mere MINUTES after the end of Endgame?
    …The School is sending kids who have been dust for the last 5 years on a HEAVILY EXPENSIVE trip to Europe, just like that? No planning, no fund-raising?

  4. I can live without a post-credit scene, but the mess they created with their illogical time-travel…..that's a different matter. 🙁

  5. Black widows death was more heroic than iron mans they should of gave more credit to her black widows death ruined the whole movie for me because she was my favorite character

  6. They just don't want to let on that all they're doing is pushing for gay, female leads in all the movies from this point on with Cap Marvel taking the helm. They've already stated that Cap Marvel will be gay, the next Avengers will be all females, both Larson and Figie have stated that there needs to be more gay main characters… I think there was a reason the Russon brothers called this 'Endgame', I think they saw what was coming.

  7. narrator: highest toll since we lost more than a single avenger in this movie.
    Infinity war: Bitch i killed half of them!

  8. Why do I feel like after endgame and far from home , marvel won't be as good as it use to be. I'm not mad for diversity or new characters. But I feel like they couldve stayed a little longer. Like two sides of my head is telling me different things. I'm probably not gonna like new changes but the other side is like I'm excited. Idk its wierd

  9. Thor is now a fatass. It's so sad knowing that he could have finished off past Thanos without the infinity stones.

  10. People watch end game : ok iron man die
    Marvel : hehe I gonna surprise them by returning iron man back

  11. I didn't sit through the credits because I had to piss like crazy, and was just going to look up the scene when I got home. I enjoyed the hell out of Endgame, but, personally, I think Infinity War was the better of the two.

  12. Why was cap old and not young and didnt come back on the teleporter thingy? So he didnt do the project to become a super soldier?

  13. I really wished we had a post credit scene. It does not need to be a peek of Phase 4, but just a scene of this movie's unseen conclusion. They could have moved Steve and Peggy's last dance to after the credits, or even better yet his journey of returning the stones to their places and his confrontation with the Red Skull.

  14. Don't people realize that marvel said they are not making any more avengers movies? That's why there is no post credit scene

  15. They should've made those memes about Steve forgeting he's in the past and keeps slipping on his words about the advanced technology, as the post-credit scene.

  16. I legit got into a fight with my boyfriend because I was making him wait for the post credit scene 😂

    Boyfriend "theres no extra scene because this is the End Game"

    Marvel Screenwriter "hold my tablet"

  17. Plot Twist : The rest of the half of infinity war and endgame were just doctor strange going through every solution.

  18. I wanted to see a post credits scene but after the credits they played a sneak peek of Spider-Man far from home

  19. 0:54 anyone know where is this from? the last time i watch homecoming was simply his aunttie was shocked at his secret identities

  20. Spider-Man: homecoming
    Spider-Man: far from home
    Spider-Man: help I’m lost
    Spider-Man: wtf where’s my house

  21. What if its not ironman but black knight making his sword?there are rumors about his appearance in the film(heck what am i thinking?)

  22. Damn it was a bad movie and i expected very little from it. What the fuck was with all that 1h of sobbing at the start when everyone walking into the movie knew that they were gonna just snap them right back because of sequels.

  23. My wildest dream for the FFH-post Credit Scene: a Morgan from the Future played by Katherine Langford visits Peter and is like "Hey, Petey. I'm Morgan from the Future and this are Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, my spider friend from other universes."


  24. No Avengers End Game had post credits
    But Thanos snapped it out of existence…
    And hulk forgot to restore it

  25. The real reason is so they can have a last ditch effort if Endgame failed to beat Avatar. That's the truth.

  26. As a girl who grew up without her dad I kind of wish Tony would of survived for his daughter but then again it has Disney all over it.

  27. The clanking sound is actually symbolic to saying the "new" Marvel (movies/Universe/ Stories) is in works.

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